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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What % of who you are is genetics vs. your choice?

Is it 50/50 or more or less of one?

Or should there be three numbers:  your genetics, how you were raised, and your own choices (33/33/33 or 10/40/50)?

My percentage of genetics vs. my choice is 40/40/20.   My genetics and the way my parents raised me are about even.  And my choice is 20%.  Every time I do something, I can hear my mother’s voice telling me that what I’m doing is either right or wrong.  And it’s a very strong voice.  It’s always with me.  It keeps me from doing something that I might regret .  It’s a voice I trust.  My mother’s voice has kept me from getting into trouble with  the gang stalking idiots.  If I hadn’t been  brought up the way I was, I know that today I would probably be in trouble for not keeping my cool.  It is easy for me get into trouble.  The gang stalkers are always available to make my life miserable.

And my genetics are also helpful. My genetics are of people who are calm, and not given to rash acts.  As I wrote in another blog, my mother was a sea of calm.  She rarely lost her temper, and was extremely kind to those she met.

By choice, these are the times that my genetics, and the way I was raised get lost.  I don’t pay any attention to them, and that’s when I lose my cool and get into trouble.  I tell people off, and I’m not in the least kind.  I just want to get even for whatever anyone does to me.

Thank God my genetics and the way I was raised are stronger than my choice, otherwise, I’d be in a lot of trouble all the time.

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