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Gang Stalking – Police officers are unfair to targets and coddle criminals.

Yesterday, as I took a walk, I heard a police car make the beeping  sound that says “stop and get over to the side”. I turned around to see who the police officers was pulling over. I hoped it was one of the perps whom I see at the library  hacking me. But, no,  it was not for a driver he made the beep. I turned around to look at him and he was looking straight at me, laughing. He beeped the horn to get my attention. He sat in his car laughing at me. I really don’t know what he found so funny! I guess he just wanted to annoy me by beeping his horn. I thought of giving him the finger, as I do with everyone else,  but I was afraid he’d  use some excuse to arrest me. I continued on my way, and as the light turned green, he again beeped his horn. And we’re supposed to have  respect  for people like this? I lost respect for police officers a long time ago. In my opinion, they’re all criminals because they allow the perps to do whatever they want to targets and nothing’s done to them.

On the other hand if the criminals call the cops on us, the police officers are all over the place. They’ll come right away. They’re treat us as if  we committed a crime, don’t listen to anything we have to say, and tell us not to act crazy.  The police officers coddle the criminals. They can do whatever they want to targets and get away with it.

There’s something’s  wrong with this  picture. The criminals are running the insane asylum and  getting away with murder. And police officers are letting them do it.

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Gang Stalking – The doctor’s a perp and so are his assistants.


Doctor’s visit today:

As soon as I sit down, doctor’s assistants begin  clearing their throats, because like any normal person I clear my throat, door slamming begins, they repeat phrases I use during the day, music volume goes up, some slicing sound is going on, phone rings non-stop, loud talking. Patients begin coughing.

Doctor’s room:

Assistant begins coughing as soon as I sit down. She also has blonde  hi-lights. I happened to make a comment on the complex manager dying her hair blonde, now all the women have blonde hi-lights. It’s truly a zombie world.

Assistant takes my temperature. On the way out of the office, she tells me the doctor will be in in a minute.  While I’m waiting, all the assistants are talking, coughing, giggling, laughing loudly. It sounds like a hen house – cluck, cluck, cluck.

While I’m waiting for the doctor, I’m getting hit with electricity on my left knee.

Outside, heavy footsteps abound and the coughing continues.

“Why do I even come to this doctor” I ask myself? But where am I to go that’s any better? It’ll be the same thing wherever I go.

I’ve  waited a while now, no doctor in sight.

I was able to write this while waiting for the doctor to come.

More coughing.

It seems everybody at the front desk is sick and spreading a lot of germs. I guess the doctor doesn’t have that many patients. He can let all the assistants act like ass holes!

Someone’s hammering on the wall. I hear an assistant say, “Quit hammering on the wall!”

More laughing. More coughing.

Maybe I shouldn’t be in the office with so many sick assistants.

Doctor comes into the room and checks me. Says everything’s all right except my breathing’s a little off.  With all the pesticide that goes into my body every day, why wouldn’t it be? I say this to myself not to the doctor.

The doctor’s a perp as is everyone in the office.

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Gang Stalking – The library is an insane asylum.

Every time I come into the library I feel I’ve come into an insane asylum. People (mostly men) laughing like hyenas for absolutely no reason. Grown men acting like two-year years who need their diapers change; acting like silly school boys. People talking to themselves non-stop.   Constantly blowing their noses for absolutely no reason at all. Just to annoy others. This is probably how a real asylum is. I don’t have to go to one, I am in one. Non-stop hijinks of the lowest form. The people who use the library should  really be in a real insane asylum.  I can understand today why there are so many women who are alone.  Who wants to deal with men who act like two-year-olds who need their diapers changed?   Not me, for sure.   I  apologize to decent men everywhere who are not like the ones I run to on a daily basis here in Las Vegas.  I know there are still a lot of decent men out there, they’re just living somewhere other than Las Vegas. The place of immature men. That’s why they all live here. I’m sure you all know the Las Vegas logo “What happens here, stays here.”  Well, I’m making sure that what happens here in Las Vegas doesn’t stay here. I want  the  world to know what Las Vegas is really like. The state should change its logo to: The place for immature men.  If you ‘re  an immature male Las Vegas is the place for you.

Oh, I’m  sure I’ll have a lot of men in Las Vegas giving me dirty looks, but it feels so good  to let the men who use the library know how I feel.

That’s my rant for the day.

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Gang stalking – It’s hard keeping my mouth shut.

English: Official Presidential Portrait of Uni...

English: Official Presidential Portrait of United States President Bill Clinton commissioned by the United States government for display in the White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really hate going  to  the doctor.  I have slightly elevated blood pressure  and the doctor is always giving  me appointments to go visit him.  I’m sure if I didn’t have insurance, I’d probably never see him.  What I don’t like about going to  doctor, is the looks I always get from his workers.  Every time I go into the office,  they all come out to look at me.  It seems there’s a new group of workers every time I visit the office.  When they find out I’m in the office, they come out, begin talking loudly and watch me out of the corner of their eye.  And, there’s always the loud laughter.  I don’t know  if they’re making jokes about me, or they’re just laughing to annoy me. I’m sure it’s both.  I just keep my head down and think really nasty thoughts about all of them.   If they only knew the names I call them, they wouldn’t laugh.  Sometimes, I have to keep myself from laughing out loud.  They’re not the only that can make fun of someone, I can, too.

On my way home, I go into the store I hate.  The cashiers are the same way as the workers in the doctor’s office.  As soon as I enter, loud music,  loud people, and security guard follows me around.  And wherever I go in  the store, I have a lot of company.  If I stop at the meat section and check the meat over, someone will pop up right next to me and just, of course, have to stand really close to me.  They do it to annoy me so I’ll leave.  But I don’t leave.   I’ll stand in the same spot to annoy the hell out of them.  Eventually they get tired of waiting for me to leave, and take off.

I get home, more perps waiting for me.   They start beeping their car horns, begin talking and laughing loudly.  They stand right in my way when I’m going up the stairs, and more laughing.  As I walk to my apartment, everyone has his garbage out in front of his door.  Every single one of them.  Can you imagine if  where you live, everyone put his garbage in front of his apartment door?  It looks really nasty.  Some of the garbage containers don’t even have covers on them.  All that garbage attracts pigeons, vermin.  I’m thinking of putting my garbage out in front of my door, too.  I get to my door and someone has dug  garbage from some I threw out and has put it in the door slit.  Oh, what a nice present!  I’m just so excited. Don’t any of these people work?   I guess not, their  job is watching me.

I rush into my apartment and quickly close my door.  I know I’m on the edge of  opening my mouth and saying something to the perps.  I don’t want to make them happy  by giving them something to talk about.  Thank God!  I made it into my apartment without opening my mouth. Success!

By the way,  Bill Clinton is visiting Las Vegas tomorrow.  I have tickets to see him.  I wish I had a camera that worked so I could take pictures.  Maybe I’ll buy one of those “cheapie” ones that I can use only once.  There aren’t too many times that one gets a chance to see an ex-president.  Las Vegas is a swing state and everyone’s been here visiting us.  Last week is was President Obama.

Well, until tomorrow.

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