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Gang Stalking – Back at the horrible library…

English: Christmas postcard picture with Santa...

English: Christmas postcard picture with Santa Claus and holly, with message, “I bring you a Merry Xmas from” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

christmas paint

christmas paint (Photo credit: cassie_bedfordgolf)

I’m back at the library again.  The hackers hacked my computer into oblivion.  My computer no longer works.  I can no longer fix it.   Since the hackers couldn’t stop me from fixing my computer, they  removed  my Windows 7 program from my computer. My computer is just an empty shell of its former self.

But as you can see, I’m still writing my blog.

And being here at the library with the creeps is hell.   I  have to wait in line until someone gets off the computer and then I can use it.  Today, I waited in line, and when the perp got off, I sat down at the computer  and realized the bitch purposely  turned off the computer when she got  off. I couldn’t get it on, so I went to the librarian for help.  He asked for my library card and my password. And then he told me he’d made reservations for 30 minutes for me in another computer room.  I said I want to use the computer that the woman turned off. The librarian reluctantly got up, turned the computer on.  All the time, he seemed very annoyed  that he had to help  me.  I love librarians!

I went to Best Buy to get help with my computer, and as always, no one came over to help  me. But they rushed t0 help other customers. Not one of the helpers said a word to me. Not one word.  And I didn’t say anything to them, because I know if I opened my mouth, I would’ve said a  few nasty things to the zombies, so I stayed quiet.  I  finally got fed up and left.  The only reason I went to Best Buy, is because I paid for tech support a year ago, and I’m going to make sure I get my money’s worth.  But I’ve learned my lesson and I will no longer  buy into their phoniness .  And I say to all you targets, don’t support Best Buy. Let them rot in hades.  All of them. I hope they all go to hell.

I wasn’t able to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas, but it’s better late than never.  I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and Santa got you what you dreamed about.

My wish for all you targets is that this hell ends for all of us;  that 2013 lets the world know about  what is happening to us and we get on with living a normal life again.

I’ll try to come to the library to type my blog, but if I can’t, write to me anyway.  I’ll get back to you when I get a chance.

Again, Merry Christmas to all of you. And don’t ever give up!  Don’t let them win.

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Gang Stalking – I want freedom!!!!


Freedom (Photo credit: cheesy42)


Freedom (Photo credit: robynejay)


“Freedom” (Photo credit: lokarta)

If  you don’t like to see me write four, five letters words, I’m warning you not to read this. I just have to let out some anger.

I am so, so sick of what I have to go through every day.  Every little thing becomes an all day  task.  Something which should take me a few minutes to do becomes  a four,  five-hour thing.

I can’t go outside my apartment and enjoy the fresh air.  Some idiot will come out of his apartment and ride around in circles and circles in front of me.

And someone who doesn’t live near me, but lives a few blocks away, just always has to walk by when I’m standing outside.

Or if I decide to go the store, I have five bastards, who live three doors from me, suddenly have to  go the same way.

If I cross the street, the creeps have to cross the street.

If I go into a restaurant, I’ll have ten people or more people follow me in.

If I go to the library, suddenly the library gets very busy and there’s a long time to use a computer.

Or if I  take out a book  I want to read, suddenly everyone wants to read the book.

If I want to take a walk, suddenly the sidewalk  becomes very busy.  People everywhere.

I can’t have nice furniture, because the bastards will destroy it.  Can’t pretty up my apartment, because they’ll un-pretty it. Can’t have curtains, because they’ll rip them; or flowers, because they’ll empty out the water and kill the flowers.

I’m just so sick of the bastards.  I don’t have a day, or minute to myself.  The lowlife scumbags surround me everywhere I go.  They seem to have absolutely nothing to do with their lives, but annoy targets.

I’m just sick of being held hostage by these miserable pieces of shit!

I need a break from this life.  I’m sick of what I have to put up with every single day of my life.

I want to take a walk without being followed.  I want to enjoy a meal without an entourage.  I want to go out with friends and enjoy their company.  I want to breathe fresh air without the gang stalkers surrounding me and suffocating me.

I just want to live free.  I want to live my life without the bastards being in it every second, minute, day, hour, week, month, year.

I want to live my life without feeling I’m in prison surrounded by prison guards.

I want to be let out of this hell.

I want freedom, freedom, freedom.

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Gang Stalking – Another target commits suicide.

English: A Jumping Black Stallion.

English: A Jumping Black Stallion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


R.I.P. (Photo credit: André Banyai)

Today, I found out that one of the targets on Facebook killed herself.  Her name was Alva. She was 38-years old. In the prime of her life.  She  befriended me about a year ago, and what a beautiful woman she was. She seemed to be full of spirit, like a wild stallion.  But I guess no matter her spirit, she probably got worn out and decided life was no longer worth living.  I can understand the part about not thinking life is worth living anymore.  I’m sure all of us targets find ourselves thinking that way sometimes.

She killed herself because she couldn’t handle the harassment anymore.  She had enough of the bullshit and she couldn’t see any way out except to kill herself.

I’m sure all the bastards who caused her death are probably celebrating.  And I’m sure they’re continuing to harass others without a second thought.

I’m affected by her death because Alva was the first target I knew who killed herself.  I’ve heard of a lot of  targets who’ve killed themselves, but I didn’t know them.

I hear about targets killing themselves all the time, but  she  is someone who was a  breathing, living human being and I knew her.   I knew what she looked like, how she thought, and how her life was going. Most of the time, she gave back as good as she got.  When I thought of someone killing herself, she wasn’t the one I thought would do it.  She seemed so strong.

But I guess all of us have our “tipping point.”  A point we reach where we feel that our life is so miserable that death is better.

So, I say to Alva, may you rest in peace.  I’m sure your life is better than it was on earth.

And if there’s such a life as reincarnation, I hope you come back and haunt every bastard who caused your death.

Good-bye, Alva (R.I.P.).

And to all the targets out there, don’t let them win. If you need help, try to get help.  I know it’s hard because we can’t trust anyone, but maybe there’s someone who has a soul who will be willing to help you.

Love to all you targets. Take care of yourselves.  You all matter,  and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And may all you miserable perp bastards go straight to HELL!

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Gang Stalking – New apartment won’t change anything.

Laundromat in Toronto, Canada

Laundromat in Toronto, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I wrote about what you should look for outside when you’re finding a new apartment.  I forgot to add that you should make sure you don’t end up near a laundromat or meters.  I almost made this mistake.  I found a beautiful furnished apartment and I just loved the place.  But a little voice told me to be careful and wait.  So I waited three days.  On the third day, I returned to the rental place and decided to look around before I went into the office.  Well, was I surprised!  If  I’d taken the apartment I would have lived over a laundromat and meters behind me.  A lot of electricity would have come at me.  So be careful!

When the rental agent takes you inside an apartment, look  at the door knob very carefully. A lot of times, the door lock is too short and the door won’t close properly.  It’ll  be very easy for someone to get into your apartment.

Look at the carpeting and see if you notice any holes in it.  Usually holes are part of your harassment.  The perps make holes in the carpet so it’s easier for electricity to get in through the floor.

Check the blinds carefully.  A lot of  times the blinds will be uneven, short and long.  And usually the width is too short, so the perps can get at you. Make sure you can close and open the blinds.  My blinds don’t work at all.  I can’t open  or close them.  My mistake in not noticing.

I noticed in my new place, everyone has screens, but I don’t.  Another mistake I made.

Check all the faucets.  There are no stoppers in any of my faucets.  I asked the maintenance man “why are there no stoppers?’  He told me with a straight face that stoppers were no longer required. Yeah, sure they’re not.  What baloney!

Every tenant has a medicine cabinet, I don’t.  I have a large mirror.  I’m sure they use the mirror to watch me.  Every place I went, there were  large bathroom mirrors.  I keep the mirror covered.  They did the same thing to me in my old apartment, so I know what the mirror is for.

Make sure you check the shower pressure.  My shower pressure is so low, I can barely take a show. I complained about it and I was told there’s nothing they can do about it.  Yeah, sure.

Check everything.  And I mean everything.

Yesterday, I wrote that you should try to get an apartment on the second floor.  What I really meant is that you should get apartment on the top floor, whatever floor that is.

Looking for an  apartment as a target is hell.  All the looks you have to put up with when you meet  people.  You know what they’re thinking about you and there’s nothing you can do about it.  You have to grin and bear it.

So if any of you are looking for new apartment, or house, I really wish you a lot of luck.  Don’t expect anything to change in your new apartment.  It’ll just be the same old same old.

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Gang Stalking – The filthy dogs will get their day in hell.

English: A payload surveillance camera made by...

English: A payload surveillance camera made by Controp and distributed to the U.S Government by ADI Technologies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The incandescent light bulb

The incandescent light bulb (Photo credit: Anton Fomkin)

02 Dr. Hervey Milton Cleckley

02 Dr. Hervey Milton Cleckley (Photo credit: Image Editor)

Modern kitchen

Dog sunny Day Afternoon

Dog sunny Day Afternoon (Photo credit: allert)

Yesterday I wrote about finding something that looked like a small alarm in my light fixture.  Well, I discovered it’s not what I think it is.  It is even worse.  It’s a small surveillance camera.  Can you imagine having a camera in your kitchen and it can send out what’s happening in your apartment to whomever is watching?  I’ve walked around naked in my kitchen after getting out of  my shower; I’ve undressed to go to bed; I’ve studied myself in a mirror; I’ve put my make-up on; I’ve danced like a crazy woman, and other things I’m too embarrassed to mention here.  The filthy dogs who do this filthy work  all belong in a kennel like the filthy dogs they are. They should be put in a small cage without room to move.  They should be water boarded.  That’s where a victim’s  tied up and  water’s  forced into their mouths and goes into their throats.  It prevents victims from breathing.  This should be done to the scumbags who have no moral compass. I’m sure the filthy dogs if they could water board me would do it.  They’re all psychopaths.  How do these psychopaths get this way?   Is it some childhood  trauma that’s made them that way?  Or is it ego that creates people like this?  Really, what do I care how the psychopaths get this way?  They seem to have no redeeming value whatsoever.  They’re a bunch of evil people who do what they want without consideration to what’s happening to a victim.

I told the maintenance man about the thing in my lightbulb and I asked him to remove it.  He fixed my lightbulb, but did not remove what I thought was a fire alarm.  He probably put it in the light.  Oh, his day is coming.

I’m sure these filthy dogs have had a lot of laughs during the time they watched me.

As I’ve told you before, check out things around your apartment.  Check your lights, oven, refrigerator, bathroom, closets, air conditioner, light sockets, especially light sockets, who knows what they’ve done to your light sockets?  I know there are sensors all over my apartment: in the floor, in the walls, refrigerator (where the gauge is),  kitchen shelves; just check everywhere, or else, you might find a camera in your apartment as I did.

The filthy dogs will get their day.  No one gets a free ride in this world. No one.  And the filthy dogs won’t get a free ride.  I know one day we’ll be released from the hell we’re living and their hell will begin.  I know the filthy dogs think that this will go on forever and they’ll get away with what they’re doing to us, but karma is a bitch!  I can tell you, I’m going to stick around to see them get their karma. Filthy, filthy dogs.  Go to hell every one of you.

Oh, by the way, I was afraid to cut the wires connected to my lightbulb, so I covered the camera with tape. If I knew what to do, I’d do it.  I don’t know too much about electricity and I don’t want to start a fire, or barbecue myself.  That’s the only option left to me.

Filthy, filthy, dirty dogs!  And my apologies to dogs everywhere.  I love dogs.

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Gang Stalking – New to gang stalking: welcome to your new reality!

Life in Hell

Life in Hell (Photo credit: Grit Matthias)

Agent Smith

Agent Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New World Order

New World Order (Photo credit: Akbar Sim)

If you are new to gang stalking, your life will never be the same again.  Never again.  Everything you believe in will change.  Your beliefs about the government, religion, family, police, people, in general, will come crumbling down.  You will be awaken to a new world were nothing is real.  Where everything is an illusion.  Have you ever seen the “Matrix” ?  Well, this will be your new reality.  Everything you thought was real, is not. You’ve lived in a bubble and someone decided to pull the plug from you.

Your new reality will be that you’ve become a person that will be unwelcomed everywhere you go.

That people will try to hurt you every chance they can.  That people will hate you for no reason whatsoever.  That you will be rudely treated.  That police and gang stalkers will watch you non-stop.

Forget about having privacy, you won’t have any.  Not in your home, computer, outside, not even in your bathroom or taking a bath.  You’ll have pictures  taken of you from every angle,  and pictures  passed  around by government flunkies.

Anything you love, like family, photographs, treasures, memories will disappear; destroyed by gang stalkers, or stolen.  You will not get much sleep.  You’ll be lucky if they allow you to sleep 2 hours a day.  They’ll keep you awake to drive you crazy, or to cause you to commit a crime, or become violent, and then they can put you in jail or some mental healthy facility.  You’ll become distrustful of anyone you meet, because you’ve learned not to trust anyone; every time you have, they screwed you.

You’ll probably lose your job due to workplace mobbing.  And you’ll have a difficult time finding another one.  If you do find another job, the same workplace mobbing will occur.

The gang stalkers will destroy your clothes, your furniture, ruin your food, steal your money, cameras, kill your pets.  There is nothing of yours that they will not tamper with, or destroy.

Your life will be one of 24-hour surveillance – by cameras, cars, people, computers.  You will not have any time to think.  They want to destroy everything about you.  They want to leave you naked without personality, just as they do to soldiers when they’re in training.  They want to drive you crazy, and they do that by  destroying what you are, or used to be.  They’ll make sure you become isolated, so that you have no friends, or anyone you can lean on.

You will not be able to defend yourself, because of the many lies told about you.  And if you try to defend yourself, you will, of course, be called crazy.  And no one will believe a word you say, ever!   Accusations of being a thief, violent, alcoholic, child abuser, pedophile, lesbian, gay, terrorists will follow you. Whatever they think they can stick on you and work, they’ll do.

You basically will have no life.  Your life is theirs now.  It belongs to the freaks and government. Whatever part of  life belongs to you, you’ll have to spend protecting yourself from the creeps.  The freaks will follow you everywhere, even at home.  I could go on and on with what will happen to  you, but I’d go on til infinity.

By the way, this can happen to any one at any time.  Don’t think you’re safe if this is not happening to you.  You might find yourself reading my blog some day on how to protect yourself.  Think about it.

So all the above will be your new reality.  Welcome to your new life in hell!

Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Dance as though no one is watching…

English: Sir Winston Churchill.

Image via Wikipedia - Winston Churchill

English: As Mrs. Lonnie Ali looks on, Presiden...

Image via Wikipedia - Muhammad Ali and President Bush

English: President Barack Obama shares a momen...

Image via Wikipedia - Jay Leno with President Obama.

Dolly Parton at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.
Image via Wikipedia – Dolly Parton

A few days after New Year‘s day, most of us feel a little down.  The holidays are over, and we have the rest of the year to deal with.  I’ve looked up some inspirational quotes for the New Year for myself, and decided to share them with all of you.

Dance as though no one is watching you, love as though you have never hurt before…- Souza.

There will be sleeping enough in the Grave. – Benjamin Franklin

Never, never, never give up. – Winston Churchill

If you can’t be a poet, be a poem (I love this quote) – Keith Carradine

Don’t count the days, make the day count. – Muhammad Ali

The things that hurt us teach us. – Author unknown

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. – Dolly Parton

Fall 7 times, stand up right 8 times. – Japanese proverb

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle. – Plato

A year from now you may wish you had started today. – Karen Lamb

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. – Bill Vaughn

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. – Brooks Atkins

If you’re going through hell, keep going! – Winston Churchill

New Year’s eve, where auld acquaintance be forgot.  Unless, of course, those tests come back positive. – Jay Leno

Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people.  So overweight people are now average…which means, you have met your New Year’s resolution. – Jay Leno

So, I hope some of the quotes above inspire you when you’re feeling down.

Countdown: 32 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Where is God when I need him?

Washington DC - Capitol Hill: United States Ca...

Image by wallyg via Flickr

Ripley's Believe it or Not, NYC
Image by Gotham City Lost And Found via Flickr

Here I am sitting on the bus.  I’m just sitting here not bothering anyone.  But soon, I feel a blast of electricity hit me.  I look up. There’s a man’s reflection on the computer monitor on the bus, and he’s watching me.  He looks away when he sees me looking at him.  He’s trying to figure out my location so he can hit me with his weapon.  I look down, and quickly look up again.  I catch him looking at me again.  He’s still trying to get my location.  The bus is full of these jerks trying to make me their target.

I can’t go anywhere without running into these animals.  I just don’t get it.  How can people be so evil?  These people know nothing about me (except for the lies the U.S. government has told them).  They’ve never spoken with me, nor interacted with me.  They don’t know the first thing about me, but, yet, I see such hatred for me in their faces.

How can people be so ignorant?  The U.S. government has told all these people a lot of lies about me.  And they believe every one of the lies.  Why don’t they ask me if the things the government has told them are true.

Do these people think that the U.S. government has never lied about anything?  Throughout history the government has lied and tortured different groups.

It just never stops the harassment.  Not for a minute.  I’m living in hell.  I think I’ve died and ended up in hell,  and the people who harass me are devils.  How else can I explain the evil done to me by these people?

Where is God when I need him?

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay2011 – To all the idiotic gang stalkers.

Today,  I came home to discover  someone threw  soda on my front door,  and the walkway in front of my apartment.   Of course, I got  angry!  I’m getting sick and tired  of the constant  harassment.  I opened my door,  and inside there were footprints on the carpet  and twigs all over the  floor.

Every  day I have to come home to nonsense done by some idiot.  If it’s not one idiot, it’s another idiot.  Never, ever, do they leave me alone.  They don’t leave me alone when I’m home. When I’m home, I’m always getting  sprayed with pesticide.  I step out of my apartment, there’s an idiot waiting outside to do something to me.  I go on the bus, more idiots hitting me with weapons.  I go to the store, more idiots.  It just seems to me, the world is full of idiots.  I sometimes wonder if some of these idiots have any sort of life.  They spend their life trying to hurt me or someone else.  Their maturity level is that  of a two-year-old  (I apologize to two-year-olds for the insult).  What I would like to do to these idiots, I can’t say in this blog.  I’d probably get into trouble just stating what I’d like to do to them.  I would like to say to all the idiots who hound me day and night, may each and every one of you go straight to hell where you belong.  I’m sick of all your silly nonsense.  May someone do the same thing to all of you one day.  You  deserve whatever misery befalls you.

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Gang Stalking – Becoming one of them…

I guess I’ll never be surprised at how people act. There’s a woman who lives in my  complex and she’s told me several times she’s being gang stalked.   The few times  I have gotten her to speak to me she was very standoffish.    She never speaks to anyone, or she never used to. She told me that she’s been gang stalked for over ten years.

So I was astounded when I saw her mimicking me a few months ago. I knew she had gone over to the other side. One day when I was throwing out my garbage, I saw her door open and confronted her on going over to the devil’s side. She slammed the door on me. I have watched her transformation from targeted individual to gang stalker. The changes are amazing. She leaves her door open, her blinds are not  kept closed. She openly goes out during the day, something which she  never did before. She always waited for nighttime to do her shopping, or run errands.  She now laughs a lot.   She used to have a sour expression, now it’s a relaxed expression. 

I was headed into the store today  and  saw her coming out. She was hanging out with the woman above me who gang stalks me all day. The two of them were buddy-buddy.  It makes me angry that someone who has gone through hell would join their group.   That’s the way it always works.  The government stops harassing someone, but in return,  that person has to  agree to become a gang stalker.  She might think she’s free of being a target,   but  who knows what things will happen?  Maybe she’ll do something the government doesn’t like and she’ll become a target again.   If she does become a target again, no sympathy from me.  She deserves whatever she gets.

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