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Gang Stalking – Maybe beautiful horses will appear.

Pit Bull Puppy

Pit Bull Puppy (Photo credit: http://www.petsadviser.com)

Beautiful Autumn Horse

Beautiful Autumn Horse (Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna)

This morning.

pink poodle

pink poodle (Photo credit: katiew)

I’ve come out to the walkway in front of my apartment.  Pretty soon, it’ll be lights, camera, action!

Here comes the first actor.

Every time I come out of my apartment, the woman in apartment 104 has to do her laundry.  She comes out of her apartment carrying a basket full of laundry.  How much clothes does she have? It’s only her and the cat.

Here comes the second actor.

The guy in apartment 106 comes out when I’m standing by my railing.   He rides his bike in circles in front of me. He’s going around and around and around.  Every once in a while he’ll look up to see if I’m still standing outside.

Actor number three.

This lady lives in apartment 203. There a stairway and a dumpster right next to her apartment, but she has to walk by my apartment, make a u-turn and walk to the dumpster by her.

And actors four, five, six, seven, eight, etc.

Here comes the Las Vegas Dog Show.  This is a new thing.  No one in Las Vegas ever walked his dog.  But now everyone does. The dog walking began after I made a remark about not liking pit bulls too much.  It began with people walking around with pit bulls when they saw me, now it’s turned into a show with all kinds of dogs.

Yap, yap goes the little black dog. This little dog alway yaps at me non-stop and gives me dirty looks.

There’s the dog of indeterminate heritage. I can’t figure out what the dog is.  The dog belongs to the lady in 109.

Oh, there’s princess.  This poodle does not think she’s a dog.  She walks around like a princess. Her slave does whatever princess wants her to do.  And lots of tongue-kissing between the two, especially the woman. To each his own. Yuck!

And now the cars start roaring by at a high-speed.  The people driving make sure they gun the engine.

And out pops the man next door. This man has the look of someone who is not too intelligent. He makes me wonder if he has a brain.

Time for me to disappear into my apartment.

Return to the railing in three minutes. Not a soul in sight.

But here comes the laundry lady again.  She’s going to get her laundry now.

Oh, here comes the pit bull. Time for me to go in.  My day’s complete.

You know, I absolutely love horses.  I’ll mention horses next time I’m around a perp, maybe beautiful horses will begin appearing.

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