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Gang Stalking – Snowden will not get death penalty if he returns home.

Edward Snowden Found

Edward Snowden Found (Photo credit: rtcosmin)

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Seal of the United States Department of Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flag of Tacoma

Flag of Tacoma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s some new information on Edward  Snowden.  The Justice Department told the Russians that if they return Snowden to the U.S., they will not seek the death penalty for him, nor torture him.   The U.S., which is supposed to be such a bastion of freedom is promising the Russians not to torture Snowden.  It just sounds a little strange to me.  Is the U.S. admitting that they torture citizens who out the U.S. on its practices?  The Russians told the U.S. that they will not send Snowden back to the U.S.  And if I were Snowden, I wouldn’t believe anything anyone from the Justice Department told me. I’d take my chances with the Russians.


There’s now a computer program that’s a crime predictor.  Every morning when police officers show up for work, they’ll go into their computers and look into red boxes  that predict where crime is most likely to occur.  And police officers will head for the area that the computer predicts will have burglaries, car break-ins, etc.  It makes me think of Nazi Germany.  What if I ever happen to be in the area that the computer predicts a crime will occur?  Will they think I’m up to something?  Or anyone else who happens to be in the same area, will they suffer the same fate?  This computer program is in its third week in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.  It is also in use in Los Angeles, California.   There goes more spying on American citizens.  1984 is definitely here!


I don’t know if you’ve read about the NSA amendment  introduced by Rep. Amash to stop digital surveillance by the U.S. government.  It’s the Amendment to stop the NSA from snooping on Americans via their computer, phones, emails, etc.  When I say pass, I mean that Congress voted for the government to keep spying on U.S. citizens.  If  the Amendment had passed, the yeas would have won. The vote was 217 nays and 205 yeas.  So Congress will keep snooping on you.

Some Congressmen said they  voted against it because of  all the terrorists acts the NSA snooping stopped.  I’d like to know exactly what terrorists acts the NSA spying stopped.  I keep hearing 54 terrorist acts prevented.  If 54 terrorists acts were stopped, why doesn’t the government tell us what they were?

I can’t believe that the men and women in Congress can’t see what defeating this amendment will do to the privacy of Americans?  First,  spy on everybody’s phones, computers, emails.  I wonder what all the government spying will lead to in the future?  It will lead to  more and more spying on Americans.  But if Americans are happy to give up their freedom, who am I to complain? We’ll get the kind of government we deserve!  The wingnuts and the moonbats at their best.

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Gang Stalking – Think outside the box, and have fun doing it.

Salvation Army Thrift Store, Santa Monica, Cal...

Salvation Army Thrift Store, Santa Monica, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Members of the United States Navy serve the ho...

Suomi: Vartija Los Angelesista.

Suomi: Vartija Los Angelesista. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Security Guard, Los Angeles, USA.

Homeless people being served by Navy – ID 090806-N-6220J-004

I want to remind you that gang stalkers attend meetings once a week.  They meet with their monitor, who tells them what things to do to you in that week–Go heavier on the harassment, wear a color you wear, leave mail they’ve taken out of the garbage where you walk, etc.  The gang stalkers, I’ve discovered, are not the brightest humans. Most of them are criminals, like the woman above me, former soldiers, security guards (a lot of them; most), unemployed people, homeless people, ultraright wingers  who believe whatever the government says.   They’re people who can’t think for themselves. Or people who are desperate for money.

I have some more tips for you to protect yourself.  If any of the tips I’ve given you work, please let me know.  We don’t all have the same body chemistry, so what works on me might not work on you.  Just keep trying everything.  When you go to the store, look around to see if there’s anything you can use to protect yourself.  Most of the things you buy to protect yourself  can be very inexpensive.  So just keep trying different things; eventually something will work.

Does your house or apartment always have an after-smell of what you’ve cooked?  Or has a smell of anything you’ve used?  Usually every time I cook something, during the night, the smell comes back into my apartment.  If I cook something, I like the smell; but I resent someone making me smell something they want me to smell.  Well, here’s what I do.  Buy a very strong vinegar, and I mean strong, not one that is watery.  Buy a spray bottle, or clean one you can use, pour the vinegar into the bottle and happily spray away the smell.  Do this every time they fill your house or apartment with the smell. You should only smell  what you want.  I keep thinking to myself: why do they do this?  I can think of two reasons: 1) to annoy the hell out of you and let you know they’re in control: 2) to attract vermin into your house/apartment.  If you’ve cooked something that smells good, you know that roaches will come running.  Always have a mop close by, because, of course, your floor will get wet from the spraying.

Get yourself a very big mirror.  As big as you can get it.  The mirror will attract electricity directed at you. Put it right next to you.  You can a buy a big mirror at the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any thrift store where you  buy inexpensive items.  Put it next to you at night when you sleep, or anywhere you stand.

When you leave your house/apartment, put powder all over the floor by your doors.  You will get the person’s footprints; you can then take a picture of their footprints, and you can use that as proof of someone’s entry into your home.  Leave nails (pointed side up)  all over the floor and outside by your window.  If they’re shoeless, they’ll get hurt and you’ll hear them.  It will also go through their shoes, so they’ll scream.  You can also buy marbles and put them all over your floor.  It will be hard for them to walk on your floor with all the marbles, maybe they’ll fall and hurt themselves.  They’ll think twice about going into your home.  Always have a different surprise for them.  Don’t do the same thing all the time.  Just keep surprising them.  Do the old t.v. joke thing.  Put a bucket filled with some stinky water hanging from the back of the door,  and when they open the door, surprise!  I haven’t done the bucket trick, but I’m seriously thinking of doing it.  Maybe you can tell who is coming into your apartment by the stinky smell.  Just use your imagination.  You will never run out of ideas, and it leaves you feeling more powerful. So go at it!

Think outside the box, and have fun doing it.