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Gang Stalking – The beginning of the 5th year as a victim of government harassment.

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English: The Oregon coastline looking south from Ecola State Park. Français : La côte de l’Oregon vue depuis Le parc d’état d’Ecola en regardant vers le sud. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: Electricity pole near Mäntyluoto harbour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See Wikipedia:Sleep deprivation). Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On July 11, 2009, I officially became a victim of gang stalking.

Before this date, I experienced people following me around, playing loud music where I lived, the complex manager often threatened to call police on me for no reason (if I said something she didn’t agree with, or if I complained about  condition of the complex, etc.).

But July 11 is the day the electricity began.

I’d began suffering sleep deprivation.  I was not able to sleep more than an hour a night. I couldn’t understand why.  In all my life, I never had a problem sleeping.  I’d hit my bed and within 5 minutes I’d be asleep.  I found it strange not being able to sleep. I changed my diet, exercised more, stop eating after 6 P.M. But nothing helped. My sleep pattern didn’t change.

I felt I needed a vacation, so I went to Oregon to visit my sister.  While I was in Oregon, I slept well, no one bothered me and the visit to my sister seemed a little odd.  When I think back on it, she was angry with me all the time, and never smiled. Not once.  I don’t know if she knew about my gang stalking. I never said anything to her about it.

On my return to Las Vegas,  July 9 and 10  were the last two days I would experience as a life free of gang stalking.

On July 11, I went to bed as usual, and began experiencing sharp hits to my back.  The hits got so bad, I slept on my couch instead of my bed.  The couch was all right for a while, but then the attacks began again.  And during the day, I experienced the sharp attacks to my back when I went out.  And now, there were more and more people following me everywhere I went.  And the noise level I’d experienced at home was now happening everywhere I went.

The bus drivers began being rude to me.  They would put on the bus lights as soon as I entered the bus.  And screeching their brakes became part of my life.  On the bus, I began getting the sharp hits to my back.  Everywhere I went I got hit.  It didn’t matter where I went.  Life became a living hell.

I knew my lease was up at the end of August and decided I would move.

If you read my blog, you know the rest of the story.

On July 11, 2013, I began my 5 year of gang stalking. Even though my gang stalking began before this date, I did not experience electricity that I now experience all the time. So I consider July 11 the anniversary of my gang stalking.

It has been hell for the past 4 years. There were times I almost gave up.  But since then, I’ve learned how to protect myself. And I began writing my blog, which lets me pour out to the world what is happening to me day after day.

I don’t know if this will ever end. It seems to get worse as the years go by.  I guess I can expect to experience gang stalking for the rest of my life.

Thanks, United States government!

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – What’s the longest you’ve ever walked in a single day?

Humphreys Peak from I-40 in Arizona

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Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona

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Image via Wikipedia - Downtown, Mesa, AZ


Image by More Good Foundation via Flickr Mormon Temple, Mesa, Arizona

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Write about what happened, how far you walked, and whether it was by choice, or something happened that forced you to travel differently than expected.

I remember this walk as if it happened yesterday.

I was living in Arizona, and I’d signed up to take a postal exam.  On the day of the exam, my sister drove me to the bus terminal.  I took a bus from Mesa, AZ to Phoenix, where the exam was being held.

While waiting in line to show ID, etc., I met a man who was very friendly and we began to talk.  We talked for over an hour while waiting for the exam to start. So we got to know each other pretty well in a short time.  I really connected with him.

Finally, an announcer told us to sit down and start the exam, and the man sat next to me.    We had two hours to finish the exam. When the exam time was up, we handed in our papers.  He stayed close to me all the time we were in the exam room.

As we were leaving, he told me he was going toward Mesa and he would be happy to give me a ride.  I thought about it and said okay.

As soon as we were on the road, his smile turned into a smirk, and I worried that he was going to do something to me.  And sure enough, I felt his hand grab my knee.  I took his hand away.  He said, “Don’t you like me touching you?”  I answered, “No, I don’t!”  and I moved closer to the right side of the door.  I couldn’t get out of the car because I was still in Phoenix and there was absolutely no bus transportation anywhere around. And it was too far a walk back to Mesa.  So I just stayed in the car  and put up with his greasy behavior and kept taking his hand off my knees.

I kept watching how close we were getting to Mesa.  Finally, when we entered Mesa, he stopped at a light.  I opened the door and quickly ran out of his car.  I called him a “pervert” before I slammed the door.  He yelled at me to get back in the car.  I did not answer him.  I couldn’t call my sister to come get me, because I had no phone with me, and it was the days before cell phones.  So here I was with no money, no phone and couldn’t get in touch with my sister.  So I began the journey back home.

Imagine July in Mesa, Arizona.   The temperature was hovering around 108.  It was hot, hot, hot.  I had no water.  I was sweating heavily, and I thought I was going to pass out.  But I kept walking.  Finally, I recognized my sister’s neighborhood.  I kept walking.  It took me 5 hours plus to get home in the heat.  By the time I reached my sister’s house, I looked like a red lobster.  My face was red, and I could hardly breathe. My sister saw me, made me sit down and put a damp cloth on my face.  I sat on my sister’s couch for a while  unable to move, or talk.

When I was able to talk, my sister asked me what happened, and I told her.  She asked me why didn’t I call her, and I explained why I couldn’t.

I’m very, very careful now with whom I share a car.  I rarely take offers of a free ride to anywhere. I’d rather walk.

By the way, this was not my longest walk, just the one I remember the clearest.

So, women, be careful when you take a ride from that nice man.  He might turn out to be a creep.

Countdown: 41 blogs to write.

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