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Gang Stalking – The answer to what’s happening to you now lies in the past.

Well, all the usual suspects are at the library again. Always trying to prevent me from writing my blog. You see, I’ve been at this game longer than they have, so usually no matter what they do, I find a way of getting around them.

I would like you targets to think about your past. The answer to what’s happening to you lies in your past, not the now.

Think about an incident you had with someone you know in the past.

Were you rude to someone? Did you say something to someone and it  taken the wrong way by them? Did you cheat on someone?  Did you do something to someone out of meanness? Did you have  a  fight with someone? Do you owe someone money and never pay it back?

Think back to your childhood, is there anything you might have done to someone?

Were these people wealthy? Did they know someone wealthy or powerful? Is anyone you know involved with the mafia?

Because the one you hurt might have powerful friends who helped him with what’s happening to you

You might not have anything at all, but maybe someone took something you said the wrong way. Sometimes we all say things that we don’t think are hurtful, but thinking back are.

Can you think of a friend, ex-friend, job, family member who always seems to be out to get you?  Is there someone who makes nasty remarks about you in front of others?  Is there someone who treats you as if you have leprosy?

Maybe they have something to do with  what’s happening to you.

Some people are very sensitive and  anything someone says can make them feel inferior.

But it doesn’t matter what we said or did to someone, what they’re doing to us is worse than anything we’ve might have done or said. No one deserves what’s happening to us.  I’m sure all of us had mean things said to us and done horrible things to us, but we didn’t go out and act like big babies and hire someone to go after them.

By the way,  I hope all of you have a Happy Easter. Enjoy all the Easter goodies!


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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Part 1: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

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First of all, you are not crazy.  Something is happening to you.  So stop thinking  you’re going crazy. You’re not.  What you’re experiencing is gang  stalking.  You have become a target of  the United States government.  I know.  You are very surprised.  You’re wondering, ” Why would the government be after me.  I’ve done nothing?”  You haven’t done anything.   The government is doing experiments on U.S. citizens and you’ve just become a target of  the U.S. government.  It is  an experiment to drive you crazy.  That’s their ulterior motive.  When it  succeeds  driving you crazy, it  succeeds in its experiment.  Your job is not to let it  win.  To stay sane.  Then you win.

We call ourselves targeted individuals.  There are more than a half million, or more, of us that this is  happening to.   So you’re not alone.  You have a lot of company.  And each day more and more people get  on  this list.

You are probably  followed everywhere you go.  It is not your imagination.  You’re  followed by a group of people who we call gang stalkers.  These gang stalkers are employees of the  government and  get  paid.   They are from every age group–kids, grandmas, grandpas, professionals, homeless, sales clerks, blacks, whites, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, doctors, Asians, etc.  They come from every walk of life.  They are not the gang stalkers you grew hearing about on the 6 o’clock news.  These are normal(?) every day men and women.  They  are your friends, co-workers, family, etc.

Yes, your family knows.  This is the worse news of all;  to hear your family knows, but  it  does.  Your family gets notification from the United States government that you are a very violent person and must be watched.  The government will have proof of all  this.  A dossier(file) is shown to  your family about you.  It has information (lies)  to convince family and friends you really do need to be watched.  They will all be convinced it’s true.  Believe me, they’ll fall for it.  The government is so good convincing people it’s telling the truth.  Don’t confront your family about the fact that it  knows.  It will be a waste of time.  It  will deny it  knows anything.  So save your breath.  Your family will tell you that you  need  psychiatric help.  It’s been convinced by the government you’re crazy.  Your family  knows you and knows  you’re not crazy, but it  goes  along with the program.

I’ll stop here and continue with this tomorrow.  I know it’s hard to take this all in on one day. I’ll give you a chance to sleep on it.  Just know that you’re not crazy and you’re not alone.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – The woman upstairs.

The woman who lives upstairs  gang stalks me by spraying me with pesticide.  She’s been doing it since January 31, 2011.  She’s been the third person whose tried to get  me into doing something crazy.  So far, she has not succeeded.  For one, she has a problem.  She’s an alcoholic.  And while I’m not judging anyone who is an alcoholic, people should drink themselves into the ground,  if  that’s their desire, I take full advantage of her incoherence.   I should say, she has a few problems.  She also has a drug problem.  I see her at night standing by the gated fence getting something from a man who just always happens to be walking by every night.  And as I stated, if you want  to  dope yourself to death, go for it.

When she’s drinking, the drinking works in my favor.   She’s too zoned out and drunk to have the energy to spray me with pesticide.  So on the nights she’s drunk/high, she doesn’t bother me.  But on the nights she’s not,  she sprays me all night and I’m unable to sleep.  When she drinks, she’s really nasty the next day.  Like today, I passed her on my way to the bus.  She began to curse at me and told me she was going to beat me up.  She’s thrown me down on the sidewalk before.  I complain to the management office, but nothing comes of it. She’s a big woman and can easily push me.  In total, I weight 120 or less.  She weights about 150 plus, so she has about 30 pounds to work with.  When she’s not spraying me, her boyfriend of the moment takes over.

As I stated I’m not judgmental, but when you mess with my right to live a safe life, then I become very judgmental.  If I can’t live a safe live, neither can you.  I will do everything in my power to get back at you.

And this woman has made my life a  living hell.  She throws things in front of my door, cigarette butts, pieces of paper, cans, bottles, dog feces, chicken pieces to draw ants and roaches into my apartment;  whatever she can do  to draw electricity into my apartment.

She never, ever goes out,  only when I leave my apartment.  Otherwise, her job is to be a constant non-stop nuisance in my life.  That’s her job to annoy the hell out of me so I’ll do something crazy.  She’s a 24/7 annoyance.   She annoys me and expects me to just take her garbage.  A few times I’ve called her a bitch.  She can annoy me, but don’t I dare do anything to her!.  That’s the way it ways with the gang stalkers.  They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.  Well, it doesn’t work that way.  You annoy the hell out of me, I’m going to annoy the hell out of you, otherwise, leave me alone.