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Gang Stalking – It’s all about gun control.

Gun Control Hartford CT

Gun Control Hartford CT (Photo credit: john bunce)

Hi, everybody. I guess I’ve been M.I.A.  I think you can understand why. Coming to the library to type my blog is nothing but a horrific experience.  It’s pure hell.  I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut. It is very hard to do so, but I’ve managed so far to do it. I don’t know I can keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, I’ve had no luck finding an apartment. I’ve never realized how many bad neighborhoods in Las Vegas. There seems to be very little in way of middle-of-the road apartments. Either overly expensive, or real dumps.  I went to look at an apartment yesterday and seedy is not the world I would to describe the area.  It is below seedy.  But saying that, I felt safer in the apartment I looked at than I’ve felt anywhere else.  The apartment complex‘s  gated, has cameras everywhere and when I entered the complex, very few people showed up to do their perp duties.  There was one woman with a dog who immediately headed for me when I entered. She said “hello”. I didn’t bother responding because I could tell she’s a perp.  But, otherwise, no one came out and just stood around like an idiot.  It’s a studio apartment, top floor. and has wooden floors.  And the rent is to die for. Very low and it includes electricity. But the idea of coming out at night in the neighborhood  if I needed something from the store is a scary thought.  But, oddly, I felt very safe in the complex. I felt safer in the complex than I did in other places that were well-to-do. In most of those places, I couldn’t wait to get the hell out.!

Today, I went to look at another place, after a very long walk, and it lasted about two minutes before I walked out.  Perps everywhere I looked. And the thing that really made me walk out of the place without saying a word is the manager. I walked into the complex office and she had on a very low-cut sweater and made a point of puffing up her chest so that I’d notice. Let me tell you, I wanted to throw up. That’s what happens to me every time I go into the current office.  I just took one look and disappeared without saying a word. I don’t want to put up with that s–t again. I don’t know if Las Vegas creates these horrible people, or if they’re born that way. Either way, why don’t they get some class and act in a professional way. They’re at work and should act so,. They’re not working in a night club, after all.

I heard something about another woman being killed, or something like that. I don’t have a t.v.., but I heard a few minutes of it on the radio. I don’t know what happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another target. I have to read up on it. It’s hard without a computer.

I mentioned this woman because of the guns laws. Maybe all this has to do with gun laws. I made  connection yesterday when I heard about her.  What I think is, that the American public will demand that government put into law gun control.  Once the government and law enforcement  control all the guns, guess what, no guns, and the government can swoop in and control us even more.  And what we will have is totalitarianism.  Maybe that’s the kind of government we deserve. The American public doesn’t seem to be too concern about losing a lot of its rights.  All they want to be is safe.  Yeah, they can be safe and slaves  I guess Americans have to go through a period of  enslavement  to understand what freedom really is..They sure as hell don’t know what it is now!

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping your spirits up.  The only thing  we targets can really do is hope for the best and  that this hell ends for all of us. And soon.

Gang Stalking – “Tell Freedom I said hello”

Gun Con

Gun Con (Photo credit: yuichirock)

Brothers of a Political Prisoner

"first amendment area"

“first amendment area” (Photo credit: Thom Watson)

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech (Photo credit: [togr])

“Tell freedom I said hello.”  Lauren DeStefano

I don’t like what’s happening to me, but I’m glad it happened.  I’ve learned so much from the experience of gang stalking.

1.  Don’t depend on your family or friends, because when it comes time for them to stand up for you, they won’t.  They’re just human being with warts. They’ll run like rats when it comes to fighting the government.  They’ll believe whatever the government tells them about us than believe  someone they’ve known all their lives.

2.   I used to believe in gun control. But experiencing gang stalking has made me realize how important the Second Amendment is.  The general public should always have access to guns.  If we don’t, a dictator can easily take over the country.  It is the guns that will keep the government from our doors.

3.   Most Americans are really spoiled, and that includes me.  We’ve grown up with no wars on our soil.  So we have no idea what hell war really is.

4.   We’ve always had food to eat.  Even poor Americans have had food to eat.

5.   We have a free educational system.  All we have to do is show up. A lot of people in other countries have to pay for this privilege.  It’s not a “given” for them.

6.   Most of our lives we’ve been free.  We’ve been free to live our lives as we see fit.  No one followed us around watching everything we did and said.

7.  I never really understood freedom. I always thought freedom was doing my thing, and everyone else doing theirs.  But freedom is more than this.

8.   I always thought government in our lives was a good thing. But I was wrong.  The less government interference in our lives, the better.  The more control the government has over us, the less freedom we have.

9.   I’ve learned that the Second Amendment is very, very important.  That it is not something for the people to try to change. Once the government starts nitpicking on our Second Amendment, that’s the beginning of  our country becoming less free.  It is the one Amendment, more than any other, that will keep Americans free.  The right to pick up our guns and fight a dictatorship is very important.  Our Second Amendment should be left alone.  No one should screw with it.

I once met a woman who told me she had to leave her country. I asked her, “Why did you have to leave?”  She replied, “A bunch of thugs took it over.”   I said, “Why didn’t people fight back?”   She replied, “They had all the guns.”

I’ve never forgotten what she said to me.  It was the beginning of my awakening.

So our job is more than doing “our thing” and everybody doing “their thing.”  It is our job as citizens to make sure our freedom’s protected. That we’re always on watch to make sure it’s not taken away from us.

All we have to do is take a look at other countries that have become dictatorships.

I’ve never really understood what freedom is. I’ve always had it. I took it for granted.  It took gang stalking to make me realize what a gift I have, and to wake me up.

I used to be an UltraLiberal. There are so many things that I didn’t understand about freedom. I cringe at the thought. How could I have been so blind?  So blind as to what freedom really is.  So, in a way, I’m glad gang stalking entered my life; otherwise, I”d be one blind rat.

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Gang Stalking – Immigrants see signs of Americans losing their freedom.

Tiananmen Square Protest (tian_med)

Tiananmen Square Protest (tian_med) (Photo credit: mandiberg)

An Arrival in June

An Arrival in June (Photo credit: Robert Croma)

Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Isl...

Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Island and Liberty Island, Manhattan, in New York County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was listening to the radio and the subject was gun control. Since I’d just written about gun control, I decided to listen to what others had to say about the subject.

The first woman who called the station complained about people who liked owning guns. She didn’t understand why anyone needs to own a gun. She said people who owned guns made her angry, because we have the police ready to protect us from gun crazies.

I swear, that first caller was me in another time. I understood how she felt, but  since then, my belief on gun control changed. I so wanted to get on the phone and call the radio station and explain to the woman why we all have a right to own guns. But it was a recorded show, so I could not respond to what she said.

Then immigrant after immigrant called the station.  All the immigrants were against gun control. They all said that they left their country because of  government torture or harassment.   One caller, a Chinese man, had taken part in the Tiananmen Square Protest in 1989, and he’d wished he had a gun. None of the protesters had guns,  the police all had guns.   He said he totally believed in a citizen’s right to own a gun. He’d become a citizen, and he stated that Americans should keep their guns and not to ever give them up. That guns would prevent the U.S. from becoming a dictatorship.

There’s also something they all said that I wish other Americans had heard.  They all said that they see signs of what was happening in their country happening here.   They see signs of people losing their rights in the future.

Well, they sure don’t have to warn me about signs. I’m living proof of what the immigrants were talking about. I’ve lost my freedom along with million of other Americans. We targets all know what the signs are. We’re all experiencing what the immigrants were talking about.  We’ve already lost our freedom.

I wish Americans would open their eyes and see what’s happening.  The immigrants see the signs, why can’t they?

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Gang Stalking – “They had all the guns.”

The Second Amendment. Guns.

The Second Amendment. Guns. (Photo credit: Leah L. White)

Gun Control

Gun Control (Photo credit: D’oh Boy (Mark Holloway))

Sozioökonomische Regionen North Carolinas

Sozioökonomische Regionen North Carolinas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer's End. Lexington Green, 11 September 20...
Summer’s End. Lexington Green, 11 September 2002. Photo taken in Minute Man National Historical Park. Sculpture : “Minuteman” by sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson (1863-1947), dedicated April 19, 1900. Erected 1899 : SIRIS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Clockwise start at the top left: Gloc...

English: Clockwise start at the top left: Glock G22, Glock G21, Kimber Custom Raptor, Dan Wesson Commander, Ruger sp101, Ruger Blackhawk .357, Sig Sauer P220 Combat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guns?  Do you believe in gun ownership?

At one time, I was against gun ownership.  As you probably know, if you read my blog, I grew up in New York. In New York, there  have always  been  laws against gun ownership.  Growing up, I didn’t know anyone who owned one.  But I used to hear “that if I wanted a gun all I had to do was go down to the Carolinas and buy a gun.” Other than hearing this remark, no one really ever discussed gun ownership.

And I really never understood why anyone needed to own a gun. I believed no one needed to own a gun because the police would take care of any problem involving guns.   I didn’t have to worry about such a thing as gun control.

One day, when I was still living in New York, my friend introduced me to a woman who would change my mind about gun control.   We were having lunch and discussed different topics.  The woman began to talk about how she had to leave her country. I asked her why did she have to leave her country.  She replied, “I had to leave my  country because it was taken over by thugs.”   I replied, “Why didn’t people fight back?”  She said, “They had all the guns.” I remember repeating to myself  “They had all the guns.”

This phrase stayed with me for a long time, but it did not change my mind about gun control.

Fast forward to 2009, and I became a victim of government harassment. I still  believed in gun control.

But slowly and surely as time has gone by, and more and more government intrusion occurs in our lives, I’ve changed my mind about guns.

If the government  can do to me and others what they’re doing, what’s the next step? Control of government over everything?

If  “They had all the guns,” what chance do we have against the government taking our freedom away from all of us?

What the woman said to me at lunch that day resonates in my being. It’s a warning she was giving me.

I believe in the Second Amendment.  I believe in the Second Amendment and gun ownership. I believe every citizen has a right to own a gun.  And the government has absolutely no right to take away our right to own one.

It’s taken me a while to get to this point in my life.

But becoming  a target of government harassment has taught me how important our Second Amendment is in  keeping America free from those who want to turn the U.S. into a dictatorship.

Gun control = loss of freedom.

No gun control no matter what happens. Guns keep those who would enslave us away from our doors.

I can’t believe I was such a Liberal!

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