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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Who do you know that deserves a peace prize?

The 2011 Nobel peace prize was recently awarded to Tawakkul Karman, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Leyman Gbowee of Liberia, all leaders in their respective countries for promoting civil rights.

For today’s topic, consider a local peace prize  for your workplace, town or your community.  Who in your  daily world deserves to be recognized for promoting peace and goodwill?

If you can’t think of someone you know today, was there someone who comes to mind?

I thought and thought of someone I can recognize for promoting peace and goodwill.  I have not run into anyone lately who fits that description.  I’ve met nothing but mean and uncaring people in the last few years.  There’s been very little kindness shown toward me.  I’ve tried to get help for my gang stalking problem, but no one will even listen.  If I had met someone who showed an iota of kindness toward me, that is the person I would choose to recognize as someone promoting peace and goodwill.  But no one deserves this prize.  Maybe the homeless man I wrote about in my blog.  The homeless man who put a smile on my face.  Yes, that’s who I would choose.  The homeless man who showed kindness toward me.  He was homeless, had nowhere to sleep, but, yet, he was a gentleman to me.    Maybe that’s why he was homeless, too sensitive for today’s world.  So the Nobel peace prize would go to the homeless man who gave me flowers and put a smile on my face.  I’m still feeling his kindness.  Every time I see a flower, I think of him. And I’m able to smile.

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Gang Stalking – A homeless man put a smile on my face.

Today,  I ran into a homeless man who put a big smile on my face. I was coming out of a restaurant and a homeless man asked me if I wanted to buy a discount ticket to a nearby restaurant.  I replied, “No, thanks.” He told me, “You can have it for a dollar.”  I still said “no thanks.”   I left him and headed to the bus stop.  While waiting at the bus stop, the homeless man passed by me.  I saw him stop to smell some flowers.  As I looked at him, I could see him look around trying to find money.  He looked really hungary.  So I called to him and asked, “Are  you trying to get something to eat?” He headed back toward me and answered,”Yes, I’m trying to get something to eat.”   I didn’t know if I had any money, because I never carry any.   I always use my debit card to buy everything.  So I dug into my purse.  I came up with a dollar and  gave it to him.  He said thank you and hesitated.  I realized with just a dollar  he  couldn’t get  much of anything.  So, I kept digging into my purse.  I came up with a total of .86 cents.  He seemed satisfied and thanked me profusely.  He told me his name, Sebastian,  and walked away.  I watched  as he walked away and wondered what  had happened to him that caused his homelessness.  I turned to my left to see if the bus was coming.  I felt  someone on my right and turned to look.  It was the homeless man again.  He said, “Here, these are for you.”  He handed me a bouquet of flowers and hugged me.  I took a really good look at him.  A really good  look!  He was a very handsome man, and the suntan he had, brought out his very blue eyes.  He walked away leaving me with a feeling that even a homeless man can give someone a gift.  He left me with a smile  on my face.  And I’m still smiling.