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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

As a targeted person being chased around by a bunch of no good creeps, I definitely would try to drive them crazy. Wherever they were, I’d appear and do something.

 If  a gang stalker were in a restaurant eating a sandwich, I would tap him on the shoulder and he’d  have to turn around. Gone would be his sandwich!  He  would turn around and not see  it. He would  wonder to himself, am I crazy? I don’t remember eating my sandwich. 

Another  gang stalker would be in the store, wallet in her hand, I’d take the wallet right out of her hand and throw it in the garbage.  Now, she would think there were ghosts or spirits around. 

Another is in his home taking a shower, I’d turn the hot, hot water on (this is something they’ve done to me several times) and they’d have to move out-of-the-way very quickly or else they’d get a burn.  

A  gang stalker is talking with someone else, I’d  make him hear voices while he ‘s talking with  the another person.  He’d begin to wonder if perhaps he was losing it. 

If one of them were wearing a wig, I’d pull it off in front of other people.  My, how embarrassing! 

 A gang stalker on a date, I’d paint her face to look like a clown.  She’d have the date looking at her strangely and she would wonder what was up.  She would go into the ladies’ room  and scream.  Lipstick would be  all over her face and white, round spots would  be on her forehead.  She would have really big, red lips.  

All day  I’d do this  and try to do to them what they like to do to me.  I’d make sure  to leave a message in their head about doing evil to others.

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