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Gang Stalking – Postaday 2011 – Part 2: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

Yesterday, I wrote that your family gets notification by the government (at the community level) that you are  a danger to society and must be watched.  Usually the family  will get a phone call  and told to get in touch with the community organizers.   The person contacted will  visit  the  office and given a waiver to sign that states he/she will not divulge any information that’s  given to her/him.  The waiver states that if person divulges information he/she  is subject to  prosecution.  This waiver is what keeps most family members quiet.  They’re afraid to get in trouble with the U.S. government.   If the family does not agree to be part  of gang stalking, it can become  a target of government.   The family will become part of gang stalking to avoid becoming  targets.

Monitors are the ones who run the program at the community level.  They’re the ones responsible for hiring gang stalkers, giving them their assignments, checking out their time sheets, paying them and resolving any problems gang stalkers have with their targets.   Monitors  are in constant  contact with the gang talkers  and will  let  gang stalkers know  of their target’s routine.  There are higher level monitors.  The monitor who has contact with gang stalkers is the low-level man.  Some monitors will drive around and watch gang stalkers to make sure that they’re doing their job of harassing targets.   A warning  is given to gang stalkers  to act as if they  know nothing if  confronted by a target.  They’re to keep quiet and not acknowledge target’s presence.   But a gang stalker will  often call a target “crazy” under his breath;  reinforcing  to  the target that  he/she  is crazy.

This is the part where the gang stalkers have all their fun.  Wherever you happen to live, you will have gang stalkers watching you.  If you live in an apartment complex the  landlord, or manager, will hire gang stalkers to harass you.  The landlord, or manager,  will know  of your status as a violent person.  He’s been notified by Monitor.   Usually landlord, or manager, will  recruit gang stalkers  to harass you.  The minute you leave your house, the gang stalkers will get a text message notifying them you are leaving your home.  All the gang stalkers in the vicinity will get text messages  you’re leaving your apartment and told to  be on the lookout for you.  This happens with family members, too.  The family will let  monitor know  target is leaving and  where target is going.  Your family will become very interested in where you are going and what you will be doing.  Don’t tell them anything.   Lie to them.  That’s what I did to my sister when I discovered  she  was gang stalking me.   l lied to her and felt no guilt whatsoever.

That’s it for today.   I’ll continue with this tomorrow.  I’m trying to be as clear as possible to explain what gang stalking is about.  If  you’re not sure about something I’ve written, please let me know.  I’ll be happy to respond to any questions you have.

By the way, everything I’m writing in this blog is  from personal experience.