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Gang Stalking – Targets, be careful drinking that glass of wine.

English: Greyhound bus stopping at a rest area

English: Greyhound bus stopping at a rest area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Glass of Wine Awaits

A Glass of Wine Awaits (Photo credit: evita2005)

The 600 ml beer bottle is the standard reused ...

I was passing the store I hate on my way home and  remembered I needed  bread.  I didn’t really want to go into the store, but it was either take a very long walk, or do without bread.  I decided to go into the store. I told myself I’d go in and get the hell out of the store very quickly.

I walked into the store, quickly walked to the bread section, grabbed the bread, turned around and almost ran into the store manager.  I was in the store less than two minutes, and  he was following me around the store.   I walked right up to him, held up the bread and said, “I just got this bread and I’m going to the cashier and pay for it.”  His eyes got really big and he gave me a look that said, “Oops, I’m caught.”  He had a shopping cart with him to look as if he was doing something. He had nothing in the cart and was doing absolutely nothing but following me around the store in the two short minutes I was in it.

I continued to the cashier, paid for the bread and left.

It’s sickening to go somewhere and be treated like a thief.   This is not the only store this happens in.  Any store I enter, right away,  everybody who works in the store is on the lookout to catch me stealing something.

We targets are the worse of the worse.  There isn’t anything we won’t steal, damage, drink, etc.

That”s another thing that bothers me, drinks.  I buy a beverage in some stores that looks like a beer bottle.  It’s a health drink and I’ve drunk it since I was a little girl. No alcohol in the drink whatsoever.  My mother used to drink it with a raw egg in it. I don’t, though.  But the bottle is brown and has the look of  beer, the drink is brown in coloring.  But there’s no alcohol in the drink and it’s not charged as alcohol in the store.  But what do I see in the complex where I live?  The guy next to me, the alcoholic, keeps a beer can on the table he has out in front of his apartment. The woman downstairs in apartment 107, has a beer bottle sitting out in front of her apartment.  A lot of the idiots who live here walk around carrying empty beer bottles. I’m supposed to be an alcoholic. I don’t even drink!  But the perps are told that I am and they’re to push that angle,  because it makes me look bad. If there’s one thing I’m not is an alcoholic.  I’m not perfect and  have my idiosyncrasies, but being an alcoholic is not one of them.

I remember when  traveling by Greyhound bus to Nevada, I stopped in the terminal, got a water bottle out of the dispenser, turned around and heard one of the workers say, “She probably has alcohol in that bottle.”  The man who was standing next to him said, “No, she doesn’t.  I saw her take that water bottle out of the dispenser.”  That’s the day I found out that they were telling everyone I’m an alcoholic. And I’ve had other incidence where someone made some remark about my drinking. I ignore the idiots because I know I’m not a drunk, but it gets tiring sometimes.  That’s the kind of lie told about all of us.  All they have to do is see you drink a glass of wine at Thanksgiving dinner and you’re an alcoholic.

We targets all have terrible reputations.  Anything that’s bad we are.   We don’t have to do anything.  We can be the most angelic human beings on this earth and everybody will hear a different story about all of us.  That we are all bad, bad, bad.

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Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers are all filthy dogs.

English: Pacific Time Zone and Northwest Zone

English: Pacific Time Zone and Northwest Zone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A large chess game inside Enoch Pratt...

English: A large chess game inside Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idiots lately have made a game of changing  all my clocks.  They change a clock I have just for waking myself up. My clock  is set to wake me up by 6:30 a.m. Every night, they change the clock to 1 a.m.  They set my computer to GMT. I’m on Pacific time, but I cannot reset it to Pacific time. My phone time is constantly changed, and it’s also set to GMT. I cannot reset to Pacific time.    But that’s the least of my harassment.

I told you about the garbage the perps leave in front of their doors.  I went to the office and complained to them about the garbage left out in  front of  the doors,  and how we were going to get  vermin and pigeons.  The office people told me they’d check into it. I really didn’t think they’d do anything about it.  To my surprise, I came home one day and all the garbage in front of the apartments was nowhere in sight.  So I’d thought I’d go into the office and thank them for taking care of the problem.

I walked into the office and the girl I’d spoken with was not in the front.  The person sitting at her desk was the maintenance man.  He was using the computer, and another woman was standing next to him.  Both of them were laughing.  I asked the girl where the other girl was.  She told me she was in the manager’s office. So I walked toward the manager’s office and thanked the girl for taking care of the problem. As I was walking away from the girl, I could hear the manager and the girl laughing hysterically.  The manager was using the computer and  looking at something.  I overheard the girl said, “Oh, good, she’s in the kitchen.  Yea, we got her.  Look at her!  She’s looking around.”  And I came out to the front again, and the two in the front were also looking at someone  through their computer. Both also laughing hysterically.   The computers in the office are set up so the people in the office can hit the targets through the wiring.   And they were having a lot of fun playing games with the targets’ lives.

These people are beyond evil.  They know exactly what they’re doing.  I don’t ever want to hear  that these perps don’t  know what’s going on. They know what they do and enjoy it.  They’re playing target practice with us.  All of them.  That’s not the first time I’ve seen this done.  We’re like a chess game to them. Get the target instead of the pawn.

In one apartment I went to, when I was apartment hunting, I saw the same thing happen.  There was a man sitting in a dark office setting up the targets’ apartments to connect to the computer. I also recognized the man.  I’ve seen him at several places I’ve been, and he was setting up computers there, too.  This was at a T-Mobile store.  The man is of  Jewish descent, has very close crop hair, very nerdy looking and has the look of a rat.

They’re not only getting targets though the phone, but also through the computer. But I’ve known this for a while. This was done to me on a Greyhound bus I was on.  A man got on the bus, he had his computer with him and I thought nothing of it.  But I did notice that he kept turning around to look at me.  And I began to wonder why.  So I watched him. After watching him a while,  I figured out what he was doing.

He had a pre-printed text and each line on the text equaled distance.  He was turning around to get  distance of where I was.  And when he got it, he began zapping me with his computer.  That was the first time I experienced hits by a computer.  After that, I noticed computers used to zap me in restaurants, trains, buses, etc.

There’s a code they use that draws electricity from the wires.  I wish I knew it.  I’d zap them all to hell!

So if you’re getting zapped in your apartment or house, it might be by computer, or phone.  When you’re away, they get into your place and mess with the wiring.  They’re all  filthy dogs!

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Gang Stalking – Every gang stalker belongs in hell.


Easter (Photo credit: 427)

I’ve spent about 5 hours trying to get on the internet today, but here I am. I didn’t give up.  I’m on my computer now, and I thought I’d never get on.

The past week has been very difficult for me.  Not only are they messing with my computer, but I’ve  been sprayed all week with a lot of pesticide.  Sometimes the pesticide is really strong and I feel really nauseous.  Last night, the odor was so strong, I thought I was going to pass out. I have pesticide sprayed from about 4-5 apartments, plus there are people outside who spray the stuff at me. I felt so sick, I called the people upstairs some really nasty names.  Names they deserved to be called.

I have some more tips to give you.

I  know you  notice people  busy working on their computer. I’m sure you don’t give them  a second thought, but you should.  A lot of times when someone  is near you using his computer,  he’ll be paying very close attention to you.  They might look as if they’re typing, but most times they’re not.  This is how it works.  Remember I told you about how they aim their phone at you to hit you, same with the computer.  A gang stalker will look as if he’s strolling down a page with text on it, it is text, but the page is stationary. He’s not typing, he’s trying to get your location as he strolls down the page.  Every time he strolls down a line, it shows a distance.   He’ll stroll down to get your distance so he can hit you electrically with his computer.  Next time you’re around someone using a computer, look at the text, he’s not typing.  You are his aim.  Look at the text, you’ll see that it doesn’t move, it’s a pre-printed page that you’re looking at.  I discovered this when I was traveling on Greyhound and a man came on with a computer.  I didn’t consider him a gang stalker because he was busy typing away, or I thought he was.  But he kept turning around to look at me.  I wondered what was up with him and began to watch him.  I took a close look at the text and saw that the text was pre-printed.  He was trying to get my location so he could aim his computer’s electricity  at me. So next time you see someone with a computer, look at the text.  If it looks stationary, he’s trying to make you his target.

I meant to tell you a little more about refrigerators, but I forgot.  Make sure you move your oven and your refrigerator to see if anything has been put under them.  Sometimes they’ll leave food under the oven and refrigerator to attract roaches. Other times, they’ll leave plastic bags to attract electricity.  So if you go out, always check your oven and refrigerator if you’ve been gone from home for more than 2 hours.  If you’re gone more than 2 hours, it gives them a chance to go into your house/apartment and put crap all over the place.

I told you about how to protect yourself with antennas, well, the other day, I saw one of the gang stalkers with 4 antennas right next to him.  He had his door open (I hit him all the time and he was trying to protect himself) and he was sitting in a chair with four antennas right next to his feet.  So antennas work.  Use them.

Also look in your kitchen sink drawers.  They’ll put all sorts of things in your drawers.   You’ll never know what you’ll find, so check them every chance you get.

When checking your apartment, don’t always look at things from the same angle; if you do, you’ll miss seeing something they’ve done in your apartment.

The gang stalkers are very sneaky and will do a lot of things to you that you won’t notice.  You might notice it 1 or 2 months later, and by that time, your apartment/house might be overrun with vermin.  So  keep your eyes open.

I had a lot to tell you, but the last week has been very difficult for me.  I’m lucky I remember my name.  So I didn’t include a lot of things I meant to tell you, because I can’t remember what they were.

If I can find the notes I wrote, I’ll tell you more.

I never wished any of you a Happy Easter, so I want to take this chance to wish you a belated Happy Easter.  I hope you had a nice day with your family and friends.

Take care of yourselves and be careful out there.

I’m still not “too with it”, but I forced myself to write.  I don’t want to get out of the habit of writing.  I figure it’s better to write something terrible and slowly work my way back to writing a better blog. That is, if my brain doesn’t rot from all the pesticide.

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Gang Stalking – Traveling? Targets, good luck.

Amfleet snack bar car, known as a "Cafe c...

snack bar car, known as a “Cafe car”, in an eastern Amtrak train (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Airbus A340-600 at the 2006 Farnborough Airshow.

Category:Images of railway stations

Category:Images of railway stations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ONE DRIVER HAS DOUBLE-PARKED HIS CAR WHILE HE RUNS AN ERRAND, CREATING ADDITIONAL WOES FOR MOTORISTS DURING A BUS… – NARA – 556724 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is the sort of thing a gang stalker does.


A tall ship in New York Harbor: Amerigo Vespuc...
A tall ship in New York Harbor: Amerigo Vespucci at the ship parade in the NYC harbor at the United States Bicentennial festivities. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fahrgastschiff MS Wappen von Köln

Fahrgastschiff MS Wappen von Kiln (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer will be soon be here, and a lot of people will be traveling.  Traveling for us targets is not  safe.  It won’t matter how you travel.  Whether you travel by bus, plane, car, ship, etc., the  harassment will follow you.  Below are some things I learned while traveling.  And don’t let them keep you from traveling.  At least you’ve had some warning.  When I traveled, I had no idea what they’d do to me.

Bus.  If you travel by bus, the bus will have gang stalkers on it. I travel Greyhound and it’s always happened to me.  There is a recruiter at the bus terminal who recruits gang stalkers.   The same lies they tell  about you in your every day life are told to the passengers.  Of course, there will be gang stalkers who will already be on the bus when you get on.

You will get hit as always, and the gang stalkers will surround you.  The bus driver will know all about you. He’s been warned.  He will drive  the bus as if he’s rushing to go to hell. The bus driver will heat your seat and make sure he goes over  every bump, and jerk the bus a lot.  He will make sure your seat shakes.  If you’re on a long bus trip, you will not get any sleep.  The gang stalkers will make sure you stay awake.  Basically, the same things they do to you in your normal life, they will  do you on the bus.  And everyone will know who you are.  If you have a carry on bag, take it with you every time you get off the bus. I once made the mistake of  getting off the bus during a break, and I left my bag  on the bus.  The bus driver  took off without me and took my bag.  My checks, clothes, personal papers, etc. were in the bag.  So take the bag with you every single time you get off the bus.  Even if you get off for just a minute, TAKE THE BAG WITH YOU!

Oh, one time I was on a Greyhound bus, and I had the following happen to me.  I got on the bus and halfway through, a man got on.  He sat one seat opposite me.  Right away, he began to tell stories about how he was an Arab, and  grew up in the states.  And everyone listened in awe. He was the center of attention.  I also listened.  The bus arrived at an entry point where the U.S. and Mexico connect.  A guard got on and called the man’s name sitting one seat from me.  The man raised his hand and said he was so and so.  The guard told him to get his stuff and come with him.  I watched from the bus window.  When the man got off the bus, he gestured wildly. He never got back on the bus.  The driver took off without him.  I asked the bus driver what had the man done.  He told me that they had found things in his suitcase that included things to blow up a bus.  At first, I thought it was true.  But the more I thought and thought about it, I realized the man was just a plant.  He was there just like the air Marshall to watch me, and check my bag.  He found nothing suspicious about me and decided to get off at the border.  So the same thing  might happen to you.  They might plant someone to watch you on the bus.  Probably was a border agent.  There’s nothing they won’t do to you,  so be careful on the bus.  Watch everything you say.  You might say something very innocent and be accused of being a terrorist.  I found it suspicious that when the man got off, the border guards looked as if they were talking to a friend.  None of  “put your hands against the wall” kind of thing.  Everyone looked too friendly and relaxed.  Not the  normal kind of   reaction from law enforcement that a criminal usually gets.

When I get on the bus, I always try to get the last seat.  This is not always possible.  Make sure you bring something to protect yourself, otherwise, you’ll just be fodder for the gang stalkers.

Airplanes.  I’ve taken several flights and it’s the same old, same old thing.  Harassers on the plane, too.  On a flight I was on, I had an air Marshall sitting next to me.  I got up at one point to go the bathroom.  When I left the bathroom, there were five men, all wearing exactly the same size and same shirt,  standing at the ready to jump on me.  It also included the air Marshall.  He was last in line. I could tell they were ready to pounce on me.  I saw one of the men go into the bathroom and check out the bathroom while the others stood by looking on.  I think they thought maybe I planted a bomb or something.  I’m not kidding when I say this.  Everywhere you go, you’re assumed to be a criminal, especially by the airlines.

Car.  I haven’t experienced this because I don’t have a car.  These are things told to me by other targets.  When they’re driving, someone will come behind them and stick really close to their car. Other  gang stalkers surround their car and stick close by.  Of course, they will always have their headlines on to let you know, it’s the miserable bitches following you around.  Sometimes, the gang stalkers will try to drive you off the road.  And if you get off the road, they will be right behind you.  So be very careful when you drive.  Maybe you can leave the driving to someone else.

Ship.  What can I say?  The same thing will happen on a ship.  The only good thing about being on a ship, you can’t get more gang stalkers getting on and off.  On the bus, you’re always getting new people all the time, and you have to keep  re-adjusting to the new group of  gang stalkers.  And the sea is calming.

Amtrak.  Traveling by rail is like every other mode of travel.  The gang stalkers will be hovering around you.  If you can get a seat in a corner, try to.  But there will be gang stalkers trying to hit you from everywhere in the car.  Always protect your back.   Sit by the doors that separate the cars. You’ll be safer there.  On Amtrak, you can get  a private room. It’s a fold-down seat which becomes a bed at night.  And you can lock your door for extra safety.   It’s very expensive, but it’s worth the money not to have to put  up with gang stalkers.  But it’ll be the same garbage. I’m sure they’ll probably be hanging outside or around your door.

So whether you take the bus, plane, ship, drive, Amtrak, be careful.  The same things they do to you in your home will happen to you while you’re traveling.

Don’t let them stop you from traveling.  Go out there and live your life, but be careful!