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Gang Stalking – Just another exciting day at the doctor’s office.

At the doctor’s office today.

Patients and doctors using stairway, instead of elevator, to annoy me. They stomp their feet as they go up and down the stairs. They sound as if they weight 500 lbs. each. The sound system in the building is at a level to make anyone deaf. Elevator doors bang constantly. Loud radio playing. A lot of slamming doors.  People making sniveling noises through their noses. A lot of loud laughter.   Non-stop throat clearing. I’m getting hit electronically by the technicians. A lot of loud sighing by clerks. Telephone ringing non-stop.  Asked for my I.D. when no one else was, even though I’ve come  to this office for years. New doctors come out to look at me and laugh. Technicians giggling outside the doctor’s office. Air conditioner put on very cool while waiting for doctor to come into room, even though it’s very cold outside. Screeching cart wheels every time someone passes the doctor’s office. Cleaning people banging brooms around and talking loudly in Spanish. People from 3rd floor banging on the ceiling above my head. A lot of coughing (you know that stupid cough they do when we’re around). The doctor’s office sounds like a madhouse.

I complained to the doctor and he said that  it’s just the workmen doing their job. Yeah, sure they are. I know workmen make noise, but not as much as the workmen do when I’m around.

Just another exciting day at the doctor’s office.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What do you hope your kids will say about you when grown up?

What do you hope your kids will say about you when they’re adults?

(Don’t be a weenie – if you don’t have kids, pretend you did for the purpose of writing this post. Imagination costs nothing.)

I have no kids, so my imagination I must use.  I’ll just use my experience growing up, and what my parents did or did not do.

If I had kids, I would want them to say they lived a life of joy.  That there was tragedy, and bad times, but life no matter how bad contained some passion.  There were always laughs and good times. There was always good food, and lots of love.  Holidays were a time of forgetting about bad things that were happening, and letting everything go for the holidays.  The problems did not go away, but put aside to appreciate every holiday, with laughter, family, good friends, and lots of love from everyone.  I would want  my kids to remember that there were many days of love and pleasure, no matter how bad life became.  I want them to say that because of my love, life, no matter how difficult, can continue with humor and happiness.

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