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Gang Stalking – I’m doing so much good for the world!

I’m doing so much good for the world.

I take a walk and everyone begins to walk. I’m keeping people healthy instead of having  them  sitting around eating chips. And they keep off  all that fat they would get.

I feed the pigeons and everyone suddenly feels the need to take care of the pigeons and feed them. It makes the pigeons happy and less annoying. So I’m good for animals and birds.

I get new shoes and everyone gets new shoes, even in the same color.  I’m keeping the economy healthy. If I didn’t buy new shoes, the businesses would not be making any money. So I’m good for business.

I get on the bus and everybody  suddenly needs to take a ride on the bus. I’m good for the bus company. I get people riding the bus more often, therefore, the bus company is making more money. I’m good for transportation.

I use the computers at the library and everybody shows up when I’m in the library, otherwise, the library would be quiet and have few customers. The library gets money from the government according to how many customers get library  cards. To use a computer, everyone has to have a library card. I’m good for the library because it gets more money from the government than if I weren’t around. So I’m good for the library.

I read a book on the bus and everyone starts to read. I’m raising the educational level of people in Las Vegas, which is very low.

I’m just so good at getting people to do things. Things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. They’d be sitting at home watching T.V. So I guess I’m bad for the television industry.

I’m so good!

(P.S. I hope you all know this is sarcasm.)

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Gang Stalking – A day of gluttony

I took the day off from the world yesterday, but the world did not take a day off from me. I still got hit with electricity, loud music and all the good things they do to me.

I went hog-wild.

I did not make my bed, clean up, cook, nor change my night-clothes. I walked around in my night-clothes all day.

And I ate a lot of junk food. It was junk food day. I ate almost half a gallon of chocolate ice cream, chocolate mint cookies, lots of dark chocolate, Habanero potato chips (so spicy, my eyes were watery and my nose dripped), jelly beans and anything bad that I could find to eat.

Of course, this morning, I’m feeling the effects of all that junk.  But, I enjoyed myself while it lasted. It was a day of gluttony.  But will I do it again anytime soon, no time soon. I’ll think of my stomach and want nothing to do with all the junk food.

I used to do this when I was younger. Every once in a while, I’d have junk food day  and eat nothing but junk food, nothing healthy. And then when I was finished with my junk food day, the thought of junk food used to make me sick. That’s how I’ve kept my weight down all these years.

So back to life today and to eating healthy.



Gang Stalking – Dirty Electricity making us all sick.



English: Illustration of a magnetic field arou...

English: Illustration of a magnetic field around a conductor through which current is flowing. I is the direction of current flow. B is the direction of the magnetic field. Traced by User:Stannered using OpenOffice.org Draw 2.0, from an original render by Wapcaplet Русский: На иллюстрации показано магнитное поле, возникающее вокруг проводника, по которому течёт электрический ток. I указывает направление электрического тока, B – магнитного. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: 'Audition' brand pocket transistor radio

English: ‘Audition’ brand pocket transistor radio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cows in the Mist

Cows in the Mist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep.  The electricity  kept me awake.  The bozos to the right  and left of me were busy doing their utmost to keep me from falling asleep.  I decided to get up and walk around, and then went back to bed.  I always have my little transistor radio on but couldn’t get the station I listen to all the time because of all the interference in the radio.  So I played with the radio.  I got a clear signal on one station and began to listen to what the man said.  The man’s name is John P. Wells and has a program called Coast-to-Coast.

He had on Dr.  Samuel Milham, MD, MPH.   This doctor is an expert on electric magnetic field.  He spoke about how the electricity we all get is not clean electricity and the current we get is  very high.  He calls the electricity we get “dirty electricity”.  This electricity has a lot of static in it.  All this static is causing all kinds of diseases — Things like diabetes, breast cancer(in men and women), ADHD in kids, killing the bees (the bees lose their balance because of the static), prevents cows from producing milk, causes leukemia, stress, loss of sleep,  and a host of other diseases.

The doctor also stated that having a wireless computer is the worse thing someone can have (which I have), the static that comes into the computer is so high that it can cause cancer if held in someone’s lap, or breast.  The doctor also said that we shouldn’t have coils in our mattress, because the coils act as an antenna and draw electricity to us, which keeps us awake and causes stress. The dirty electricity has so much static that it causes paper to corrode.  With all the towers the electric companies are putting up, the electricity the companies send into our homes is dirty.  There’s all kinds of junk that goes into the electricity and creates a very strong electric magnetic field.  And he also stated that with the new smart meters, big brother knows everything we’re doing every minute of the day (no surprise to me).  He also stated that lithium batteries are not safe and we should avoid them.

I wrote all these things down while I was listening, because I know how strong the magnetic field is in my apartment.  As I stated in my previous blogs, I said my apartment is a power plant.  I never realized how right I was in making this statement.

Dr. Samuel Milham is an expert in the electro magnetic field and has studied this subject for years.  He wrote a book “Dirty Electricity:  Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization”.

Dr. Milham  stated that the government knows what’s happening with dirty electricity and is allowing power companies to let dirty electricity come into our homes, schools, etc.

Dr. Milham has lots of videos on YouTube you can watch.  One video is http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=FAgNHirQhxc, or you can just type in YouTube, Dr. Samuel Milham and you’ll get all his videos.

He’s a little difficult to understand, so use your ear buds to listen to him (plug them into your computer).  Any ear buds work.

Everything I stated above might not be correct. I don’t know too much about electricity, so listen to the good doctor’s videos. He’s trying to keep us healthy.

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Gang Stalking – Is this life worth living?

Evil emoticon

See Image:Gold doorknob.jpg
See Image:Gold doorknob.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I sounded a little paranoid last night, I have reason to be.  All the lights in my complex were turned off. All week-long, I’ve had trouble with my water. I’ve had rocks thrown at my door.  People knock at my door, and when I open the door, there’s no one there.  Wouldn’t you be paranoid?

Anyway, last night, as I wrote was, was dark.   I had lights in my apartment, but all the lights outside the apartment were dark.  In the dark anyone can do anything.  And I wouldn’t put anything beyond the perps.

I awoke today to dribs and drabs of cold water.  No hot water again.  And the cold water lasted only about 2 hours and then it went off.  No hot and cold water again.  The perps  keep playing their baby games.  They think everything they do is just so funny.

The hot and cold came on about an hour ago.  I wonder how long  it’ll last this time.

I’m truly getting sick and tired of all the b.s.  Why can’t these freaks just leave me alone?  If they want to be freaks, why don’t they join the circus?

Last night,  just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard someone turn the door knob.  I quickly got up from my bed and put a bunch of stuff near the door to keep someone from breaking in. I put my chair, books, bottles full of water, anything that would make noise if it fell.  I didn’t sleep all night.  I couldn’t relax.  I was too stressed.  My body wouldn’t let me sleep.

Something’s got to give. I can’t keep living this way.  It’s hell every single day.  If I had someone living with me, I’d have someone to fall back on, but being on my own, there’s no one I can turn to.  So far, I’ve managed to stay sane, but we all  have our breaking  point.  I really  don’t know how long I can put up with all the b.s.  It’s really getting to me.

How much punishment can a body take?   I’m just physically and emotionally tired.  I’m tired of getting my body zapped, never being left alone, followed everywhere.  Not a moment to just think and dream;  always being on guard?  This kind of tension is not good for any body.  I’ve managed to stay healthy in spite of everything done to me.  How long will it be before my body begins to rebel?

I keep asking myself: is this life worth living?  So far the answer has always been yes, but maybe I’ll reach a point where it’ll be no.  Because, really, I want some joy in my life. And there’s no joy in my life.

How can people be so evil?

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Gang Stalking – Targets, take care of yourselves.

Wild garlic, Allium ursinum - geograph.org.uk ...

Wild garlic, Allium ursinum – geograph.org.uk – 420104 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cholesterol emboli

Cholesterol emboli (Photo credit: Boonyarit Cheunsuchon)cholesterol

Assortment of Hershey's Miniatures chocolate c...An obese topless man on a motorcycle. Original...

Those of us who are experiencing gang stalking, sometimes feel down.  And it’s normal to feel this way.  How can we not feel depress when we’re constantly being bombarded by a group of psychopaths?  Psychopaths who never leave us alone for a minute.  But it’s not a good thing to give into this feeling.  If you do, it’ll just leave you feeling tired and frustrated.

Take care of yourself mentally and psychically.  Make sure you  don’t gain weight. Don’t eat too much to make yourself feel better.  Too much weight gain and you’ll feel worse.  Try to eat healthy food.  And don’t be like me.  I went through a period where chocolate candy was my addiction. I never gained weight, but I couldn’t get enough of chocolate candy bars.  I recently visited the doctor and he told me my cholesterol levels are very high.  Right away, the doctor wants to put me on medicine.  I told him “thanks, but no thanks” to  medication.  I would try to get my cholesterol levels down naturally. I stopped taking care of myself.  I stopped walking.  The cholesterol built up due to lack of exercise.  I think I didn’t gain weight because I  never sit down, but still, the cholesterol built up.  Cholesterol is very bad for the heart, so I’ve been really good for the last two weeks.  No candy bars.  Nothing.

(While typing my blog, I heard on the radio that one-third of Americans are overweight.)

Keeping your weight down and saying  positive  things to yourself  helps to keep away the depression.  We can’t let the psychopaths beat us down.  We have to believe that what we’re going through will end.  And when this  ends, we’ll need to be healthy psychically and mentally to go on with our lives.   When we get free of the hell we’re living, we can’t waste any time on regrets.  We have to start living our normal lives right away.  We’ve wasted too much time  putting up with the psychopaths.  And if we let depression defeat us, the psychopaths win.  We can’t them win.

So try to live a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise.  Try not to eat too much fat.  See your doctor at least once a year.  Be very kind to yourself, since no one else is.  And when the time comes, we can all fly.

I thought a woman, about three doors away from where I live, might be a target.  She never leaves her apartment and there are marks all over her door.  So I knocked on her door and asked  her if she was a victim of gang stalking.  As soon as she opened the door, I knew she wasn’t a target.  She had a little bitty piece of cloth around her breast.  But I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I left her my blog name and told her to go to it for help.

And today, I’m 100% sure she’s not a target.  People keep knocking on my door.  Just knocking on it, as I did on the perp’s door, and disappearing.  I guess this is the psychopaths’ new game plan.  I did learn something, though – that the woman is a perp.

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