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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Write a story by finishing this sentence.

The  story can be as long or as short as you wish.

I told him where I was going and he hurried me out, pointing to the door with a gun, but what he didn’t know was…

I still  loved him. We been together for years. Through good years and very bad years. But no matter how bad things got, we stayed together. There was no one else for either of us.  We’d been having marital problems, and I told him I was leaving.  But I’d never leave him.  I loved him too  much.  Before I turned to go, I threw him a kiss.  I did not want to leave, but he made me go. He had a gun pointed at three men. One man had a gun pointed back at him. The other two men were standing behind the gunman.

We came home early from a  movie we saw. When we walked into our home, we heard some noises. My husband ran into the closet and got his gun. I followed him upstairs. We  slowly checked  each bedroom. When we got  to the second bedroom, we heard a noise.   My husband kicked in the door and pointed his gun. There was a man with a gun pointing  one  back  at him.  I followed closely behind my husband.   My husband  turned toward me and  pointed the gun at the door  and told me to leave.    He didn’t want me to get hurt.  I said “no,”  but he insisted I’d leave. I took a long look at him,  in case something happened to him. I ran down the stairs and to my neighbor’s house.  I knocked repeatedly, but no answer.   I ran, ran to the next house.  I was running out  of breath…

“CUT!” yelled the movie director.

“Okay, people, that’s it for the night.  We’ll pick up the scene where we left off tomorrow,”   he said.

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