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Gang Stalking – I’ve now become like a jungle cat.

This have something with gang stalking, but it’s funny.  I went to the store and bought myself one of those things that look like a donut. Women use it in their hair to make a bun. I was in no way going to wear a bun, but I knew a lot of zombie women would start wearing a  bun.  And sure enough, there are women in Las Vegas walking around wearing a bun on top of their head.  Today, when I walked into the library, a woman sat at the  computer with one of those bun things on top of her  head. I could not contain  my laughter. I began laughing out loud.  Monkey  see, monkey do. Apologies to all monkeys.

Well, anyway, enough about the bun. But I’m still laughing while typing this.

You know, I’m getting really good with my instincts. I’ve always had good instincts, but now it’s beyond good instincts.  I’ve become like a jungle cat.  I no longer have to watch out for perps, instinctly, I make a right/left turn without thinking about it.  It just happens, especially when I’m walk through the parking lot to avoid parked perps.  Now they know that I walk through the lot, so they sit in their cars waiting for me to come by so they can hop out and slam their car door. But my body knows they’re sitting in their car and will automatically make a right/left turn. This happens all the time. I make an immediate right/left and someone will invariably hop out of his/her car. I noticed this about 3 weeks ago. I kept turning when my aim was to go straight ahead. My body knew better and made a right/left turn. So I no longer worry about some perp hiding behind a sign, tree, car, corner, my body warns me.

If you’ve ever watched one of those films about animals in the jungle, they show a tiger, lion, buffalo, or some other animal, suddenly come to a stop, or make a sudden right/left turn, that’s the way my body reacts now. My body knows that I’m in a jungle surrounded by perpetrators  and warns me of danger ahead. My body has become more “animalistic”. I can now walk for a longer stretch of time, go longer distances without getting tired.  I’ve become like a Geiger counter and know what’s ahead before I know what’s happening. It’s a good thing. I now know if there’s danger somewhere, I will definitely know ahead of time.  It’s made my life a lot easier. All the walking that I do has paid off.

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Gang Stalking – Taking a chance on family.

Christmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nis...

Christmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nisser”, Father Christmas, snow men, hearts and gold. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rust Craft, circa 1950

Rust Craft, circa 1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world's first commercially produced Christ...

The world’s first commercially produced Christmas card, designed by John Callcott Horsley for Henry Cole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I decided to send Christmas cards to members of my family who I know haven’t done anything to me.  I’ve had no contact with any of my family for three years.  I don’t  know  anything about what’s going on in their lives, but since every member of  my family I had contact with stalked me, I didn’t trust anyone in my family.  So I stayed away from all of them.  I was afraid to find out if the ones who hadn’t stalked me were in on it.  And I rather have my suspicion than to actually find out they   are gang stalkers, too.

None of my family knows whether I’m dead or alive.  I haven’t contacted them by phone, IM, mail, or visited them.  And I don’t know anything about how their life is going.  I don’t know if  they’re sick, alone, need help, doing well,  happy.  For all I know, something bad could have happened to one of them.

I finally decided to get in touch with them and really find out what the truth is about the rest of my family.  The last member of my family I had contact with was my oldest sister.  I spoke with her on the phone and I told her about my gang stalking.  She told me she believed me, but  my other sisters said exactly the same thing and then stalked me.  My sister told me to come back home to N.Y. and she would help me, but my instincts told me not to trust her.  So I followed my instincts.  My instincts are always right on.

My older sister has always watched out for me, and I’ve missed her in my life.  I was always the pesky younger sister. But I always thought very highly of my sister and admire her.  I feel I have to judge her on how she’s treated me my whole life, instead of  judging her for what the rest of the family did to me.

So I’ve thrown caution to the wind and decided to give everyone who I know hasn’t stalked me, a chance to show me what they’re all about.  I’ve contacted every one of my family members to find out the truth about them.  I want to know the truth.

If it turns out, they’re also gang stalkers, I’ve lost nothing.  If I find out, they’re on my side, then, at least, I’ll know and can have a  family again.

I know the gang stalking will still continue, but I’ll have part of the family on my side.   At least, I’ll have someone to talk with, someone to spend holidays with.

It’s been very lonely not having a family. It’s been very painful not to  have contact with any of my family. That’s what I’ve missed most.  The warmth of a family.

Maybe something good will happen  after I hear from them.  I can only hope.  Life is all about hope.  I have to take a chance on my family and  hope for the best.

WordPress “thank you” for the snowflakes. Love them.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Miss your exit, don’t worry, there’s something you need to learn.

Did you ever take a long car ride looking for a place?  Let’s say you were on an expressway and you were to get off at a certain exit.  Somehow, you miss the exit.  Or let’s imagine you get on the bus.  You sit down, get really interested in an article you’re reading and miss your stop.  Or you’re walking around looking for a certain address, and end up at the right number, but not the right street.  You start to berate yourself for doing all the above.  You get angry at your stupidity, and ask yourself how you could be so out of it.

I’m sure everyone reading this blog has had the experiences listed above.  I know the bus thing always happens to me.  I’ll find myself ten minutes away from where I was supposed to get off.  And then I’ll have to walk back to where I was to get off.

I’m listing all the experiences above because to me getting lost is something good.  I know most of you don’t think the same way.  But I’ve learned something from missing my bus stop.   Or not getting off at the right exit.

Every time I’ve gotten lost, I’ve discovered something that I was meant to know.

For instance, I got off at the wrong bus stop one day.  As I was walking, a man stopped me to ask me something.  We began to talk and he said something that answered a question I was seeking an answer to.  Another time, I found a store I had not been able to find.  One time my sister and I went house hunting.  We were to make a right, but instead made a left.  As she turned to the left, her dream house greeted her.  If we hadn’t turned left, she never would have found the house.

So today, I took the bus to the post office.  On my way back, I asked myself if I wanted to take the bus, I had a bus pass, or walk.  Something told me to walk.  So I began to walk.  As I was walking, out of the corner of my eye, I could feel someone watching me.  I turned to my left,  saw one of the perps who used to harass me in the library.  He quickly turned and made believe he didn’t see me.  I kept watching him.  I saw him go into the garbage container and look for bottles.  He was carrying two plastic bags of bottles.  He seemed down and out.  He looked as if he hadn’t taken a shower in a while.  When he was harassing me in the library, he was clean and well-groomed.  And now to see him in the condition he was in gave me a smug feeling.  He was getting back what he put out to the world.

I continued walking toward home.  It was a nice day, and I was enjoying the gorgeous weather and that there weren’t too many perps harassing me.  The Thanksgiving holiday made the streets look empty, but for me it was nirvana.  No perps.

As I got closer to home, I saw a bus stop.  As I passed the bus bench, another perp, who also harassed me in the library, said hello to me.  He, too, seemed not to be doing too well.  He was waiting for the bus to come. At one time he had a car.  Now no car.  And he looked as if he was homeless.  Again, he got back what he put out into the world.

If I had taken the bus, I wouldn’t have seen either of the perps.  So by following my instincts, I found that life was getting even with both.

So what I’m trying to say, is,  if you get lost, don’t get angry.  Getting lost is a way of find something you’re looking for.  This has always been true with me every time I get lost.  I find something I’ve been looking for.  So next time you miss your exit, or get off at the wrong bus stop, don’t fret, there’s something that you need to learn about yourself, or you’ll get an answer to a question that’s been puzzling you.  Think about it.  You’ll find that it’s true what I’ve written.

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