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Gang Stalking – I dream of having a normal life some day.


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No Loud Music?

I’m driving the perps next door nuts.  And they sure don’t like it.  I’m doing unto them as they do unto.  And happy campers they’re not.

When I take a shower, what they like to  do is turn off my hot or cold water.  My water is either very cold or very hot, no in-between.  So when they take a shower, I do the same thing to them.   I  immediately turn my hot and cold water  on.  It makes their shower too hot, or too cold. I hate wasting water, and it probably sounds childish to those of you who aren’t in my situation, but you’d have to be in my shoes to understand.

The  perps turn the shower right off.  And usually stomp their feet.  Too bad.

They also like to send a very high pitch sound into my apartment.  It’s a high shrill piercing sound.

When they send the high pitch sound into my apartment, I  put my radio and ear buds  on and “zone out.”

Lately, I’ve noticed I have a problem finding ear buds.  All the places where I used to buy them no longer sell them.  Of course, the businesses are told not to carry them.  And  the zombies do  the government’s bidding.   But I’m not worried about not being able to find ear buds. I have almost a year’s supply, because I knew they’d do what they did.

And the woman next door complained to the office manager about the loud music she hears coming from my apartment.  The manager comes up to my apartment almost every day, trying to catch me playing loud music.  I heard the manager say she couldn’t hear any noise coming from it. And the manager will never hear any noise coming from my apartment. I can have the door open and no one can hear a thing. I’ve learned a thing or two from the government  flunkies.

It’s too bad that the people next door are having a bad time with noise.  Poor souls.

The people next door feel they have a God-given right to harass me.  The government told them so. And it is my job to take their bullshit.

Yeah, in a pig’s eye.

If they don’t want to be harassed, they shouldn’t  harass me, because I do not take anyone’s bullshit!

Oh, God, I dream of having a normal life some day.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Why is there evil in the world?

This is a question I wish I knew the answer to.   Then I would understand why the evil that is happening to me on a day-to-day basis happens.  Every day I’ve been subjected to evil by a lot of people who don’t think they’re evil.  But  where I’m coming from, they’re all evil.  How can a human being do to me what they wouldn’t want done to them?  I would never do to another human the evil being done to me.   I know that  if I were in their place and  asked to do what they’re asked to do, my answer would be no.  I would tell whomever runs the program that it’s not something I want  to do to  another human being.  If they threatened me, it wouldn’t matter.   I’ve done nothing and look how I’m treated!  If I rejected their offer, how much more evil can they do to me?  I don’t think much more. 

There’s always been evil through the ages.   Think of the Holocaust.  The Germans cremated more than 6 million Jews.  They put children, old, young, middle age  people into hot ovens, without  even a hint of possessing a soul.  Right now in the Middle East,  people are being  denied their basic human rights.   And the tormentors seem to have no possession of a soul either. 

And I, along with thousands of others, feel the daily touch of evil.   People don’t care to know that we’re tormented.  They only care about their own  needs.  If I’m being sprayed with pesticide daily, it’s none of their concern.  I must have done something to call for such treatment, otherwise, why is the government on my back?  What the government says trumps anything I  say.  So every day, I face their evilness.  They have no conscience and don’t think it’s wrong to harass me non-stop.

I can’t answer the question of:   Why is there evil in the world?  I  can only  say, I wish I knew.   Then maybe I could understand what is happening to me and thousands of others.  But evil does exist.  I’m living proof of its reach.

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Gang Stalking – Do you think gang stalking might be happening to you?

For almost a whole year, strange things were happening to me and I couldn’t figure what was going on.  In every place I rented in Vegas, someone always  harassed me. I couldn’t understand why people were harassing me when they didn’t even know anything about me. I minded my business and bothered no one. So it was really puzzling to me why everybody I ran into treated me like s__t! You might be going through the same thing and not know you’re being gang stalked. It takes a while before you can take in the fact that it’s happening. So here are few clues that you’re being gang stalked.

Are strange things happening to you? Do you get the feeling people know something about you just by the way they look at you. You ask a question and no one looks you in the eye. They always look down. Have you moved several times because each place you move into someone harasses you? Are strangers hanging around everywhere you go and you’ve noticed they’re only interested in you and pay attention to no one else? If you have a car, have you noticed you’re being followed wherever you go? The same people keeping showing up wherever you are? They don’t say anything to you, but you know they’re watching you. You leave, they leave. Have you felt something hit you? Like a laser? Or a ping? You look around but you don’t see anyone aiming anything at you.

If you work, has your boss suddenly began to treat you in a rude way?  Your co-workers accuse you of making all sorts of mistakes. Are they constantly complaining about everything you do?  A lot of your co-workers who used to be friends, don’t talk to you anymore.  They’ll see you and say “hi” and keep walking as if they don’t know you.  And always, they seem to be talking about you.  No one sits at your table anymore.  Everybody acts as if you have a disease.  Some co-workers are outright hostile and don’t hide their feelings toward you.

Do you have the feeling something strange is going on, but you can’t figure out what it is?  Then, you’re probably being gang stalked

You are being gang stalked by the government.  By community policing.  Because of something you’ve done. Have you been fired from a job?  Maybe your boss reported you as being a violent person. Have you been a whistle-blower?  What about your political views?  Did you make an enemy of someone powerful?  Did you sign a petition?  Write a letter?  Are you outspoken?  You might have been tagged  suspicious by a community snitch.  So you probably got listed as  a violent person and someone to be watched 24/7.

I’m listing a site that was very helpful to me: http://gangstalkingworld.WordPress.com .  This site was very helpful to me and I discovered what was happening to me.  You can also go to Colorado Forum – Topix – Gang Stalking and Psychological Harassment.  With the Colorado Forum, you can get in touch with other targeted people(individual) .  They can also help you.  Or go to google and type in gang stalking and you can find help.  With all these sites, it is best to go through Google or else you might not find them.  Or if I can be of help, get in touch with me at my blog: http://neverending1.WordPress.com.