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Gang Stalking – How about marching in front of White House naked?

English: World Naked Bike Ride participants at...

English: World Naked Bike Ride participants at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: South façade of the White House, the ...

English: South façade of the White House, the executive mansion of the President of the United States, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Español: Fachada sur de la Casa Blanca, la residencia oficial del Presidente de los Estados Unidos, situado en 1600 Avenida Pennsylvania en Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought  the things  they were doing to my  computer before were bad, but it’s getting worse now.  I can’t even see my Reader, etc. on WordPress anymore.  All I get is titles and nothing else. I don’t even think I’m on my computer.  The hackers have remotely taken control of my computer.  I notice when I put my computer on, it doesn’t go on right away. It takes about three minutes for the machine to go on.  It takes that long because I have to  connect the  b’s.

As I wrote before, why do they have to hack me?  There’s nothing they can’t see.  All they have to do is go to my blog and the hackers can see everything I’ve typed.  Maybe the idiots think I’m sending secret messages to China or North Korea?  Or maybe Russia? Ooh, bad girl am I.  I’m a spy.

I’ll repeat this again.  What a bunch of idiots!  This is our money that the government is paying these idiots to spy on us.  It reminds me of those old movies where the cops ran into each other and beat up on each other instead of  the bad guys.  A comedy full of idiots.

It’s too bad if I’ve hurt their feelings lately.  I’ve called them a lot of names.  Names they deserve.  I’m calling them names for all of us targets.  When I call them idiots, I do it in my name and all those targets out there who can’t.

Every time I hear the U.S. is free, it turns my  stomach.  All of us targets are going through hell and we can’t get anyone to listen to us.

I don’t know what it will take to open up people’s eye.  Maybe we women (men, too) should march in front of the White House naked?   I’m sure we’d get a lot  of  attention.  This is being done by women overseas and they’ve gotten a  lot of attention.
(The hackers changed my letter style. Notice the difference in the writing? But I’m not going to change it. I’m leaving it as it is).

Yeah, we targets should be proud to be living in the great, free U.S.A.

(Now they’ve switched my writing style again. I knew they would once I mentioned it.  See, I did nothing, problem solved. I didn’t have to do anything.  And I’m sure they’re going to change the letter style again when I finish this blog.)

Who’s for marching in front of the White House naked?  I mean it!

I’m sure we would be arrested and then we can tell the news people our side of the story.  Or, knowing how puritanical the Republicans are, we’d find ourselves in a prison cell.  Either way, we’d get attention.

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Gang Stalking – The thug squad – go straight to hell!


SEX (Photo credit: je@n)

Idiots v. Spastics E.P.

Idiots v. Spastics E.P. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Idiots in the Machine

The idiots!  How  I absolutely, absolutely hate the idiots who haunt us every day.  I hate, hate, hate them all.  If hate could kill someone they’d be dead, that’s how much I hate the idiots.

It’s just sickening that we have to put up with all this nonsense.  None of us have done anything!  But, yet, we have to put up with our lives being disrupted every minute of the day.  How I would like to disrupt their lives and drive them crazy.  I’d like to put poison in their food, as they do to us, steal their food, hit them with electricity, just totally do everything back to them that they do to us. I’d like to watch they go to the bathroom and see them wipe their fat asses!  I’d like to see them early in the morning taking a shower and seeing how awful they look early in the morning. I’d like to follow them everywhere they go and turn people against them.  I’d like to watch them having the awful sex that I’m sure they have, because I’m sure the sex they have is awful.   Who the hell would want to have sex with any of them?  I’m sure no one!  They probably have to beg to have sex with their wives, girlfriends, partners.

They’re the lowest forms of humanity.  I’m surprised they can still walk on two legs.  They’re so inhuman that monkeys, gorillas have more humanity.  They all belong in a cage with bars.  Every day, people would come by to watch them in their cages.  And we targets would come by and zap, zap, zap them into hell.

If I sound angry, I am. I’m sick of the bastards and every thing they do to me.  Some day, the bastards will get everything they’ve done to us targets.  Their judgment day will come, and I’m sure I know where they going to end up.

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Gang Stalking – Targets do your best to let others know about gang stalking.

Poster recognizing diversity in the USMC

Poster recognizing diversity in the USMC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Reverse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Image via CrunchBase

Today when I went out, the man in the wheelchair was not around, but on my return home, the first one I see, the man in the wheelchair.  And he had his chair turned diagonally left so I couldn’t pass.  I  was not planning to go where he was sitting, but I decided nobody is going to prevent me from going where I want.  I headed in the direction of where he had his wheelchair and quickly took out my camera.   He saw my camera and took off as quickly as he could.  I  never saw him move so fast.  He didn’t want me to videotape him.  These gang stalkers are sure afraid of a little camera.  Why is that?  If they’re not doing anything, why are they so afraid?  The man didn’t even need help getting into his apartment.  He just zoomed into it.   Now I know if I want to get rid of him, all I have to do is take my camera out.  And off he’ll slink.

I put a sign in my window.  I’m going to do everything in my power to make  people aware  about gang stalking.  Even though I write a blog, there are still a  lot of people who don’t know anything about gang stalking.  The sign I put in the window says: For Sale: Very evil people.  These people will try to drive any one you want crazy. They will follow your target 24/7, harass them and make their life as miserable as possible.  No experience required – just be evil.  To ask about job:  See U.S. Government.  I love the sign and no one is going to make me take it down.  Let the people in the office try.

I got the idea of putting the sign in the window from a $10 bill that was given to me as change.  The $10 bill had something written on it.  I thought it was something some idiot wrote.  But I was very surprised when the bill read:  The Intel Hub.com, Infowars.com, Educate yourself.org., Gangstalking world.com.  All these sites I’m very familiar with, especially Gangstalking world.  On the $10 bill, it also had something that said Navy Swastika – Blue Box.  The last one I’ve never heard of.  I don’t know if it’s a site I want to go to.  It might be one of those hate sites full of people talking about how they hate blacks, Hispanics and Asians.  If I go into it, I might get deluge of hate groups sending me messages.  But whoever thought of writing about gang stalking on a $10 bill is very smart.  It’s a good way to get the word out about gang stalking.  From on now, on all my bills, I’m going to write something about gang stalking.  I think I’ll put my blogging name on the bills.  What better way to advertise? Of course, I might get a lot of weird people responding to my blog, but it can’t be any worse than some of the loonies who have written to me after  finding the information on Google.  So if you’re a target, you can do the same thing.  Put information on your bills about gang stalking.  Let’s get the word out.  Let the whole world know what’s going on.  Or think of some way you can get the word out to people.  We have to do more to stop this disease of gang stalking.

Oh, forget everything I wrote about writing on bills; it is illegal to deface U.S. money.

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Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers…a laugh a minute.

Person using cell phone while driving.

Image via Wikipedia

National Security Agency Seal

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Everything  I just typed erased,  so I’ll start again.

I live in a complex that has a husband and wife team running it.  These two people seem to have nothing to do, but watch me.  It makes them feel very important.  You should see them.  They look so ridiculous!  Anytime I leave my apartment, the two of them pop up, or one of them will pop up.  They seem to have absolutely nothing to do with their life.  I think I must add some excitement to it.  What would they do if I were to disappear?  Their importance of themselves would disappear, of course.  They feel very important following me around non-stop.  She works in the office, and keeps tracks of everything I do.  She also writes a report on what I do every day.  Of course, this important information goes to the government.  Important information, like I’ve told someone off, or I’ve carried home a piece of bread that looks like a bat.  A bat is very dangerous for me to have, don’t you know?  Or I’ve taken the bus out of the complex.  Really, really important information.  National security is at stake!

You should see how they look.  They always come rushing toward me.  She’s always leading, of  course.  And then she’ll say, “Hi, Miss Gladys.”  Or she’ll said, “Hi, Gladys.”  This is said in such a phony voice that I want to laugh.  I never respond.  I just look at them and want to laugh; they look so ridiculous.  But I put on a very stern face.  I don’t want them to think that I’m having fun at their expense.  It’s just too laughable.

Then there are the idiots who always come out when I get my mail.   The same people always have to get their mail the same time I do.  They come rushing out to annoy me, of course.  And I stand and watch their stupid faces.  Again, they look so self-important.  National security at stake again.

Every time I leave my apartment, there’ll be some idiot who’ll be on his cell phone , of course, wearing an outfit similar to what I’ve began wearing, trying to get my location.  They can find where I am by putting a code into their phone cell. Once they find my location, they’ll turn the cell phone toward where I am to draw electricity to my body.  And, of course, aways looking self-important.  National security at stake again.

Oh, I forgot the idiot who controls my computer.  As I stated before, I paid for the computer, but it’s owned by the government.  The idiot lives 7 apartments from me and is always watching me.  He always looks like he’s going to have a heart attack:  I’m going out, he won’t know what I’m up to.  It’s heart attack time.  I might just do something bad, and he won’t be around to see me do it.  Oh,no!  He won’t get credit for apprehending me.  National security at stake again.

There are a lot of idiots I have to put up with every single day.  And all of them make me laugh.  They all look so ridiculous!

My life, at this point, would make a good comedy.  I have to deal with so many idiots.  It’s a good thing I can make a joke of the idiotic things I have to put up with, otherwise, I’d cry.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Would you ever throw food at someone?

Rupert Murdoch,  as part of an investigation at one of his newspapers, was attacked in the  courtroom by someone wielding a custard pie. Historically, people used to throw food at other  people as  a sign of protest, particularly eggs and tomatoes?   Would you ever throw food at anyone? Perhaps in a college dorm food fight? Or have you ever had food thrown at you? Tell the first story that comes to mind.

Yes.  I’ve thrown food at someone in my life.   I was in 8th grade.  A girl who bullied everyone in school especially liked to go after me.  One day she made a remark to me, which I did not like.  Usually, I stood there and just looked at her with a vacant look.  I never responded, though other students did .  I never responded because I thought she was such an idiot and  didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of letting her  know she annoyed me.   Well, I’d finally had enough of her.  I was eating an orange.  I took the orange and stuck it in her face.  Everybody gasped!  Everybody thought I was in for it.  I stepped back and told her never, ever  to mess with me again.  Well, guess what?  She began to cry.  All the students began to laugh.  From that day  forward, she never bothered me or anyone else.  She kept to herself and eventually transferred to another school.  Basically, bullies are cowards and if  someone doesn’t put them in their place, they continue to be bullies.  I learned a good lesson that day.

I became a  popular  girl for a while, but eventually everything returned to  normal.  But no one from  that day on messed with me!  Oh, I did get punished, though.  I had to serve a whole month of detention.  Detention meant that I had to spend an hour after the  school day was done  sitting in the gym thinking about what I did.

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