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Gang Stalking – In a psychological war to stay sane.

good versus evil

good versus evil (Photo credit: miss_millions)

Laws of Psychological Warfare

Laws of Psychological Warfare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cordwainer Smith

Cordwainer Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All day long, some idiot has run back and forth in front of my apartment.  “It” sounds like a herd of elephants. I’m no longer going to call someone he/she.  I’m going to call them “it”.  No female or male i.d.  Most of these sub-humans don’t deserve to have anything identifying them as human, and to call someone he/she is to identify them as human.  So from now on, all perps will be known as “it.”

The “Its” are really acting up lately.  Last night one of them pounded on my door. Of course, I didn’t bother to answer. I wasn’t doing anything and whatever they had to say to me I had no desire to hear.

There are religious people who believe in devils.  I do believe in devils, but not in a religious way.  To me, all the devils are here on earth.  They’re walking around right next to you and me.  These devils are the people who make every day a miserable experience for us.  Don’t these people have a conscience?  Every day they get up and spend their day thinking how much more miserable they can make our existence.  They think that all of us are worthless human beings to be treated any way they feel like treating us.  I always wonder what kind of people these are?  What made them the way they are?  How can anyone treat someone else the way they treat us?

My conscience would not let me treat someone the way I’m treated.  I’ll admit I defend myself and find myself doing things that I would not have done in million years.  I find myself feeling  guilty for doing it. But I realize I’m fighting devils, so all’s fair in war, as the saying goes.  And believe me, we’re fighting a war.  A war to take our dignity from us.  A war to make us homeless.  A war to strip us of  everything we own.  A war to turn our families against us.  A war to make us into zombies by trying to make  us take pills forced on us by doctors.

We are in a psychological war to stay sane.

The devils will do everything in their power to win.  It’s good versus evil.  And evil they all are.  They have no souls.

In the end, good will win. I have to believe good will win, otherwise, there’s no hope for the world. Hopefully, we’ll have the last laugh.

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Gang Stalking – Less government: a more peaceful world.

"The World Cannot Live Half Slave, Half F...

“The World Cannot Live Half Slave, Half Free.” (adaptation of a quote from Lincoln’s “House Divided” speech). Anti-German propaganda poster, claiming to echo a quote by Kaiser Wilhelm II. “While Germany dreams of dominating the world by force, there can be no peace.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The ethnic groups of Austria-Hungary ...

English: The ethnic groups of Austria-Hungary in 1910. Based on “Distribution of Races in Austria-Hungary” from the Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1911, File:Austria_hungary_1911.jpg. The city names were changed to those in use since 1945. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The western front of the United States Capitol...

The western front of the United States Capitol. The Capitol serves as the seat of government for the United States Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government. It is located in Washington, D.C., on top of Capitol Hill at the east end of the National Mall. The building is marked by its central dome above a rotunda and two wings. It is an exemplar of the Neoclassical architecture style. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Selmo Cikotic, defense minister of Bosnia-Herz...

Selmo Cikotic, defense minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and U.S. Ambassador Douglas L. McElhaney, shake hands after signing documents marking the formal turnover of Eagle Base from the United States to the government of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Bosnia June 30, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It happened in German.  It happened in Bosnia.  It happened in Hungary.  It’s now happening in Syria and the U.S.  I’m talking about how holocausts began.  Because,  in my opinion, Germany wasn’t the only country where a holocaust occurred. And I didn’t name all the countries in which it has happened.  I don’t think I have the room to state them all.  And the way the holocausts  began are the same.  It began with government turning citizens against each other.  A whispering campaign against one neighbor and then another and another and another.  Before  people discovered what was really happening, they also were part of the government’s whispering campaign.  When they looked to others for help, there was no one left to help.  A lot were put in prisons, tortured, under house arrest, or killed.  What’s happening to us targets is not new.  It’s been going on for millenniums.  Since the beginning of man.  If we look back in history, there’s proof of what went on about  people considered “undesirables.”   The people were not of the right race, class, color, ethnic origin, religion, etc.

The difference between the past and present  is that we are  a lot more aware of  what’s happened in the past.  But our brains, in my opinion, are still very much undeveloped when it comes to feeling empathy for others.  We still are very uncivilized in the way we think about other groups who are not the same color, religion, race, etc.  We don’t see each other as part of each other’s humanity.  We’re still single mindedly focused on only what’s best for our group and feel that the other group doesn’t matter.

But we have to change our way of thinking.  We have to change our mind-set because every human being matters.   What’s done to someone in another group can happen to us.  That no matter our race or color, we’re all in this world together. We have to stop governments from pitting us each other.  We, the people, should have the last say in what happens to all us.  We can’t let the government make rules to keep us apart.  When the government pits us against each other that’s when holocausts happen.  And if  we don’t learn this lesson, there will a lot more holocausts to come in the future.  We have to resist the government’s interference in our lives.  We have to learn to live with a lot less government in our lives.  The less government, the less control they have over all of us.  And the better the world will become.  The government only cares about how much control they can have over us.  We have to learn to be more self-sufficient and lean on government a lot less.  When we learn to turn to each other for help, then the government won’t have as much power as it now has.   And it won’t have the power to turn us against each other,  as it now does.  Perhaps, then, there will be peace in the world.

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Gang Stalking – Don’t put up with anyone’s rude behavior.

Albertsons on Northwest Hwy in Dallas, TX

Honey Chicken

Honey Chicken (Photo credit: barron)

Albertsons Weekly Ad 4-18-2012 through 4-24-20...

Albertsons Weekly Ad 4-18-2012 through 4-24-2012 Page 1 (Photo credit: Hotcouponworld.com)

I know targets who have been targeted for many years.  Some, 12, 15, 21 years.  I don’t know how anybody can put up with the garbage we have to put up with for so many years.  I’ve been a target going on 4 years.  And the almost 4 years have been hell on earth.  So I have to say I admire anyone who has had to put with all the bullshit for so long and is still around to tell about it.  So what we targets are going through is nothing new.  This targeting thing has gone on for a long time, before 9/11.  I heard of targets who have had three to four generations of their families suffering the same fate.  How does this happen?  How does  the government get away with targeting people for three, four generations.  It is disgusting.  How does it do it?

I told you about the problems I’ve had at Albertsons, the supermarket.  Every time I went into the store, the people who work there were always rude, or what I ordered was just a mess.  So one day I decided I’d had enough of the rudeness and gave the company my feedback.

Since that time, I’m surprised at how helpful everyone is.  I know it’s a phony nice, but I know they’ve been told to do a better job dealing with customers.  Today was a perfect example of the turnaround.

I went into Albertsons to buy some chicken breast. After buying the meat, I went to the register to pay.  As the cashier rang up my order, he asked me if  I wanted another order of chicken breast.  I responded no.  He said, “You get  another order for free.  Don’t you want it?”  I really didn’t pay attention to what it said on the package.  I was too busy inspecting the meat to make sure it wasn’t bad.  I replied, “Sure I do. I’ll go get another one.”   He said, “Oh, no, I’ll go get it for you.  You stay right there.”  Well, he could have knocked me over!  He went all the way back to the meat section, which took a total of about 8 minutes, to get the meat.  I couldn’t believe it.  And I still don’t believe it.  And he  even called me attractive.  It’s been a long time since anyone’s  called me attractive.  With gang stalking, all women are treated as if they have a disease.  And most of us are made to feel as if we look like monsters.  I don’t know why he was so nice to me, but I decided I’m not going to question his motives.  Maybe he was just being a nice man.   A very nice man.

Any time we targets get treated rudely, we should not let it pass.   We  deserve to be treated like  human beings.  And we should complain to whomever is in charge.  And if that person doesn’t do anything to help, go over his/her head.  And keep complaining until something is done.  If we accept rude behavior, that’s what we’ll continue to get.  Only by speaking up to be treated with respect will we get it.  We don’t deserve anything less.  We spend our hard-earned money in these places, and we should not have to put up with anyone’s bad behavior.  The other day, I walked out of a place that was treating me as if I was going to steal everything in it.  As I walked away, I said, “You just lost my business.”  And returned everything to the cashier. If they want my business, they’re going to have to do a better job of keeping me in the store.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Who is your favorite parent?

I don’t have a favorite parent.  I loved them both.  I can’t say that my parents were perfect, because they were far from perfect.  They were just two human beings doing they best with what life dealt them.

I loved my father in a different way than I loved my mother.  My father was the one who went out to work, and brought home the bacon. If it  hadn’t been for him, my mother would have been out working.  I remember being a little girl and getting excited about my father coming home from work.  It made my day.

My mother stayed home, took care of the family and made sure the world was a safe place for all of us.  She cooked, cleaned, took us to school, and listened to our problems.  She made sure my father ate and stayed healthy.

So I can’t say I have a favorite parent.  They were my parents.  I accepted them as they were.  And best of all, they accepted me as I am.

Countdown: 123 blogs to write.

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