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Gang Stalking – America, don’t make me cry anymore.

English: The United States Esperanto: Loko de ...

English: The United States Esperanto: Loko de Usono sur la terglobo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crime Society of America from 52 Week 52, art ...

Crime Society of America from 52 Week 52, art by Justiniano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Crying (Photo credit: sinosplice)

After four years, I still don’t know what I’m guilty of.  No one’s come to me and told me I’ve committed a crime, but, yet, I’m being punished.  Punished for what?

Everyone has a right to know what crime he’s committed and brought to trial.  I’ve had no trial, no one’s told me I’m guilty of anything, but I’m treated like a criminal, like an animal.

If  I’ve committed a crime, I want to be brought to trial and put in front of a jury who will judge me guilty or not.

But I’ve never had opportunity to speak with someone and have them tell me what it is I’m guilty of.

All my life I grew up hearing that America is the land of the free, that we all get a fair trial with rights to a lawyer. I’ve not been given a lawyer, nor a trial.

So here I sit, wasting my life away, as if I’m in prison, with no rights.

I’m free, what a laugh!  If this is freedom, give me communism.

How  much worse can communism be?

The land of the free is no more.  America has lost its way.

It is full of  corrupt Congress, government officials, and money-grubbing people.

No one cares about freedom anymore, only how much they can all put in their bulging pockets.

America the land of the free. The land that tortures its citizens and takes away all their rights without a trial or a lawyer.

America, you’re in a sad, sad state.  I hope you find your way back to what you were.  That is, if you are  what I thought you were.

I still care about you, America. Don’t make me cry anymore.

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Gang Stalking – There will be more shootings.

English: FBI Mobile Command Center in Washingt...

English: FBI Mobile Command Center in Washington DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The Seal of the United States Federal...

English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pardon my language, but the F–ks are in my computer again. That’s all I’m going to say, because if I continue writing about them, I’ll say nastier things.  And I don’t want Blackbird63’s mother mad at me.  Her mother doesn’t like four-letter words.

Well, another shooting. Not too surprised.  I’ve mentioned over and over this would happen.

I can bet the man was a target.  Just the description I heard on the radio convinces me he was.  The neighbors(perps) said that he roamed his yard at night.  Probably roamed his yard to keep those “nice” neighbors from doing something to him or his property.

I bet the neighbors know exactly why he was angry.  They probably drove him to madness with their constant harassment.

But, of course, he was a “mad man.”  That’s the description all the neighbors used.  Tells you right there that they were harassing the man.

The man’s name was Jimmy Lee Dykes, a veteran.  He kidnapped a little boy from the school bus, and killed the bus driver who tried to prevent him from kidnapping Ethan.  After kidnapping Ethan, Jimmy Lee took the little boy to where he lived, a bunker he built to protect himself (more proof that he was a victim).

For five days, Jimmy Lee kept the boy in the  bunker.  On the fifth day, the FBI saw him walking around carrying a gun and shot him down.  Their excuse being that the little boy was in imminent danger, and they had to shoot him to keep Ethan safe.

What Jimmy Lee Dykes did is not right, but I’m sure he was driven to do so by his “nice” neighbors.

At one point, Jimmy Lee told the FBI he wanted to talk to someone in the media, but he wasn’t allowed to do so.  I wonder why not.  I’m sure he wanted everybody to know what was happening to him, but didn’t get a chance. Why wasn’t Jimmy Lee allowed to talk to the media?  Because the FBI knew who Jimmy Lee is and the secret would get out about his harassment by government.

Jimmy Lee was living the life of  a typical target, harassed 24/7 by a bunch of phony neighbors who drove him to do what he did.

Of course, I have no proof of what I wrote, but I see the signs of someone who was a victim of government harassment by “nice” neighbors.  I have “nice” neighbors, too.  Neighbors who would probably say the same thing about. About how I didn’t talk to anyone, and told them off and they couldn’t understand why.

Of course, everybody’s saying that Jimmy Lee was nuts, but we targets know better.  He was probably saner than most of those “nice” neighbors who drove him to commit an insane act.  The neighbors are probably the ones who should be blamed for the death of the bus driver. They caused his death, I’m sure.

I hope all the neighbors feel the guilt they should  for harassing Jimmy Lee Dykes, for getting the bus driver killed and for the little boy having to endure five days away from his family.

But, of course, we’ll never find out the truth about Jimmy Lee Dykes. His name will be in the newspapers for about a week or more and no one will hear anything else about him again.

And as I predicted before, there will be more shootings.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Write something to do with bacon.

Babe (film)

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English: Open face bacon and egg sandwich

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The BLT is a variety of sandwich containing Ba...

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An iteroparous organism is one that can underg...

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Bacon?  Do I like it? Wish there was more of it, or less? Do I like the way it looks, or wish I’d never see it again?  What do I think of bacon flavored chocolate, or the significance of the phrase “bringing home the bacon“?

Ah, the smell of bacon any time of the day makes for a very  happy human being.   Those crispy, golden-brown slices,  with their  salty sweetness sitting on my tongue before being devoured. The aroma reaching  my nose,  tickling it  and making  me hungary for more of the delicious bacon.  Much, much more of it, never less.  But  must be honest and admit I feel very guilty eating bacon.  After seeing the movie “Babe“,   I can’t look at bacon with a clear conscious.  That scene where Babe is taken for slaughter plays over and over in my mind.  I eat a lot less bacon than I used to;  and for periods of time, I don’t eat any at all. Maybe some day, I’ll completely give it up.  But for now, I’m a flawed human.

My favorite way of eating bacon, besides eating it with eggs in the morning, is in a bacon/lettuce/tomatoes club sandwich.  Toast three pieces of white bread; after toasting put mayo on all three pieces.  Add lettuce, tomatoes and bacon on two pieces, turn third piece over.   Cut sandwich diagonally (should look like an “X”).  You should end up with four pieces that look like triangles.  Hold the pieces together with tooth picks.   Add potato chips and your drink of choice.  Delish!  Sorry, Babe.

As to chocolate flavored bacon, ugh!  Don’t mess with chocolate. Don’t mess with bacon.  Neither one needs enhancement.

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