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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011-If you had to debate a younger version of yourself, who would win?

If I had to debate a younger version of myself from ten years ago,  the older me would win. Not only have I experienced life changing events,  but being under the thumb of the government has changed my belief system on everything.

Younger me was an  ultra-liberal. Now, I’m  for less government involvement in our lives. Older me can argue the Liberal viewpoint because I’ve been there. Older me can also argue for the other side of the fence because now I understand the idea of less government involvement.

Younger me grew  up Catholic, but older me no longer practices it. Older me can argue on Catholicism and why it doesn’t work in today’s world. What purpose does it have in our modern lives? So having been a Catholic, older me  could argue the pros and cons of Catholicism.

Younger me believed  we should help the countries that needed our help. But  older me no longer feels the same way. We’ve given help to other countries and ignored our own. Now, this country should come first. Charity truly does begin at home. Older me can argue the pros and cons of getting involved in the problems of other countries.

Younger me  trusted the government’s word on anything it said. Now, older me doubts if the government ever tells the truth. It makes up lies to cover up its sneakiness.  Older me could argue from both sides of the fence on how trust worthy the government’s word is.

So the older me would definitely have the edge on winning an argument.

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