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Gang Stalking – Get off your ass and write to Senator Wyden!

Dirksen Senate Office Building

Dirksen Senate Office Building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Pulitzer Prize gold medal award 한국어: 퓰리처상 ...

The Pulitzer Prize gold medal award 한국어: 퓰리처상 공공 보도 부문 상인 금메달 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ron Wyden of Oregon

Ron Wyden of Oregon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring is right around the corner.  Can you believe?  I need a renewal.  A renewal of my spirit and body.

I feel so tired a 100 years of sleep sounds good.  Not only sleep, but sometimes I feel 100 years old.  Being hit all night is making my body feel real old, old, old.

It would be nice to have a day where nothing happens to me.  A day that’s normal. No perps, no electricity, no harassment. It would be a dream.  But I know it’s only a dream, because it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Anyway, I faxed my seven page memo to Senator Ron Wyden in Washington, D.C.  I’ll probably never hear anything from him.  That’s the way things have gone for a while.  No response from anybody.  But wouldn’t it be great if he did respond?  I’d vote for him to get a Pulitzer Prize.  Believe me, if the Senator  helped us, I’d vote for him to be President.  I don’t  even care what  his politics are. I’d just vote for him.  If he could help me end this hell I’m experiencing,  he’d have my eternal gratitude.

Maybe some of you haven’t heard about Senator Ron Wyden.  He’s interested in finding out information about those of us who are  victims of  government targeting.

If you haven’t sent him a fax, or emailed him, please do.  We need  to get as many targets to get in touch with him as possibly can.  The more targets  who write him, the more he will feel obligated to do something to help us, or at least question what’s going on.

The information for getting in touch with Senator Wyden is:

Senator Ron Wyden, 221 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510

Fax # (202) 228-2717

The above fax number is where I sent my memo. It’s a good number, so don’t be afraid to send it to this number. If you don’t trust the number, check his site and you can get the information yourself.  You’re not going to get ripped-off.

When you write him, just tell him what’s happening to you. Just  try not to sound too crazy. I know how easy it is for us to sound crazy when we describe what’s happening to us, because what’s happening to us is crazy.

Include your name, your home address, email address, phone number, etc. I didn’t include my social security number, nor my birthdate.  I’m not that trusting.

So, please, if you want this hell to end, do something to end it. Get going and get in touch with Senator Wyden.  It’s better than doing nothing. Doing nothing will get us nowhere.  Now, get going!

No, I mean it, get off  your ass and write Senator Wyden. I’ve given all the information you need.

By the way, “thank you.”

Contact info: http://neverending1.WordPress.com

Gang Stalking – Get off your ass and do something!

Washington DC

Washington DC (Photo credit: ktylerconk)

In front of 170 W 130 St., March on Washington...

In front of 170 W 130 St., March on Washington, l to r, Bayard Rustin, Deputy Director, and Cleveland Robinson, Chairman of Administrative Committee / World Telegram & Sun photo by O. Fernandez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbur...

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a while, we targets become a little traumatized.  We don’t realize this for a while.  We become used to living the life of a target. We’re always on edge waiting for the next insult to come, or the next hit.  We get so used to it, we become paralyze and afraid of freedom.  We’ve become accustomed to watching our backs.  To expect the worse every day.  That’s why gang stalking is still happening.  After so many years of  gang stalking, we become used to not living a free life.  It’s torture we’ve become used to.  It’s like we’ve been kept in a small, dark cell without sunshine.  We become afraid of freedom.  Gang stalking has become our life. And we don’t realize how it’s taken  over our life.  That’s how traumatized we become.

Now, targets, you can’t let this happen to you.   You have to get off your zombie state and your asses and do something about what’s happening to you.  You cannot expect anyone to save us.  We can’t expect to sit on our asses and expect the world to save us.  We have to save ourselves because no one is willing to hear what we have to say, nor do anything to help us.  We have to fight back.  I don’t care how you do, but you can’t stay in your zombie state.  That’s not a good state to be in.

I know your life has been hell, but no one has gotten anywhere by sitting on their asses. They fought back.  The U.S. didn’t become a free(?) country by people who sat around and felt sorry for themselves.  The people who fought for this country to be free were very ordinary people who accomplished great things by fighting back.  If you read the history of some of the first freedom fighters, you will find out that a lot of them had problems – alcoholism, were very poor, had not mother and father, etc.  They were very, very ordinary, but one thing they had in common was a belief in freedom.  They were willing to die to live free.  So we can’t sit around feeling sorry for ourselves.  We have to get out and fight in any way we can. Write blogs, tell  people what’s happening, get in touch with politicians, write letters to newspapers, take part in a protest,  march on Washington. Just do something!   We can’t let this continue happening to us.  We have to stop the madness.

Stop being a zombie and get involved.  Get off your asses and do something, or else we’ll never free of this horror we’re experiencing.

Now, get going and do something! Get off your asses!

Contact info:  http://neverending1.WordPress.com