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Gang Stalking – Another fun day at the supermarket.

Another fabulous day at the supermarket.

I got all the things I needed and headed for the register. I saw a woman running to beat me to the register. It’s okay with me. She can run to get to the register, I’m in no rush.  The woman puts her food on the counter and begins to talk to the cashier. I take my things and put them on the counter. I bend down to put the basket where it belongs. The woman reaches over me and drops her basket  over my head and hits me. I get up and say to her, “You hit me. Don’t you even say “excuse me”?  The Asian woman turns around, says, “Oh, I’m sorry.” I turn to her and say, “You purposely threw that basket to hit me!”  I see the Bagger smile and the cashier, too. I  see red. These people just never leave us alone.  So I take my things and pushed them forcefully toward the woman’s things. All the things go on the floor. I turned to the woman, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize my strength.” No ones dares say a thing to me. They know they’re a bunch of jerks. The woman leaves the store with a big smile on her face. The cashier turns to me and says, “How are you doing today?” I reply, “Do you really care? No! You don’t care, so don’t ask me.” And I continue, “Oh, I’m a lot of fun to have around” The cashier doesn’t dare look at me. He knows he’s a creep along with the woman who left the store and the Bagger.

There are days I just want to _______________  _________________ ___________. You can add into the blanks whatever you’d like to say.  I know we all have days like this. The freaks just never stop coming. And to that bitch who threw the basket on my head, you”ll get yours.

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Gang Stalking – Today I was beaten up.

Just before I got into the library, three black girls beat me up. I was sitting by the library, away from everybody, and three girls passed by me making all sorts of comments.  As they walked away, I said  “bitches”.  They turned around, said, “Who you talking to?”  I said, “Myself.” and they kept walking.  They didn’t go too far. They weren’t going anywhere , they passed by me to annoy me.  On their way back, I turned myself  around so I wouldn’t have to look at them. I had my small suitcase by me and I heard it rolling away. One of the girls had taken my suitcase  and was running away with it. I ran after her.  A girl who was sitting in a car   got out and got the suitcase away from them.  When she took the suitcase away from them, one of the girls began kicking me and hitting me in the back of  my neck.  Right now, I have a headache from all the hits to my head.  The girl who’d gotten my suitcase told them to stop it or she was going to call the cops.  They three of them ran away. The girl asked me if I wanted to report the beating to the police, “I told her no.”  I’ve had this happen before and the police didn’t bother to write it down.  And not only that, but I knew the girls would make up a story about me starting it.  So I thanked the girl and walked away.  As I walked toward  the library, I saw the girls coming back. I think  the girl in the car  and the girls who beat me up are friends. I’m glad I didn’t have the girl call the cops, it would’ve just turned on me. The officer would’ve have shown up and treated me like the criminal, not the girls.

When is this hell going to stop???!!

Well, another great day in Perplandia!