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Gang Stalking – “….I approve this message.”

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) photo from co...

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) photo from congressional bioguide from 109th COngress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carunculate seed of Ricinus communis (Castor b...

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Castor Bean in Bloom

I don’t know if you heard, the gun bill

Official photographic portrait of US President...

went down to defeat.  Congress voted no to checking identity of gun owners.  At one time, this defeat would’ve made me unhappy.  But ever since my gang stalking began, I realize how important it is to allow citizens to own guns.  Guns are the only thing that keep government from our doors and prevent the U.S. from becoming a dictatorship, which it is fast becoming.

Unless you been hiding under a rock, you probably know about the Boston Marathon bombings.

And now, there’s a new story about letters sent to President Obama and Senator Wicker and some others.
These letters contain Ricin.  Ricin is made from the Castor bean.  Ricin can cause respiratory problems, and, if inhaled, can kill someone within 36 hours.

The person who sent these letters is someone by the name  of Paul Kevin Curtis (or  Kenneth Curtis?); he’s also from Mississippi.  I got this information from NBC.com.  He stated these quotes in his letters: “I am KC and I approve this message.“; 2) “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”

No one really knows if it’s really Ricin  in the letters, though, they did test positive for Ricin.  It’s take a few days to test for the poison.

And before all this happened, I read about people getting stabbed with knives in San Francisco, Pennsylvania, and other states.

All this leaves me wondering, why are they picking on gun owners?

If someone really wants to commit a crime, he can use other means.  He can use a knife, bomb, hatchet, and kill just as many people.

So to me, outlawing guns makes no sense.  At least if someone carries a gun, he can protect him/herself from someone who wants to harm him/her.  With all the crazies out there today,  we all need to carry something to protect ourselves.

And on top of this, since all the crazies are running around, we targets will become bigger targets.  The government will increase our harassment and blame it on increased terrorism.

My harassment has increased threefold.  Maybe some of you noticed the increase, too.  This always happens when a lot of  terrible things happen at one time.  We targets suffer the consequences of  what others do. We’re punished for it.

Maybe all this increased crime is due to the harassment of citizens by government.  They’re all getting fed up by their treatment and are fighting back.  We all reach a point where we think “enough is enough”.  And we’ve all had more than enough.

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Is this the future?

This is the future.

Foodforthethinkers's Blog

By Doug Newman
When I read that Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Hell) proposed letting governors use national guard troops to increase school security, I was reminded of this picture. Yes, it is photoshopped, but it conveys a profound point. Is there any point at which those who love the police state won’t stop? As with any breach of the Constitution, you must ask: what is going to be next?

kid peeingAnd do not miss William Grigg’s piece about this outrage.

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Gang Stalking – New Jersey wants to pass bill to ban citizens from buying ammunition.

carte d'identité national

Granny's Got a Gun

Image by Impact Tarmac via Flickr - elderly woman carrying gun

I just heard that New Jersey is going to pass a law to prevent citizens from being able to buy ammo.  If you can’t buy ammo, then the gun you own will be useless.  How can you use your gun without ammo?  I don’t know what’s happening to this country, but more and more of our rights are diminishing.  The U.S. is becoming more like China and Russia.  Pretty soon, we’ll all have to carry identity cards to go anywhere. And if you don’t get an identity card, you’ll probably be arrested.  Our second amendment right is in jeopardy.  If only the military can buy ammo, we’re at the mercy of the government.  And you know what happens when citizens are at the mercy of the government:  a dictatorship!

I don’t own a gun, and I will probably never own one, but I believe in the second amendment.  I feel protected knowing that if ever our country were on the edge of becoming a dictatorship, there will  be people with guns who can defend our country.  Without guns, we lose that protection.

So if you think  the bill being discussed in New Jersey is a dangerous bill, get in touch with New Jersey congress people and let them know what you think.  We don’t want a country where only the military has guns and can get ammo.  And if this bill passes in New Jersey, it will probably have a domino effect.

Read article below to get info on whom to contact and phone numbers.

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NRA ALERT: New Jersey Assembly Committee to Consider Ammo Ban More

Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Is all fair in love and war?

Fight for Your Life

Image via Wikipedia

Love of My Life (Queen song)

Yes, it certainly is.  If I were fighting in a war, I’m not going to stand around and let someone kill me.  If someone is coming at me with a gun, I’ll do everything I have to do to save my life.  I only have one life, and I’m not going to let someone shoot me.  Even if I have to do sneaky things to the other opponent, I’ll do it.  The person on the other end of the gun is going to do the same thing.  So it’s the one that can outwit the other that will win the war.

And it is the same with love.  A person, if he/she really cares about someone and wants him in her life, it’s fair to fight the good fight.  If someone doesn’t put up a good fight to keep a lover, then he’ll lose that person.  A person has to know that someone is willing to fight for him/her to keep him in her life.  And, again, if it’s doing something that’s not so nice, it’s fair.

So all is fair in love in war.

Countdown:  56 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – Las Vegas is suicide capital of U.S.

Those of  you who read my blog know I complain about Las Vegas all the time.  Well, I finally have proof  that I’m not lying to you.

The other day I was listening to Nevada Public Radio (NPR), and happened to catch Matt Wray  (don’t know if that’s the way his name is spelled), sociology professor at Temple University in Philadelphia.  He wrote a book (Leaving Las Vegas: Exposure to Las Vegas and Risk of Suicide) about Nevada being number one in suicides in the U.S.  He used to live in Nevada at one time and was curious about suicides in Nevada and researched it. The following is what he discovered:

He stated that Las Vegas is becoming a destination where  people come to kill themselves, or something happens to them while living here that makes them commit suicide.  He also stated that people who live in Las Vegas have a 50% chance of killing themselves.  If someone leaves Las Vegas, his chance of killing himself goes way down.

People who live in Las Vegas have a higher rate of drug abuse, cirrhosis of the liver, fewer family relationships, few social ties, and “gambler’s despair.”  Most of the population is highly transient.  50% of us have lived in Las Vegas fewer than 3 years (I’m practically a native. I’ve lived here 6 yrs.)  Most of the people in Las Vegas have no friends (I can attest to that), no support, extreme social isolation.  People who live here have a sense of extreme social isolation to where they can’t turn to someone for help if they need help.  He said Sin City has become Suicide City.  Las Vegas’ cultural license as a place where “what happens here stays here” also contributes to suicides.

Suicides go unreported in Las Vegas by newspapers. ( I guess they don’t want to scare people away.)   And when newspapers report suicides, it puts other members  of society on the path to suicide.

60% of  people who commit suicide in Las Vegas use a gun.  And the rest, by poisoning themselves, or jumping from casino parking garages. Few people kill themselves by jumping out casino windows.  None of the windows open.  In Las Vegas, it’s okay to own a gun. So a lot of people have access to guns.  And it’s difficult to take guns away from people and deprive them  of their 2nd Amendment right to have a gun.

So, you see, when I complain about Las Vegas, it’s not to hear myself complain.  It’s because Las Vegas is truly what I’ve told you it is.

Maybe that’s why they’re all so mean.  They’re so unhappy and  want to make someone else’s life miserable.

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