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Gang Stalking – My love affair with the U.S. is over.

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Divorce versus Democracy

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God, am I’m tired.  The last few days have been hell at night.  No sleep.  I’m hit with heat lamps all night, hit with electricity from the apartment to my right and left, below me, across the way, behind me, and who knows where else?  And every two hours, I’m awakened.   I feel as if I’ve entered hell and it’s not going to let me out anytime soon.

It angers me every time I think about what’s occurring to me.

And I blame landlords for allowing it to happen.  Imagine you’re a landlord. Every month someone rents one of your apartments and you’re told by the government how to treat the tenant.  The government tells the landlord that the person who’s renting the apartment is a crazy person and he/she should be closely watched.  The landlord’s told to treat the new tenant like a dog.  And the landlord goes along with whatever the government tells him to do.  And the next month, and month after month, a new tenant arrives and the landlord’s told to do the same thing to the new tenant.

If I were a landlord, I would get suspicious of all the tenants getting the same treatment by the government.  I would wonder how many others ? And why is it happening?  I would begin questioning the government as to why this is occurring.  Of course, the government would lie to the landlord and tell him that what he’s doing is keeping the country safe from the crazy tenants, and told that he’s a good American, unlike the tenant he’s rented to.

I find it unbelievable that a landlord wouldn’t think this way.  But, of course, the landlord is getting money from the government to keep the program going.

I used to be proud to be an American.  I can’t say that I am anymore. And I don’t care who knows that I’m not a proud American. What else can they do me that’s worse?  Kill me, perhaps?   What the U.S. is doing to me is hell on earth.  If I could find a country where I felt I’d be safe, I’d pack my bags and leave the U.S. behind. But there’s no country like this.  It seems other countries have the same program and my targeting would just continue with the backing of the U.S. government.  The U.S. government is a big bully.  And those other countries better do what it says, or the U.S. will stop sending the big check.

The U.S. is not the country I grew up in. I used to love the U.S., but the love affair is over for me.  It’s time for a divorce.

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Gang Stalking -The U.S. government is a floozy.

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English: The apartment complex which houses participants of the Welcome Home Family Program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Your landlord is not your friend.  He, along with all the other professions, is a government flunky.  The landlord does what the government tells him to do.

He will set-up the apartment, or house, the way the government tells him to.  If the government tells him to disconnect your water, make holes in the walls, mess with your electrical system, disconnect your hot or cold water,  mess with your refrigerator, your oven, your floor, ceiling, door knob, windows, blinds, cabinets, bathroom, lights, fan, he will do it.

I can’t understand why someone who owns an apartment complex, or houses, would destroy his own property.  These people who own property do it for the money, of course.  And that’s the only reason I can see why someone would destroy his property.  The government must pay these people a stipend.  A payoff to get them to destroy someone’s life. And what a good job they do.

They get all their tenants to make your life miserable.  Every tenant who’s not a target’s asked to join the government’s program when they rent an apartment or house.  When the tenant signs the lease, he’s told about the program and asked if he/she would be interested in becoming part of the team.   What a team!  He/she’s required to sign a waiver stating that they will not divulge anything about the program. ( I once saw a tenant sign his lease and then asked to sign government document.  When the office clerk saw me, she hid the document on her lap.) Then they get five days of  training on how to drive the target crazy, or drive him/her to do something violent.  These tenants go to a class once a week for more re-training.  They’re asked to report anything the target does, where he/she goes, anything that the target does gets reported to the government handler.  And the tenant is also given more information on the target.  What the target dislikes, what clothes he/she bought, where the target ate, walked, etc.  The target’s discussed in disparaging terms.  There is nothing good about the target.  The target’s every foible’s discussed and made fun of.  The tenant on the other hand, is told how important he/she is to the program.  These tenants come out of meetings with blazing egos, and lots of  tenant friends.

It doesn’t matter how many times a target moves, he/she will have the same thing happen to him/her over and over.  The target can move to the ends of the world, and he will suffer the same fate.  A target cannot get away these people.  It might be a different place, a different city, a different country, and it won’t matter.  There will be people who will make your life miserable because of the landlord and the government.

So, if you think that smiling landlord is your friend, forget about it.  There’s no such thing as an honest landlord.  Not even if your landlord happens to be part of your family.  And there’s really nothing you can do about it.  We all need a place to live, so we have to put with whatever is thrown at us, otherwise, it’s the street.

Again, it’s all about the money. Money controls everything. The  U.S. government‘s a floozy.  It’s in bed with everybody.

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Gang Stalking – Postaday 2011 – Part 2: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

Yesterday, I wrote that your family gets notification by the government (at the community level) that you are  a danger to society and must be watched.  Usually the family  will get a phone call  and told to get in touch with the community organizers.   The person contacted will  visit  the  office and given a waiver to sign that states he/she will not divulge any information that’s  given to her/him.  The waiver states that if person divulges information he/she  is subject to  prosecution.  This waiver is what keeps most family members quiet.  They’re afraid to get in trouble with the U.S. government.   If the family does not agree to be part  of gang stalking, it can become  a target of government.   The family will become part of gang stalking to avoid becoming  targets.

Monitors are the ones who run the program at the community level.  They’re the ones responsible for hiring gang stalkers, giving them their assignments, checking out their time sheets, paying them and resolving any problems gang stalkers have with their targets.   Monitors  are in constant  contact with the gang talkers  and will  let  gang stalkers know  of their target’s routine.  There are higher level monitors.  The monitor who has contact with gang stalkers is the low-level man.  Some monitors will drive around and watch gang stalkers to make sure that they’re doing their job of harassing targets.   A warning  is given to gang stalkers  to act as if they  know nothing if  confronted by a target.  They’re to keep quiet and not acknowledge target’s presence.   But a gang stalker will  often call a target “crazy” under his breath;  reinforcing  to  the target that  he/she  is crazy.

This is the part where the gang stalkers have all their fun.  Wherever you happen to live, you will have gang stalkers watching you.  If you live in an apartment complex the  landlord, or manager, will hire gang stalkers to harass you.  The landlord, or manager,  will know  of your status as a violent person.  He’s been notified by Monitor.   Usually landlord, or manager, will  recruit gang stalkers  to harass you.  The minute you leave your house, the gang stalkers will get a text message notifying them you are leaving your home.  All the gang stalkers in the vicinity will get text messages  you’re leaving your apartment and told to  be on the lookout for you.  This happens with family members, too.  The family will let  monitor know  target is leaving and  where target is going.  Your family will become very interested in where you are going and what you will be doing.  Don’t tell them anything.   Lie to them.  That’s what I did to my sister when I discovered  she  was gang stalking me.   l lied to her and felt no guilt whatsoever.

That’s it for today.   I’ll continue with this tomorrow.  I’m trying to be as clear as possible to explain what gang stalking is about.  If  you’re not sure about something I’ve written, please let me know.  I’ll be happy to respond to any questions you have.

By the way, everything I’m writing in this blog is  from personal experience.