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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Who do you know that deserves a peace prize?

The 2011 Nobel peace prize was recently awarded to Tawakkul Karman, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Leyman Gbowee of Liberia, all leaders in their respective countries for promoting civil rights.

For today’s topic, consider a local peace prize  for your workplace, town or your community.  Who in your  daily world deserves to be recognized for promoting peace and goodwill?

If you can’t think of someone you know today, was there someone who comes to mind?

I thought and thought of someone I can recognize for promoting peace and goodwill.  I have not run into anyone lately who fits that description.  I’ve met nothing but mean and uncaring people in the last few years.  There’s been very little kindness shown toward me.  I’ve tried to get help for my gang stalking problem, but no one will even listen.  If I had met someone who showed an iota of kindness toward me, that is the person I would choose to recognize as someone promoting peace and goodwill.  But no one deserves this prize.  Maybe the homeless man I wrote about in my blog.  The homeless man who put a smile on my face.  Yes, that’s who I would choose.  The homeless man who showed kindness toward me.  He was homeless, had nowhere to sleep, but, yet, he was a gentleman to me.    Maybe that’s why he was homeless, too sensitive for today’s world.  So the Nobel peace prize would go to the homeless man who gave me flowers and put a smile on my face.  I’m still feeling his kindness.  Every time I see a flower, I think of him. And I’m able to smile.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What invention do you need most right now?

What invention, as in something not yet invented (jetpack, teleportation ring, time machine) do you need right now?

I definitely need a teleportation ring. Just rub it and I’m out of wherever I am. It would be nice not to have to put up with the low lifes I have to put with every day. They all think they’re so important. You should see the way they walk.  They walk as if they’re so important. They’re really into watching me. Some day they’re going to realize the government has made total idiots of them. I wonder how they’ll feel then. Will their conscious bother them for harassing someone who has not  done a damn thing? I just want the hell out of this horrible planet. OUT OF HERE! And find a place where people are living in peace. Where people are not savages.  Where kindness is the norm and brutality rare. So I would really like a teleportation ring. I really wish there were such a thing as teleportation. It would change my life for the better.  I could disappear on a whim.  Go some place safe where  the creeps can’t get to me.

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