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Gang Stalking – I’ve now become like a jungle cat.

This have something with gang stalking, but it’s funny.  I went to the store and bought myself one of those things that look like a donut. Women use it in their hair to make a bun. I was in no way going to wear a bun, but I knew a lot of zombie women would start wearing a  bun.  And sure enough, there are women in Las Vegas walking around wearing a bun on top of their head.  Today, when I walked into the library, a woman sat at the  computer with one of those bun things on top of her  head. I could not contain  my laughter. I began laughing out loud.  Monkey  see, monkey do. Apologies to all monkeys.

Well, anyway, enough about the bun. But I’m still laughing while typing this.

You know, I’m getting really good with my instincts. I’ve always had good instincts, but now it’s beyond good instincts.  I’ve become like a jungle cat.  I no longer have to watch out for perps, instinctly, I make a right/left turn without thinking about it.  It just happens, especially when I’m walk through the parking lot to avoid parked perps.  Now they know that I walk through the lot, so they sit in their cars waiting for me to come by so they can hop out and slam their car door. But my body knows they’re sitting in their car and will automatically make a right/left turn. This happens all the time. I make an immediate right/left and someone will invariably hop out of his/her car. I noticed this about 3 weeks ago. I kept turning when my aim was to go straight ahead. My body knew better and made a right/left turn. So I no longer worry about some perp hiding behind a sign, tree, car, corner, my body warns me.

If you’ve ever watched one of those films about animals in the jungle, they show a tiger, lion, buffalo, or some other animal, suddenly come to a stop, or make a sudden right/left turn, that’s the way my body reacts now. My body knows that I’m in a jungle surrounded by perpetrators  and warns me of danger ahead. My body has become more “animalistic”. I can now walk for a longer stretch of time, go longer distances without getting tired.  I’ve become like a Geiger counter and know what’s ahead before I know what’s happening. It’s a good thing. I now know if there’s danger somewhere, I will definitely know ahead of time.  It’s made my life a lot easier. All the walking that I do has paid off.

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Gang Stalking – It’s better to be a lion…

English: Nurse Elizabeth Kenny photographed in...

English: Nurse Elizabeth Kenny photographed in 1915 Nurse Kenny photographed as she went to nurse in England during World War I. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lion (Photo credit: fatedsnowfox)

Sometimes I wonder why I write this blog. I disagree with someone and he/she becomes a little crazy.  Ah, life…Life in the Crazy Lane (that would make a good title for a book).

I think the woman who made comments on my blog threatening me, lives two doors from me, apartment 206.

I’m not writing a blog today. I keep thinking of  the children who died and my heart is not into writing today. I’ll leave you with two quotes:

It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life —  Elizabeth Kenny

He who angers you conquers you – Elizabeth Kenny

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