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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What would cause you to protest or riot?

Background: Last night riots broke out in Vancouver, after their hockey team lost in the NFL finals. Many people have criticized the people and the city for being so destructive over a sport. But people are very passionate about sports. What are you passionate enough about to take part in a protest? Or a riot? Or is there nothing at all?

I saw the rioters throwing over cars and burning them.  It really surprised me.  I’ve always thought of Canadians as very civilized people.  I’ve visited Montreal, the Laurentians, St.Lawrence, and the Canadian side of Horseshoe Falls.  I found Canadians very friendly and gracious people. So I find it very puzzling that rioting would happen over a game.  I noticed most of the protesters were young.

I would never riot over a sports team I liked losing a game.  I might riot if I were about to lose my freedom.  I haven’t rioted but I’ve stood on street corners with a sign telling people about gang stalking and what the government is doing to me and other targeted people.  I’ve  handed out flyers also mentioning what the government is doing to me.  I’ve  tried to get T.I.s to tweet all at once and get people’s attention, but no one would join in. I’ve  tried to start a march in Washington, D.C. and get the attention of television cameras and the people.  It worked with the Civil Rights movement, why not for us T.I.s?  The T.I.s are always complaining about what the government is doing to them, but they never want to get involved in protesting.

I would definitely protest if I could find other T.I.s to join me in protesting the government’s harassment of its people.  And I haven’t given up trying.  I am willing to end  up in jail if I can  get  someone with some power in television or the government to notice me and start an investigation.  The harassment by the lowlifes has to stop!

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