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Gang Stalking – Thank God those days of women fainting are over.

I decided I needed to rest for a day, so I took a day off from everything. I didn’t clean, cooked something from a package, and rested by reading a book. One of those Austen books. Have times changed for women? I don’t know  if we’re worse off today or not. It seems there’s not been much improvement in how women live. But thank God those days of women always fainting are over!

Anyway, to get back to how my day went.

At about 10:30 a.m., the electronic hitting began. I got hit from every direction, south, north, west, east. I got hit in my face, teeth, knees, stomach, etc. Any body part that you can think of got hit.  I was getting hit from the west really hard so I decided to go out and see who was doing it. As soon as I stepped on the walkway, a woman in a black car from across the street backed up and made a U-turn and took off like lightning. I’m surprised she didn’t run someone over. Then my instincts told me to go right. I went right. And there was the man who’s always outside in the morning waiting for me to come out.  This man looks like a billy-goat. He has one of those beards that resemble a goat’s. He was sitting on the wall looking toward my apartment. He didn’t know I was coming and looked very surprised. Well, I got my gadget out and hit him back. He made believe he was feeling nothing, but I could see him moving his fingers around trying not to seem as if he was hurting. I hadn’t locked my door and  suddenly felt I had to leave and go check my door. My door was open.  It’s amazing the instincts  I’ve developed dealing with the devils.

I went back into my apartment and the hitting began again. It was coming from the idiot upstairs, downstairs, diagonally across from me. From everywhere. They weren’t going to leave me alone for the rest of the day. They were going to make sure I didn’t rest. And for the rest of the day that’s what went on. Non-stop electronic hitting from everywhere.  These people are like rats and roaches. They only come out when no one’s around. They don’t have the guts to look someone in the eye and face them. So all day, I had to protect myself rom the rats and the roaches. I didn’t get one bit of rest. And the night was even worse.  But I won’t go into every detail because if I do, they’ll only make my life worse. And believe me, my life can’t get any worse, or maybe it can?

These sub-humans really need to get a dose of their own medicine.  But, of course, they always go running to their monitors and tell them what I’ve done and that they can’t get to me. And the monitor always comes up with a new plan to make my life even more miserable. And the babies go back to feeling smug. But it doesn’t last for too long, because I always have a back up plan.

Ahh, poor, poor babies. I guess they need their mommies around to protect them. They can’t do it themselves.

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Gang Stalking – I do unto others as they do unto me.

Fun with an Argon-ion and a He-Ne laser. Most ...

Fun with an Argon-ion and a He-Ne laser. Most of these photos are from around 2000-2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lasers (Photo credit: dmuth)

I have no water tonight. Every day it’s something else. Every week, they turn off my water almost all day, and then usually turn it on at 5 p.m. Today the water was on long enough for me to take a shower and then it went off.  But it didn’t go back on at  5 p.m.  So  I can’t use the toilet. No water, no toilet. This is always happening. I bet I’m the only one whose water is off. I bet everyone else’s water is on, unless they’re a target.

And my gang stalking has gotten worse. It used to be that I’d have groups of people follow me, but separately.  Now, they’re no longer alone.  I get groups of  5 – 10 people at a time now.  They surround me from every direction in such a way that it’s almost impossible for me to get out of their circle.  But as I’ve told you, I’m good at escaping.  I usually find an out and escape.  You should see their faces. Most of the time, they stand around not knowing what to do. But it’s getting sickening to have all the perps constantly around. Don’t they people have anything better to do with their lives?  What a bunch of losers!  That’s why they do the work they do.  They don’t know how to do anything else.

It looks like I have new neighbors in apartment 204.  The FBI wannabes are no longer. Well, that’s not exactly true.  The woman is still here, but the man who came with her is no longer around anymore. He wasn’t that bad.  But she’s a bitch.  Now, it seems, her mother’s moved in with her and also her brother.   I think it’s her brother.   I often see the brother watching t.v.  I look from my window and  can see the big television set.   I can see from my window that they’re watching targets. One time, as I I watched from my window, I caught the brother watching  targets on the street (that’s how big the t.v. is).  He didn’t see me, but when he did, he quickly got up and closed the blinds.  The brother was watching targets and  hitting them.

If you have a t.v., you can do the same thing.  You need VCR, or whatever it’s called now, put in a tape and record what’s going on. When you’re recording, you can use a laser to hit the perps.  You  watch the perps through the t.v., take  laser and aim.  You can then watch the perps  jump when you hit them.  And they’ll have no idea it’s coming from your home.

You can buy very inexpensive lasers at almost any store.  If you have a 99 cent store near you, you can buy a laser for 99 cents.  You can also use the laser to protect yourself when you’re out.  You have to be sneaky about it, just as they are. After the perps get hit a few times, they’ll think twice about hitting you back.  I do it when I’m on the bus all the time.  They hit me, I hit them right back.  The best spot I’ve found is their feet.  I aim at their foot and see them move their foot quickly out of the way.  I  believe in doing unto others as they do unto to me.  If someone’s nice, I’m nice.  If they’re nasty, I’m nasty.  It might not work for you, but it works for me.

I hope the tip above helps you in some way.  It’s really works. Try it.

That’s it for tonight.  Sleep tight.

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