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Gang Stalking – Can’t Win for Losing.

I decided to become  a detective. I went back to the spot where I got beaten up.   I took a good  look  round. I looked around for security cameras.   Across the street where I’d been sitting, there is a building complex with lots of cameras. Building D had a camera pointed in the direction I sat. So I decided to start with building A and find out how I can get a copy of the video.

Building A, no one around. I knocked on one of the doors and open it. A woman at the front desk  asks me if she can help me. I tell her I’m interested in finding out how I can get a copy of a video from the security camera in Building D and explain why. She said to go to Management office and they’ll help. They handle the cameras. I go Management office, no one around. I leave the building and head for Building B.  In Building B, no one around, either.  A lot of locked doors and the hallway creeps me out. The hallway reminds me of the scene in “The Shining”.  The movie with Jack Nicholson. I leave the creepy building and go over to Building C. Again, no one around, but I can hear a lot of noise coming from the second floor,  Women clicking their heels very loudly, a lot of slamming doors, guttural noises. A lot of perps in the building.  I leave it and go to Building D to check out the camera. I’m sure that the camera picked up what happened to me.  Someone I run into tells me I should return to Building C, because  the government owns all the cameras.  Sure, I’m going to get a lot of help from the government!

I return to Building C and open the first door I can open. The first thing I see is the pictures of Obama and Biden. Yeah, I’m going to get a lot of help from the government! The receptionist asks me if she can help me.  I tell her about the camera and the beating I got and I need proof that it happened and would like to know if maybe I can  get copy of video so I’ll have proof for the police. The receptionist tells me she has to call Security.  A man from Security shows up with another man. The second man has a smirky perp smile on his face.  I repeat to the security guard what I told the receptionist.  The security guard  avoids the subject and tells me I should not be sitting in that area. It’s a bad neighborhood. I should sit by the library where there are lots of people. The second man chimes in and says that the security cameras only cover the buildings, not the area near the street. It’s for building security and nothing else. The security  guard  acknowledges what the second man said and tells me that it’s true. The security cameras only cover the buildings.

The security guard apologizes profusely and tells me that he can’t help me. The second man turns away from me. He can’t keep a straight face listening to the guard.     Cant’ win for losing.

Yeah, can’t help me, but I bet the camera captured everything that happened to me.  I walk out of the building.  I don’t even say “thank you” to the two liars.

This areas is also where I saw the FBI about a week ago.

I have proof, but can’t get it.  I guess going to the police is a no  gamer.  I have no proof and I’ll be treated by the police the same way they treated the last time I got beaten up – treated rudely and laughed at.

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