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Gangstalking video of a Targeted Individual

As they do with all us targets, they screwed driver of car in this video. The video is over an hour long. NE1


Published on Sep 5, 2013
Video of gangstalking, with commentary about who is doing it and why.

Gangstalking video from Tolland, CT.

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Gang Stalking – Customer’s always right…

Young Couple Sleeping

Young Couple Sleeping (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Walk away(Wong Kar-Wai)

Walk away(Wong Kar-Wai) (Photo credit: lo_lozd)

English: real don't tread on me Français : le ...

English: real don’t tread on me Français : le vrai “ne me marche pas dessus” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m  so sick of  all the  nonsense we targets  have to put up with.  Just  trying to type this sentence is sickening.  The hackers keep moving my cursor all over the place.  They keep erasing what I type.  I’d like to see them face to face and really see how brave they are. They’re  probably a bunch of whining little twerps.  Little twerps that I could probably put down very easily.  They hide behind the computer and think they’re so brave.  They think because they have control of my  computer, they have  control over me.  They have control of my computer, but they have no control  over me.

I’m totally sick of the twerps and the perps.  It’s funny.  The words are so similar.

I can’t go anywhere there isn’t a bunch of  perps doing something to me.

The other day, for instance, I had to go to the insurance company because I had a problem with the billing.

I had to go to four different places because none of the companies would give me a direct answer.

I walked into one office and there was a receptionist at the front desk.  As soon as I began speaking with her, two other women immediately came to the  front. One of  the women had a low-cut sweater.  As soon as she saw me, she bent  down and began running her finger up and down the crack  of  her breast. (And she had a smirky smile on her face.)  I  wanted to reach over and shove  her hand right  in her mouth.  But I kept my cool.  And the names I wanted to  call the sluts, I can’t repeat here.

Everything is so funny to these people.  Everything.

Well, I decided I’d had enough of the insurance company.  I  told them to cancel my insurance.  I’ve had  enough of  corporate companies treating us like dirt. They think  they don’t need our business and can just treat us any way they want.  There are a lot of us targets out here and we’re worth money.  Even if the government tells them to treat us like dirt, it doesn’t mean they have to.

I don’t want to tell anyone what to do, but don’t let anyone treat you like you’re a piece of shit.  You’re a decent human being and you should be treated like one.  No one has the right to step on you.  No one has the right to put you down and make themselves feel like they’re superior to you, especially if they’re taking your money. Cut off business with any company  that can’t satisfy your needs, whatever they are.  And don’t  let any company bully you.  If they want your business, let them work to get it, as they do with everybody else.  And if you walk into a company and you’re treated rudely, walk out and tell them why.  We’re the customer and the customer’s always right.

Don’t let them tread on you.  They need us more than we need them. Let them sleep with the government, and I mean that in more ways than one.

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Gang Stalking – A victim of torture will not always stand up for the rights of others.

Pay Phone

Pay Phone (Photo credit: Kichigai Mentat)

Civil Rights, Civil Means

Civil Rights, Civil Means (Photo credit: Village Square)

insurance broker

insurance broker (Photo credit: Elva Keaton)

I had to call an insurance company to get insurance.  The complex where I live requires tenants  have insurance.   I don’t really need insurance.  I own absolutely nothing of value.  If I did, the perps would steal or rip it apart.

I had to go to the public pay phone to make  the call to the insurance company.  I have  a phone, but I can only make emergency calls, or if my phone works,  it’s disconnected constantly by the hackers.

So I don’t even bother with my phone. I don’t want to end up with ulcers.

I went to the public  pay phone by 7-11. This is about the only phone left I can use.  All the others don’t work, or disconnect me after a few minutes.

I got in touch with the insurance company and was talking with the agent when I noticed someone standing by listening to my conversation and taking photos of me.  I took out my phone and began taping the person.  He saw me doing to him what he was doing to me and got angry.

He said, “Are you taking pictures of me?”  I  replied, “I’m just doing what you’re doing.”

“You better stop taking pictures of me,” he said.

He got on his phone and began to dial 911.

I said, “You’re outside. I can take photos of  you; you’re out in public. And when someone is out in public, he has no privacy rights.”

As I was speaking a woman came out.  He immediately began complaining to the woman that I was taking pictures of him. She didn’t say anything and took out her camera to tape me.

They walked away, and then about a minute later, they both returned.  She took pictures of me, and he said, “You’re crazy. You’re crazy.”   They stood looking at me, trying to get a reaction out of me.

While the woman took photos, I posed for her in a model-like way.

They  both got angry  that they weren’t getting to me, so the man walked over and clicked my call off.

I told the man to get away from me.  And he’d better pay me for the money I put in the phone.  He answered, “That’s my money? I said, “Your money?  How’s that your money?”   “It’s my money,” he replied.

I got angry and told him to get away from me.

The man was extremely girlish.  A gay man.

And you’re probably wondering what gay has to do with anything.

Well, here was a man who probably’s been harassed his whole life, but he was harassing me.  He did not think it was wrong for him to perp me.

Which proves that just because someone has been a victim of torture that he’s not going to become a torturer of someone else.

It makes me angry that people like him and others who’ve suffered think nothing of going after us targets.

All my life I’ve fought for gay rights, civil rights for all people, and when it comes time for these people to step up and fight for the rights of others, they’re nowhere to be  seen.

From now on, all I’m care about  is my rights and the rights of other targets.

All those other people have others fighting for them, but no one is fighting for us targets.

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