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Gang Stalking – Dr. Phil is an idiot!

Did anyone watch the video of Dr. Phil’s show on the man who appeared on his show to complain about cyber geeks stalking him? Dr. Phil treated the man rudely. Really never listened to anything he had to say, and of course, recommended he see a psychiatrist.

Now, I’m all for targets telling their stories, but this target did not do any of us any good. This man is an attorney and he’s been a victim of stalking for 4 years. He’s also been on drugs, and been clean for the last six months. Dr. Phil picked up on the drug thing right away and convinced the man that’s probably why he thinks he’s being stalked.

Matt, 51, told Dr. Phil he had proof in his computer, but when Dr. Phil’s cronies went to his computer, found no evidence of tampering. Of not, everything’s been removed from it by the hackers. This is what they do to me when I go to get my computer fixed. They remove all tell tales signs of hacking. And the geeks at the store always think I’m making things up.

Watch the video about Matt’s story on what he thinks is cyber stalking. He has no idea what is going on in his life, or that others are going through the same thing.

See the video http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/2142

And Dr. Phil is an idiot.



Gang Stalking – Even computer is in a state of confusion.

I’ve had so much trouble with the hackers that even the computer is in confusion. It turns itself off because it says it needs to update. So off it goes. Then it turns itself on and says that it has to go off because configurations are all wrong. Then it goes off again. Turns itself on again and says it has to undo what it just corrected. Off it goes again. Turns itself on again and says configurations are wrong again. It goes off again. I haven’t been able to do anything all day with the computer, because the computer is so confused;  it can’t tell whether  it’s coming or going. I have tried all day to upgrade my browser with no luck. I can’t get the update installed. The computer tells me that I’m updated, but I’m not. I check and it says I’m still running Windows 7 without upgrades. So the computer is totally in confusion.

I guess a computer is very much like a human  brain.  You confuse it enough and it loses its way.  I think it gets tired like the human brain, too.  It can take just so much b.s. and then it goes haywire.  It gets brain freeze.

So I give up on trying to fix my browser.  I hate giving into those hackers (sadists!).  I want to be able to fix the machine myself, but I have to admit it’s time to give it up.  So I drag myself to Best Buy to get the geeks to help me out.  As usual, when I get to Best Buy, it’s hard to get someone to help me.  There are four geeks in the geek section and only one is working.  So I sit there patiently waiting for my turn.  Finally, the only geek working is free.  He doesn’t have time for niceties.  He’s so busy doing all the work.  So I explain my problem with the computer and how it keeps correcting and uncorrecting itself.  I show him the remark sent to me by WordPress about browser being unsafe.  He goes right into action and changes my window browser and adds the Mozilla Firefox and tells me it’s better.  And while I’m at  Best Buy, the computer is working perfectly.  Get home and, of course, the computer is working, but it’s still acting up.  The hackers are already messing with my Firefox installment.  It’s supposed to be a better protector, but it’s just like the Windows it replaced.  It is no safer.

So far, while writing this blog, the hackers have erased my blog about six times.  I’ve been saved by the fact that WordPress  has saved my drafts.  Otherwise, I’d have to keep retyping  it.

I really don’t know why they keep messing with my computer.  What I blog is open for all to see.  So what the f–k is their problem?  Don’t have enough work to do?  Afraid of the truth? No matter how many times you mess with my computer, you hackers will not get me to stop writing my blog.  I will continue writing it.  You don’t scare me one bit. And I really know why you do what you do.

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