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Gang Stalking – Evil is alive and well.

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China is Human Suffering

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Best Buy
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Evil is alive and well.  I haven’t been able to type my blog for about 6 days.  The government flunkies were in my computer again.  They keep disabling my network access.  If no network access, I can’t use my computer.  Plus they added a few more viruses to my computer, so my computer was unusable.  I had to take it in to Best Buy store to have it repaired.   I just got it back today.  There are still viruses in my computer.  I wish I could find someone honest to repair my computer, but I don’t know anyone who can help me.  I don’t trust the technicians at Best Buy.  They know all about me, and as they’re told to do, are usually very rude.  Every time I go to Best Buy, I’m kept waiting while everybody else gets help.  If I dare to complain, they call the manager right away and complain about me. They tell the manager I’m being rude.  And they get away with it.  So I don’t know how long the computer will last this time.  Maybe half a day before more viruses get added and my computer becomes unusable again.

This is where all that money the government can’t find seems to go. It goes to harass innocent people.  Next time you hear money from the government is missing, think of me and you’ll know where it goes. It’s just an excuse they use to get away with human rights abuses.  If the government explained what they were doing with the money, there be a big outcry. So they keep it hidden.

If I were living in Iran, Egypt, or any other country, journalists would be reporting what’s done to me.  But the good old U.S.A. doesn’t commit human rights abuses, don’t you know?

As I wrote, evil is alive and well, especially when it comes to the good old government.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011- Now go cry in your cereal!

The two-year-olds, government flunkies, have changed everything I type. I type a caption, it’s removed.  I add a picture, it’s removed. They give the pictures wrong captions, or move it somewhere I don’t want.  They erase sentences.  Misspell my words.  Basically, they’re acting like two-year-0lds.  Where’s your pacifiers, you big babies.  You’re what the government spends our money on. They sure don’t get their money’s worth.  You are a bunch of useless, little babies.  Now go cry in your cereal.  You poor babies!  And wipe those nasty noses with that gross snot dripping down your noses.

Countdown: 58 blogs to write.

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