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Gang Stalking- Amanda and Jerad Miller – victims of government harassment?

I’ve done more reading on the Millers, the couple who shot the police officers in Las Vegas.  The two Millers were definitely targets. I have no doubt of it.

I read where he had problems with Department of Motor Vehicles.  We all have had problems with government agencies. I know I have. I’ve had problems with Social Security, DMV.   I live  in Las Vegas, but  the official office I have to use is in Henderson.  One time I had a problem with my card and I decided I was not going to take that long trip to Henderson, so I went to the office in Las Vegas. The woman did not like that I was using the office in Las Vegas and told me that she didn’t have to help me because my regular office is in Henderson. She was very rude and got the guard to come over and watch me. While I spoke with her, the guard, 6’5″ Hawaiian stood right behind me, with his arms folder, with a nasty look on his face. I got fed up with having no privacy, turned around and said, “Is there a problems?”  He nodded no. So I said, “So why do you have to stand behind me?”  He unfolded his arms and said, “No reason.”  I kept looking at him and he finally walked away. But this is the way we’re treated wherever we go. It doesn’t matter if it’s a private business, government agency, court-house, we get the same rude treatment. I’m sure this is what happened in the Miller case. He went in to get his license, they were rude to him and he responded as any normal human being would respond to someone treating us like lowlifes. But, of course, that’s not the way the story came out. The DMV said he caused problems, but they never said they had any part in why he caused the problems.

We targets can never get our stories out. No one wants to listen to anything we have to say. And if a target has a problem with anyone, it’s always the target who caused the problem. It’s never the other person, the agency, the store, the doctor.  No, the fault is always with the target.

I bet the Millers were two nice people who never did harm to anyone.  Now, they’re dead and  will  go down in history as two terrorists without anyone hearing their side of the story. The public won’t hear how they were probably harassed 24/7, sprayed with chemicals, mistreated by family, friends, strangers and anyone they came in contact with. The only thing people will hear is that they were terrorists.

There have been so many shootings, I can’t keep track anymore. And I’m sure a lot of them were victims of government harassment. Victims who couldn’t take anymore harassment. They were tired. Tired of living the life they had to live every day of their lives. They decided death was better than the lives they were living. It was time to let go.

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