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Gang Stalking – Not picking on handicapped people, just the actors.

There’s a perp who’s been hanging around the library.  He’s  become a computer hacker. He looked very familiar to me, but I couldn’t figure out where I’d seen him. So for a week or more, I thought about it. And then, as I was about to get into the elevator, it came to me. This is the same man who was in the room during my yoga class.  At that time, he was in a wheel chair. He’s no longer in a wheel chair, and I don’t think he ever needed it. He walks around as if he’s  never had any problem with his legs. Well, anyway, I got into the elevator with him and a  group  of  other perps, which I never do. But I wanted to say something to him. As soon as the elevator closed, I said, “Oh, you’re that man who used to be in a wheel chair. I remember that during my yoga class you tried to get me in trouble. You stole a woman’s handbag and took off like lightning. I wondered why you took off so quickly.  And then when the yoga class was over, I found out why. You stole the woman’s handbag who’d left it on the table behind you. You wanted to get me in trouble by making it seem as if I did it.” A perp in the elevator spoke up, “He doesn’t look like a thief to me.”  Every perp in the elevator laughed. I had to get off and I could hear their laughter as I walked away,

It told you, you can’t trust any of the perps. This man has nothing wrong with him. Never did, but he’s posing as a cripple.  I have not seen the man since I saw him in the elevator. He now knows that I know he stole the woman’s  handbag and doesn’t want to get arrested. He probably thought since he wasn’t in a wheel chair I wouldn’t recognize him, but I did.  I have a pretty good memory.

As I’ve written before, you can’t trust people who seem to be handicapped. Some of them really are, but a lot of them are just playing games with us.

And now that I’ve written  about handicapped people and how I don’t trust them, I  will have even more of them following me around every day. Right now, there’s one on almost every corner. It’ll be two at every corner now.  I’m not picking on handicapped people, just the ones who are acting as if they’re handicapped!

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Gang Stalking PostaDay 2011 If you could control weather, what would it be like outside today?

If I controlled the weather, it would be snow storm after snow storm. There would be very few days without a snow storm. And when it wasn’t snow, there would tons of rain storms. Sheets of rain almost every day. And lightning storms, when it wasn’t raining. And add in there, some hurricanes, too. You’re probably thinking: is she nuts? No, I’m very sane. You see, this kind of weather keeps people off the streets. The snow storms would clog up the streets, so it would be very difficult for people to drive around in their cars, and it would be difficult for people to walk around, too. There would be very few people out. When it snows a lot, or there’s a lot of rain, people hate going out. It’s too cold, or they’ll get soaking wet. This makes me very happy. Snow storms don’t bother me. I grew up with snow storms, and I’ve always liked the quiet that goes with snow storms. It’s as if the world has shut down. Tranquility. And even better than tranquility, all the gang stalkers would have to stay indoors. Imagine the peace I’d have. I could go out without worrying about a group of perps following me everywhere. It’d be heaven on earth. Bring on the snow and the rain! Lots of it. Tons of it. How’s that for getting even?

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