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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Change the end of any famous story, true or fiction.

Perhaps Darth Vader isn’t Luke’s father.  Or maybe Nixon was never elected President.  Pick any story, true or fiction, from the real world or a book or movie, and change the last few  pages or moments of the story. (I really like this topic. It’s something I’ve thought of many times…if things had been different.)

I always thought that if I wanted to change any story, it would be of John F. Kennedy’s shooting.

President Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, are traveling in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas.  The motorcade is going through the downtown area of Dallas.  Jacqueline Kennedy, who is nine months pregnant, begins to feel labor pains.  She tells her husband she cannot go on.  She’s having labor pains. She tells him  she has to be taken to the  hospital right away.  The baby will be coming any minute.  JFK tells  the FBI to call an ambulance.  The ambulance arrives and both JFK and Jacqueline get into the ambulance.  JFK and Jacqueline arrive at the hospital within five minutes of departure.  Nurses, doctors come from everywhere to help the First Lady get to the delivery room.  JFK remains outside nervously waiting for his new-born son.  Within fifteen minutes of her arrival, Jacqueline gives birth to a healthy baby boy.  JFK is overwhelmed with the arrival of his new son and tells the FBI that the visit for the day in Dallas  is over.  The motorcade with the President and Jacqueline will happen another time.  A few days later, JFK and Jacqueline present the newborn to the nation.  JFK stays  alive.  He finishes his four years in office and is re-elected for another  term in office.

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