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Gang Stalking – Oh, how did we targets ever get so lucky?

I have to start my blog again. They moved my blog to a second page which I do not use.

For a long time, I’ve had something in my ear that hisses. I had an operation and came out with a hissing sound in my ear. Till this day, the hissing continues. Sometimes very loud, sometimes not. But the hissing is a constant. Never stops. Imagine dealing with hissing in your ear 24/7?  But as bad as it is,  I’ve dealt with it. And if one ear hissing isn’t bad enough, now they’ve began working on my right ear. Before they couldn’t do anything to my right, but about a week ago, I woke up to feeling something like a needle going up and down in my left ear.  It’s not  a real needle, of course, it’s probably something electrical that feels like a needle. They also began to mess with my right ear. Now imagine two ears hissing non-stop. They’ve haven’t gotten into my right ear yet, but every night, I feel them in there trying to break through. Of course, I’ve done everything to cover my ear, but they cut right through anything I use. I’ve always kept my ears covered with something and that’s why they haven’t gotten through yet. But eventually, they’ll break through on some night when I feel too tired and feel nothing in my ear.  Trying to get into my right  ear recently began, before that it was left alone. I guess everything they’ve done to me hasn’t worked, so now, it’s get me through my ears. Both my ears now pulsate and they’re twisted all night.  This is plus the electricity they’ve sent into my ears for years. Before that, I had no problem with my right ear.  I’m afraid if they keep messing with my ears, something is going to burst and I’ll have hearing problems for the rest of my life.  If one hissing ear wasn’t bad enough, now they’re trying to make it two hissing ears.

Oh, what fun life is for us targets, isn’t it? How did we ever get so lucky?