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Gang Stalking – Don’t waste your time trying to get help from ACLU, police, etc.


Anti-ACLU-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Vegas Vic in Downtown Las Vegas.

English: Vegas Vic in Downtown Las Vegas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Mike German, former FBI agent, now Na...

English: Mike German, former FBI agent, now National Security Counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), speaking at Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Liars!

I want to write about this again, even though I’ve written about it several times. Do not, do not, do not, if you’re a target, report what’s happening to police or the U.S. government.  The police already know what’s happening to you.  The government knows what’s happening to you, because it is the perpetrator.  The  government warns the police about you and tells them to ignore whatever a target tells them.  They’re told not to make any reports and treat you as if you’re insane with what you’re reporting.  So going to the police or the U.S. government is an absolute waste of time.  And don’t bother going to a lawyer or ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).  They’ve also  been warned about you and will do zero to help you.  Zero.  So don’t complain to them, either.

The lawyers will lie to you and tell you that they can help, but they can’t.  They tell you they can help you so they can take your money.  And the lawyers will keep you on the hook for as long as you allow them to soak you dry.  And this happens when you run out of money.

You would think that the ACLU would be on your side, but they’re not. Far from it.  I visited the ACLU office in downtown Las Vegas one time, and my visit to the ACLU was a total waste of my time.

I went into the office and no one was around the front area of the office.  The door was open, but the lights were off.  I could hear a man in the back office talking loudly about someone’s rights.  Fifteen minutes into my wait, an Asian woman came in.  She looked at me and said “hi.”  I said “hi” back.  She went into the office and sat down.  She didn’t offer any help.  While I was still waiting, a man from another office came to get her to have coffee with him, and she left.  So I waited. And waited.

About 25 minutes into my wait, another Asian, a man, walked into the office.  He went into the office to the left of where I was sitting and turned on the light and sat down. He didn’t say a word to me, but he turned on a sprayer which sprayed some chemical on me.  It smelled like the pesticide that is sprayed at me in my apartment.  When I turned to my left, I saw a sign that said “help yourself and fill out a form for help.”  So I got a form and filled it out.  After filling out the  form, I gave it to the Asian man.  He looked it over and said, “We’ll be in touch with you.”  And did not ask me any questions, or offer any help.

Well, it’s two years later, I haven’t  heard one word from the ACLU.  I can’t even get a response when I try to call the number.  So, don’t waste your time trying to get help from the ACLU. They’re in on it, too.  They should change their name to include the word  “liars” in it.

The police also never helped me with any complaint I filed.  I remember one time, a black man beat me while I was waiting for the bus.

I was waiting under the shelter of a shopping center to get out of the hot sun.  He saw me waiting for the bus and told me to get off his property.  I told him that it wasn’t his property and was not going to get off.  He kept telling me to get off his property, and I repeated I would not get off.  At one point, I told the man that he didn’t look as if he owned any property. When I said this, he got really angry.  He took his left foot and kicked my back.  When I bent down to try to get away from him, he hit my shoulder with his left foot.  I ran into the store, by where I was waiting, and told the cashier to please call the police.  He gave me his phone to call police.

I waited by the store for the officer to come.  When the officer arrived, he passed right by me, even though I’d given the operator the description of what I looked like.  So I had to walk over to where he was.  He got out of his car and put both his hands on his waist.  He was trying to look tough.  He was also chewing gum and looked very nasty.  I told him about what happened and he looked at me as if I was making everything up.  He told me he’d looked for the man I’d described and he’d not seen anyone who looked like him.  I realized this officer was not going to do a damn thing to help me.  He didn’t take down any information nor written anything down.  He got in his car and took off.  So, the help I got from the officer is the kind of help you can expect if you’re a target.

So, I repeat, don’t bother with all these groups.  They’re not going to do a damn thing to help you out.  And, as a matter of face, you might end up in jail or some mental institution as someone who is filing false charges or is crazy.  One of the targets who reads my blog recently complained about the police filing 5 charges against him, and his workplace told him that if he wants to keep his job, he has to see a psychiatrist.

I’m warning you so you don’t make the same mistake as the man above.  Keep a diary, write a blog, do something that will prove what is happening to you, otherwise, you won’t have any proof when the time comes to prove gang stalking was happening to you.  Just don’t waste your time trying to get help from any institution.  You’ll just be wasting your time.

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