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Gang Stalking – Americans, you are not free!

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech (Photo credit: [togr])

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech (Photo credit: [togr])

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech (Photo credit: [togr])

And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your...

English: Civil Liberties in War Times by...

English: “Civil Liberties in War Times by Max Lerner. City Wide Forum. Roosevelt High. Jan 24th 8 p.m. Iowa Art Program WPA.” Color silkscreen poster for a lecture by American journalist and educator Max Lerner (1902-1992) at Roosevelt High, Des Moines, Iowa, showing an armored gauntlet clenched in a fist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m listening to the radio and a professor of civil liberties is on.  He began by saying that America is a great country.  We don’t have to worry about being tortured.  We can buy, buy, if we want.  No one is going to stop us from buying. But he also said freedom comes with responsibility.  That most Americans don’t know what freedom really is.  That it is not about buying and saying and doing what we want. I agree freedom comes with responsibility.   Citizens have to make sure  that the government is not torturing anyone, nor engaging in harassment of citizens. And they have the responsibility of speaking up when they discover other citizens are being tortured.

On this part Americans fall short.  Americans have no problem stepping on other citizens or torturing them.  They’re not being responsible citizens.  It is Americans like this who will cause the freedoms we have to come tumbling down.

It made me angry to hear the professor talk about freedom.  He, also, doesn’t know what freedom is.  If  what is happening to me and others were happening to him, then he would learn what freedom really is.  Right now, I wouldn’t read any book he writes.  Because he’s still stuck on the idea of American being so free.

I know America is not a free country.  Of course, I have a hard time convincing anyone that it is not. For one, no American wants to listen to what I have to say.  They’re too busy believing everything the government tells them.  I’m just one small person in the scheme of things.  I have no importance whatsoever.  And if I’m being tortured by the government, I must deserve it, because after all, the government is good.  The government wouldn’t lie.  How  naïve they all are.  The government does nothing but lie about everything it is doing. It’s constantly pulling the wool over their eyes.

As long as Americas can watch their t.v., play with their IPod, go wherever they want, it doesn’t matter if someone else is not allowed the same rights.  As long as they have their rights, they don’t have time to think about someone else’s problems.  The government will handle everything and keep them safe. And in allowing the government to keep them safe, they allow the government to pass bills to take away rights from American citizens. They never think about the consequences of what the passage of these bills mean.

Americans have to wake up and think about what they’re allowing this country to do to all of us. They can’t sit in front of their t.v.s and do nothing.  One day they are going to wake up from their zombie state and realize that they’re no longer free. That the government is dictating to them what’s they’re allowed to do. And do it and  ask no questions.

Wake up, America.  You are not free!  You just think you are.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree? Explain.

I totally agree 100%.

People today are becoming less social. The computer, iPods, etc., are coming their best friends. We don’t even get enough sunshine anymore. We’re too busy socializing with our virtual friends, ignoring those breathing, flesh-like humans we know. 

Scientists are discovering that people are not getting enough Vitamin D into their bodies.  Vitamin D comes from being out in the sun. Most of us are not even getting the minimum dose of 15 minutes a day.  Why?  Because we’re becoming hermit-like and rarely venture out.   Even when  we venture out, we have an attachment on our bodies, iPad, iPhone, etc.

It used to be we watched television to keep abreast of what was going on in the world.  But all our gadgets have become our news, entertainment,  friend. 

And the children of today who have grown up with all the gadgets will be even more isolated than us.  They’ll want to spend all the time with their gadgets ignoring other humans.   Or  maybe, all the gadgets will have an opposite affect on them.  Maybe technology will become “old stuff” and going out to mingle  with friends will  become a new trend.

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