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Gang Stalking – Don’t be fooled by a man in a wheelchair, targets.

Transformers 3 Movie Set

Transformers 3 Movie Set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wheelchair symbol big

Wheelchair symbol big (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wheelchair seating in a theater (i.e. giving a...

Wheelchair seating in a theater (i.e. giving a dedicated, convenient space left free for a user to position his own wheelchair in the cinema). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, as I walked around my complex, a black man watched  and followed me wherever I went.  I began to feel my hair stand on its end.  I know this feeling well.  An intuition I get that someone is up to no good.  So I went into the office and complained about the man.  He does not live in the complex.  The complex manager  immediately got up  and acted solicitous (big phony).  I knew right away I should’ve  handled it myself.  So she got her radio and walked around to find the man.  I met her halfway and she said, “I didn’t see anybody.”   She implied that there was no man and I was making it up.  Of course, I knew what was going to happen the next day.

So, today is the next day.  I step out of my apartment, and what is the first thing I see?  A creepy looking, tall, black man wearing all black and a scarf tied around his head.  He wasn’t just walking by.  He purposely walked by.   If they know you’re coming out of your home, they’ll put gang  stalkers outside your apartment.  These people will be told to wait until you come out and play their part of just walking  by.  They act like extras on a movie set.  When they’re told to walk on, they walk on.  It’s an act they do.

I don’t care what color someone is.  If my hair stands up on end, I’m going to be very careful.  A  man can be white, green, yellow, blue, and if  my hair stands up on its end, I’m going to watch him.  It has nothing to do with color.  A lot of black men  gang stalk me, but I never got the feeling I got yesterday.  The man following me would have given anyone the creeps. So now I know that everywhere I go, a black man will be following me.

The complex manager reported what I told her to the monitor right away.  The monitor passes it on to every gang stalker who works for  him.  It doesn’t take long for something that happens to a target to get around.  Within minutes, all the gang stalkers know what the new  thing  is they should do  to a target.  And everything new  gang stalkers report, they get paid for.  Their job is to gang stalk a target, and to report anything new about a target. They get money for reporting every little, new thing.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  It’s new and it’s something else they can harass you about.

Today, I also passed a white man who always comes out when he knows I’m outside. He’s in a wheelchair and  makes believe he just happened to be outside.    He saw me and said, “Why, hello.  How are you doing?”    At that moment, I just got so pissed off putting up with these lowlifes,  I looked at him and said, “Don’t talk to me, you phony.  Why don’t you go drown yourself somewhere?”   That might seem like a mean thing to say to someone who is in a wheelchair, but you have to be in my shoes to know how I feel putting up with phonies like these.  They’re worse than people who we know are gang stalkers and act like gang stalkers.  The ones who are “real nice” are despicable.  They want to get to know you so they can report everything  you do.  So as I said, I hope he goes and drowns himself.  And don’t think because someone is in a wheelchair that he’s not a gang stalker.  There are plenty of people in wheelchairs who are gang stalkers.  And they’re just as evil as the ones walking around.

And tomorrow when I go out, I expect to see a wheelchairs.

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Gang Stalking – Do you fear the bully will come to your door?

while we stand aside

while we stand aside (Photo credit: B.S. Wise)

English: BOSTON, Mass. (June, 15, 2008) A byst...

English: BOSTON, Mass. (June, 15, 2008) A bystander watches as Sailors assigned to the Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG 29) march by in the Bunker Hill Day Parade as part of a port visit to Boston. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Mark O’Donald (Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Physical bullying at school, as depicted in th...

Physical bullying at school, as depicted in the film Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve told you about the man who comes all the time and does something to the water valve.  Nowhere else  have I ever seen this done.  Only after my gang stalking began  did this sort of thing begin.  The other day the man was back doing something to the water irrigation system.  I walked over and looked at him.  He looked at me and didn’t say anything.  I looked back at him and said, “It’s all right, I got you on my camcorder the last time you were here.”  He gave me a look that said “scared.”   He immediately began to put his things away and within five minutes he headed to the office.  And he immediately took off after speaking to the people in the office.  If the man is not doing anything illegal, why was he so scared?  I haven’t seen him since, but a new company was here this morning to do the same thing the other man was doing.  I saw the man speaking with the maintenance man. When the maintenance man saw me, he  immediately headed for the office, and the man in the truck took off right away.  What is it that these people are doing that they don’t want anyone to see, especially me.  I know they’re doing illegal things, so I’m always keeping my eyes on them.  And I will continue to do so.  I’m sure they’re doing something to make my life more miserable than it is.  I give them a lot of problems because they can’t get away with anything when I’m around.  I’m always popping up when they least expect it.  My instincts are so good that I don’t worry about them doing anything to me.  Every time I feel a need to go out, I catch them doing something.  And you should see the look on their faces!

One of my readers sent me this poem. I like it, so I’m republishing it with the author’s permission.

The Bully, the Bystander and Me

An alliance of three:

The bully denies my humanity,

The bystander lives with moral insanity.

Do you fear the bully will come to your door?

Are you powerless to do anything more?

You stand in awe of the act you abhor.

Bullying does not work without the bystander,

there would be no audience.

I hope you like the poem.   The author requested I not tell you the gender, nor name.

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Gang Stalking – Ten ways to tell if gang stalkers live next door.

Takoyaki cooking

A plastic yellow bucket.

A plastic yellow bucket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to tell if gang stalkers live next door:

1.   You never hear the water running in their apartment.

2.    No one ever uses the bathroom.

3.    No one ever takes a shower.

4.   They never use toilet or flash.  They wait until you go out to do what they have to do.

5.    You never hear anyone talking, nor t.v. on.

6.     You never hear anyone cooking.

7.     A sound is never heard from their apartment, but you will always hear a cough.

8.      You never see anyone coming in and out of the apartment, even though you can feel them.

9.       They never turn on the water.  If they do turn on the water, do you  hear a bucket being filled with water?  They mix the  water in the bucket with  pesticide and then spray mixture on you.  They make the  bucket into a sprayer.  I don’t how they do it,  but when I lived with my sister, I always heard the bucket every night and then she would try to spray me.

10.    When you put  your ear to the wall, do you hear a machine on all the time?  There’s a  black machine that they also use to spray you with  pesticide.  It looks like a stubby, small juke box, but shorter.

So if someone next to you never makes any noise, you can be 100%  sure they’re gang stalkers  .  They’re quiet so they can hear and record every phone call you make, what you say, what you do.   And it won’t be  just one gang stalker, many surround you, and they also will not make any noise.  And if you do run into the gang stalkers who live next  to you, they’ll be very friendly.  They’ll “hello”  you and ask you how you’re doing.  They’ll look you up and down to notice what you’re wearing, so they can let  monitors know what you’re wearing, and everyone can  pick you out as a target.  They’ll also ask you “Where are you going or doing?”  If someone lives near you and their  first question is always “Where are you going?”, a gang stalker, for sure.  Don’t tell anyone where you’re going, not even your family (they’re usually involved).

See “About us” below.  It’s dated 2008, but it’s still very up-to-date.

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Gang Stalking – Girlfriend, or partner in crime?


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English: Brödraskapet "The Brotherhood&qu...

Image via Wikipedia - gangster with tatoo.

The man next door has been totally transformed. When I first saw him, he was wearing a leather jacket, real shoes, and had his hair professionally cut  by a stylist. And he always parked his SUV in front of his apartment. Now, he’s grown a beard, wears white sneakers, a Hoodie, loose blue jeans, and he’s let his hair grow. If this is the way I’d seen him the first time, I would have taken him for a gang stalker. But now he’s become a gang stalker. He’s playing his part. Today, some instinct told me to go out and just wait, so I did. I went outside and just waited. Well, guess what?  He comes out of the  apartment with a black woman. I saw his wife the other day, so what’s up? Is the woman a partner in crime, or his side thing? The woman was flirting with him while I was watching, so I can tell she likes him. Body language again. I told you I’ve read many books about body language and I’ve learned to read people. I can read most people like a book. So I don’t know if she’s a girlfriend or another gang stalker? Anyway, every time I see the man next door, he nobs his head and gives me a big smile. I look at him and totally ignore him. Eventually he’ll get the hint that I have no interest in being friends with someone who is trying to bring me down. I will outlast him and all the other freaks.  I have no choice.  My survival is at stake.

There’s also another woman who has entered the scene.  She lived here last year for a few months and then disappeared.  Now, she’s back.  She never comes out, but she has  a curtain rod by her window sill.  Why would someone have a rod by a window sill?  The reason.  So the rod catches any electricity directed at  her window.  And how would she know that unless she’s one of the gang stalkers?  So I’m suspicious of her.  I’ll keep my eye on her.

The government people don’t like the fact that I write a blog.  They want to keep other targets in the dark.  If the targets run across my blog, they might find out what’s happening to them.  That’s not good.  They want to make sure that any new targets end up in some institution, or start taking tranquilizers.  If the targets end up in an institution or take tranquilizers, no one will believe them when they tell people what’s happening to them. People will just think the targets are crazy.  But they can do whatever they want to me, I will not quit writing  my blog, nor stop fighting back.  They can all go straight to hell!  And here’s my backside to all of you (the government people, not my precious readers).  Kiss my ass.

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  • Gang Stalking – Turning little children into hooligans.

    Traffic slows to a crawl on the Monash Freeway...

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    Example of an American grocery store aisle.

    Image via Wikipedia

    Today I went  to the grocery store.  On the way to the store, the streets were empty.  I was one of two people walking.  And there was no traffic. Maybe one or two cars.  I went into the grocery store.  No one in the store.  I had the store to myself, but within about ten minutes there were from 30-35 people just walking around the store.  They weren’t there to shop.  As always, the gang stalkers were in attendance.  The store became very noisy, as usual.  On my way back home, traffic and gang stalkers were falling over themselves trying to make me aware of their existence;  as if I had to be told. The sidewalk became so crowded, I had to sit down and let them all pass.  Of course, none of them was going anywhere, just there to annoy me. It’s Superbowl Day for God’s sake!  Everybody is home watching football, but not the gang stalkers.  They must do their duty!

    I also got a new neighbor.  A man.  A  man who looks like he’s part of the FBI, or some sort of government worker.  He’s not the usual looking gang stalker.  He has a SUV.  I would say the car  cost  is in the neighborhood of $38,000+.  Not my typical gang stalker.  Plus he’s wearing a real leather coat.  And  has written all over him, married family man.  He has those pine smelling looking things attached to his mirror.  He’s next door to record anything I say, and to watch me.  (The other man who usually watches me and hacks my computer seems to be on vacation.)  He has no furniture whatsoever, just a comforter and a pillow on the floor.  No dishes.  Nothing else.  Very temporary.  He’ll disappear soon, and go back to where he came from. I won’t miss him.  Good riddance!

    I’ve become so good at judging people.  Not in the judgmental way, but what they’re all about.  I can tell if someone is married, or single.  I don’t even have to look at his hand.  I can tell if they’re part of law enforcement, or not.  There’s a certain way law enforcement people have about them that just gives them away,  even when they try to pretend they’re regular people.

    The apartment manager and her husband have their grandchildren running all over the complex.  And I have no complaint with this.  I do have a complaint when they bring them into my apartment.  How do I know they were in my apartment?  There are small footprints all over my kitchen floor.  Small children’s footprints that were put on my kitchen floor with latex paint.  It’s bad enough that he puts footprints all over my carpet, but then to have his grandchildren do the same thing is something else.  I guess he’s training them to become hooligans when they grow older.  And when they get into trouble, they’ll wonder how their grandchildren can be so bad.  They can blame themselves for introducing them into “hooliganism”.

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    Gang stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Gang stalker, how do you live with yourself?

    I just don’t understand how the gang stalkers can live the life they live.  All day long, they spend running around hitting me, or they’re after someone else.

    Gang stalker,  you spend your whole day just doing evil things to people. How can someone live a life that’s so awful?  How sad a life it is? I don’t envy you at all.  You might think you have the upper hand, but, believe me, I would not want to live a life like yours. This is your  whole life, just doing harm to someone. What happened to you in your life that’s made you the way you are?  Did your parents abuse you?  Did you not get enough attention?  Were you bullied in your life, and now you’re trying to get even with someone?  What is it that happened to you to make you so evil?  You seem to have no sunshine in your life. The evilness is with you every day and every moment.  How do you stand living with yourself?  How do you live with all the darkness in your life?  Why don’t you ask yourself these questions, and try to convince yourself you’re a decent person.  I’m from the outside looking in on your life, and I can tell you, you’re a miserable human being.

    Countdown:  105 blogs to write.

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    Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Who is the last person I’d want to be stuck in the elevator with?

    I definitely would not want to be stuck in an elevator with any of the gang stalkers who make my life a living hell every single day.  Just standing with any of them for a long period of time in a stuck elevator would not be a very good thing for me.  Just being near any of  them for an extended period of time would remind me of how vicious and evil they all are.  If I had to help one of them out of the elevator, good luck.  You’d be stuck in the elevator forever.  You reap what you sow!

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