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Gang Stalking – How they laugh at us, but they’ll get their day in hell!

The saga of my glasses continues.

I went to the optometrist to him check my eyes on March 13. He prescribed glasses. I paid and the woman at the desk told me the glasses would be ready within 7 days. I thought that was a long time to get my glasses but didn’t say anything. I went back about  9-10  days later, giving them extra days to have them ready. I know how all companies like to screw with us targets. When I went  back, glasses weren’t ready. I was ready for that response. But I was  not  ready for the response I got from the doctor. He told  me that the glasses wouldn’t be ready for another two weeks or more. So I waited and went back yesterday, March 31, to check on my glasses. The woman at the desk couldn’t find them. She told me that she’d  seen them, but now she couldn’t find them. She got up and I heard her close the doctor to the doctor’s office. She came back and told me that the glasses were in another room and they were there to have me check them to make sure the glasses fit.   The woman  handed them to me, and I tried them on. The glasses were sun glasses! The glasses were for regular every day wear, not for the sun. The glasses were very dark. I’d ordered glasses with a very light tint for day wear. They took the glasses back and told me the glasses would be ready by Friday, April 4. She added a “maybe”.

If I get my glasses back on Friday, that will make 22 days to get the glasses, almost a month.  And if I don’t get them, it will probably add up to a month, or more.

I told the woman in the office not to put me on the list for repeat business.  I would definitely not return once I get my glasses.

I’m not surprised by the long wait. It’s happened over and over with anything I’ve ordered.

I swear these people are devils!  How they laugh at us and think they’re so funny. I can’t wait for the day they get their  day in hell, and then I’ll have the last laugh!

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Gang Stalking – FBI caught with its pants down, again.


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Laughing girl


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Only the serious know how to truly laugh

Only the serious know how to truly laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

laughing eyes

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English: The Seal of the United States Federal...

English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I finally have an answer to the white truck that follows me around.  All these years, I thought the truck was following me around to keep track of me. It’s true, they do keep track of me by truck, but there’s a darker side to the truck.

The FBI has a gadget that’ s known as “Stingrays.”  And this is how it works.  I got this info from Google.

[Law enforcement officials are quietly using gadgets referred to genetically as “Stingrays” to find cellphones as part of investigative work.

1.   The device is used in a vehicle along with a computer with mapping software.

2.   The stingray stem, which mimics a cellphone tower, gets the target phone to connect to it.

3.    Once the cellphone’s detected by the stingray, the phone signal strength is measured.

5.     By collecting the signal strength, the system can triangulate and map a phone’s location.]

All this time, I thought the truck was following me.  It is the signal from my phone that they are  after. I always take the SIM card out of my phone; I wonder if it still gets a signal from the phone.

Well, what the FBI is doing is illegal.  A judge told the FBI, which runs the program, that what they’re doing is illegal.  The FBI replied that they thought what they are doing  is legal.  The FBI didn’t think it was doing anything wrong.


Just like the FBI didn’t know that it was illegally  cavorting  with prostitutes in Colombia.

The FBI sure plays dumb when it wants to.  This reinforces what I’ve always thought: that the FBI’s involved in our gang stalking.   Proof, proof, proof.

Give me a minute while I laugh.

The FBI is given what is called  “pen register” order, also known as “tap and trace” orders.  These orders are given to the FBI by a judge  to allow the FBI to use its power to tract someone in an emergency.  And this order is usually given by a judge to allow the FBI to track foreign agents.  And only in an emergency.  It is not to be used to track citizens who are not causing any problems.

And this why the FBI is breaking the law.  It is messing around with our First Amendment rights, which is has no right to do unless it gets a warrant on us.

So when you see that man in the white truck  who’s always on your tail, tell him he has no right to be following you around. Tell him that he needs a warrant if he’s going to track you.

And excuse me while I laugh, laugh and laugh.

FBI you got caught with your pants down, again.  How does it feel?

How do you like it?

As someone once said, “They always get caught.”

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Gang Stalking – Not so anonymous anymore.


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NYC – UES: New York University Institute of Fine Arts (Photo credit: wallyg)

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English: Brooklyn Museum shortly before sunset on a partly cloudy day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peace Belt and Long Hair

Peace Belt and Long Hair (Photo credit: StarMama)

I’m having a hard time writing my blog today.  The hackers are all over my blog like bees to honey.  They’ve deleted what I wrote and keep taking me out of WordPress.  But, you know what, the more they mess with my blog, the more I want to write it.  I will finish writing this blog.

My name is Gladys.  I’m known as Neverending1.  I want you to know my name because, even though some of you read my blog, I’m anonymous to you.  If you read my blog, you know the  harassment I suffer, but you really don’t know the real me.

For one, I’m not the mean person  who uses a lot of four-letter words.  I use these words to help me get rid of the anger which builds up inside of me.  It helps me get rid of the anger I feel because of all the harassment I  put up with every day of my life.  I think I’m worse than most targets when it comes to using four-letter fours, but the words help me cope. Thanks for four-letter words.

I have dark brown hair.  My  hair is long, down to my waist.  I wear it in a long braid.  I will continue to let my hair grow long until this gang stalking stops.  I will cut it short the day it does.  When I cut it short, it will let go all the hate I feel for the people who tortured me. I will not carry gang stalking into the next period of my life, because if I do, the haters win. And I will never let them win. Never, never, never!

I went to college in New York – New York University, Marymount College and studied art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. I really love to paint, but I haven’t painted in years.  Not because I don’t want to, but because my art’s destroyed when I paint.  And nothing upsets me more than having something I’ve painted destroyed.  It’s like they’ve killed a child of mine.

I don’t have any children.  I’m not married, though I’ve been asked several times.  I regret saying “no” to only one man. But we all make mistakes, I guess.  And that’s one big mistake I made.

Now, what else can I tell  you about myself?

Oh, my height.  I’m small, 5′ 1″.  But believe me, I’m taller in a lot of other ways.  And I’m sure you probably want to know my weight.  I’m 110 lbs. soaking wet.  I don’t like to brag, but brag I will, I have a very nice figure.

So what else can I tell you about myself?

Oh, yes, I love to read. I’ll read anything, cereal boxes, ads, anything, just a long as I read something.

I have a weird sense of humor.  I love men who make me laugh, since I’m kind of serious, unless I feel really comfortable with someone.

Well, I guess that’s it.  I don’t know what else to say about myself.  Maybe some day I’ll put a picture of myself in my blog, but for now, I don’t think so.

So I hope you’ve learned a little about me. I’m not so anonymous anymore.

Oh, yes, one last thing, I love my readers, and WordPress.com.

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Gang Stalking – The sick bitch.

Now I'm That Bitch

Now I'm That Bitch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bitch that I’ve told you about before, is back upstairs.  Every time I see her, she begins to laugh.  She laughs to make   me think she’s happy.  But I know the miserable bitch is not happy.  How can someone be happy when they’re doing such evil others to someone else?   No one who is happy does these things.  Happy people leave others alone.  They don’t have to spend their time hiding in some apartment like a rat, spraying someone with spray.  If she’s so happy, how come she can’t stick to one man? It seems to me, every time I see her, she’s sleeping with some new man.  She’s back upstairs with the man who told her to get out of the apartment when he found out how many men she’d slept with.  If  you’re happy, you don’t have to sleep with every man you meet.  If you you’re happy, you have respect for yourself.  If you’re happy, you don’t end up in prison.  No matter how much she laughs, I know there’s a miserable human being underneath.  So keep on laughing, you bitch!  Eventually life will get even with you.  I look forward to when that day comes.  And then I’ll do the laughing.  And it will be a real laugh.


Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers…a laugh a minute.

Person using cell phone while driving.

Image via Wikipedia

National Security Agency Seal

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Everything  I just typed erased,  so I’ll start again.

I live in a complex that has a husband and wife team running it.  These two people seem to have nothing to do, but watch me.  It makes them feel very important.  You should see them.  They look so ridiculous!  Anytime I leave my apartment, the two of them pop up, or one of them will pop up.  They seem to have absolutely nothing to do with their life.  I think I must add some excitement to it.  What would they do if I were to disappear?  Their importance of themselves would disappear, of course.  They feel very important following me around non-stop.  She works in the office, and keeps tracks of everything I do.  She also writes a report on what I do every day.  Of course, this important information goes to the government.  Important information, like I’ve told someone off, or I’ve carried home a piece of bread that looks like a bat.  A bat is very dangerous for me to have, don’t you know?  Or I’ve taken the bus out of the complex.  Really, really important information.  National security is at stake!

You should see how they look.  They always come rushing toward me.  She’s always leading, of  course.  And then she’ll say, “Hi, Miss Gladys.”  Or she’ll said, “Hi, Gladys.”  This is said in such a phony voice that I want to laugh.  I never respond.  I just look at them and want to laugh; they look so ridiculous.  But I put on a very stern face.  I don’t want them to think that I’m having fun at their expense.  It’s just too laughable.

Then there are the idiots who always come out when I get my mail.   The same people always have to get their mail the same time I do.  They come rushing out to annoy me, of course.  And I stand and watch their stupid faces.  Again, they look so self-important.  National security at stake again.

Every time I leave my apartment, there’ll be some idiot who’ll be on his cell phone , of course, wearing an outfit similar to what I’ve began wearing, trying to get my location.  They can find where I am by putting a code into their phone cell. Once they find my location, they’ll turn the cell phone toward where I am to draw electricity to my body.  And, of course, aways looking self-important.  National security at stake again.

Oh, I forgot the idiot who controls my computer.  As I stated before, I paid for the computer, but it’s owned by the government.  The idiot lives 7 apartments from me and is always watching me.  He always looks like he’s going to have a heart attack:  I’m going out, he won’t know what I’m up to.  It’s heart attack time.  I might just do something bad, and he won’t be around to see me do it.  Oh,no!  He won’t get credit for apprehending me.  National security at stake again.

There are a lot of idiots I have to put up with every single day.  And all of them make me laugh.  They all look so ridiculous!

My life, at this point, would make a good comedy.  I have to deal with so many idiots.  It’s a good thing I can make a joke of the idiotic things I have to put up with, otherwise, I’d cry.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – When you go to a movie theater, do you prefer it to be…

The concession stand next at the Cinemark movi...

…empty so you can sit anywhere you like?  Or do you prefer a packed house like on opening night?  When you can sit anywhere, where do you sit and why?

When I go to a movie theater, I like it empty.  If there are not too many people at the theater, it’ll be quiet; and I’ll have no problem hearing the movie.  When there are too many people in the theater, it’s noisy.  People in the audience will talk loudly, laugh, eat candy that makes a crinkly noise.  And if there are kids in the theater, they’ll yell, cry and drive everyone crazy. It’s heaven when the theater is empty.

People who go to opening night movies are not real film buffs.  They go to see and be seen.  And to brag that they saw the movie when it opened.  For no other reason.  Who can hear the movie with all that first night fuss?  I sound like a real Grinch, don’t I?

I like to sit two seats from the back.  Not too many people like seating in the back, unless they’re teenagers and want to fool around.  There are advantages to sitting in the back.  The concession stand is closer, and I get to the food faster.  And I don’t miss too much of the movie. It’s quieter in the back.  When the movie is over, I can be the first one out.  I don’t have to wait for some slow poke to walk in front of me.  And I’m closer to the Ladies room for when I have need of using it.

Countdown:  68 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Would you rather laugh with sinners, or cry with saints?

I’ve done enough crying lately. What I need is someone to laugh with. Saints don’t do it for me. Who wants to spend his life crying? Not me. And saints are not always what they seem. Some of the meanest people in my life are people who consider themselves saintly.  Talk about phony! These people are saints in front of people, but as soon as they are  away from them, their meanness shows  up.  A lot of  gang stalkers consider themselves saints, and they’re not people who I would care to be friends with.  There are no such things as saints.

I’ll take the sinners any day. At least with the sinners you know what they are outright, unlike the saints who you find out later are not the saints they profess to be. So I’ll take the sinners. At least I’ll have some laughs before I die.