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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Describe your first job interview.

My first job interview, okay.

I was still in high school and I wanted to make some extra money. I went to Mays Department Store (New York) to apply for a job as  a stock girl. I didn’t know what a  stock girl was and I had no idea what  I’d be doing. I arrived at the Personnel Office early and  was told to wait because I was “too early.” I waited about 20 minutes.  As the minutes ticked away, I got more and more nervous (maybe they do this purposely).  And I though of  picking myself up and walking out the door.  Anyway, finally, the woman in Personnel  led  me into her  inner sanctum. Nothing glamorous. Everything was grey and dull.  She asked me  if I had any work experience. (I don’t remember filling out a job application.) Of course, I replied no. She asked me other questions, none of which I can remember.  It’s all a fog.

She described in detail what I would be doing.  I would help out the cashiers doing things such as:  putting together boxes in which customers’ clothes would go when they bought something; return clothes to the racks that customers changed mind about; go into the fitting room, take  clothes left hanging all over the place and return to racks.  I was to  put them in racks according to size and color.  I was to help customers with any clothing needs they had.   And I was to perform other duties as told  by Manager.  After describing the job, she asked me if I had any questions.  I replied  no.    She told me that if  wanted the job it was mine.  I was to work from 5 p.m.to 10 p.m. every day, except Mondays.  Of course, I said yes.  And I can tell you, I didn’t last too long at this job.   I was totally bored and got fired!  I’ve never been so happy to be  fired from a job in my life!  It was a long while before I applied for another job elsewhere.  But I had the experience of a first  job interview under my belt!

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Gang Stalking -Off Topic- PostaDay 2011 – What character from a book can’t you stop thinking about?

I wrote about her before.  It is Hester Prynne from the Scarlet Letter.  I first read about Hester in my high school class.  I remember thinking what happened to her was terrible and she stayed with me throughout the years.  Everytime someone talked about a character in a book, I thought about her.  For a while, she left me.  But, of course, with the gang stalking, she reappeared again.

If you’ve never read the Scarlet Letter, it’s about a young woman who marries an older man in England.  Her husband sends her to live in America while he takes care of some business.   He tells her he’ll meet  her in Boston, Massachusetts, where she is to settle.  Hester waits for her husband, but the wait is in vain.  It seems he might have been lost at sea.  Thinking him lost at sea, Hester takes a lover.  A few months later, Hester is obviously carrying someone’s child.  No one knows who her lover is and she won’t tell.  She is condemned by the town’s people and made to wear  the scarlet letter “A” across her bodice.  She has a child, who she  names Pearl.  One day, while at the scaffold with her daughter, a man appears.  He confesses to Hester that he is her husband, but he has changed his name and doesn’t want anyone to know him by his real name.  Her husband forgives her and they continue to live as husband and wife with Pearl.  Her husband, though he has forgiven her, would like to know the identity of her lover.  Hester will not tell him.  After all the years of punishment,  Hester is still talked about and shunned.  She has no friends and can usually be found walking alone; of course, still wearing the scarlet letter.

Hester has stayed with me throughout most of my life.  It’s odd that of all the characters I read about, she’s the one that has stayed with me.  I never knew that one day  she  one would come to my aid.   I can connect to Hester now more than ever.  She was shunned and so am I.  The only difference between Hester and me is that I don’t have a scarlet letter on my bodice.  But I might as well have an “A” across my bodice.  Most people treat  me like a scarlet woman.   She walked alone and I walk alone.

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