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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – How do you know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em?

I’ve always thought this expression applied only to gambling, specifically poker.  But I guess if I think about it, it can apply to anything that happens in life.

Let’s say you have a good friend and you trust him or her, you hold ’em. If a good friend becomes an annoyance, then you fold ’em.

If you have stocks that are earning you money, you hold ’em. Not earning you any dividends, fold ’em.

You have a job that you really like and you’re happy with it, hold ’em. Hate your job and wish you’d get fired, so you can get  unemployment while looking for a job, fold ’em.

You’re reading a book you can’t put down, hold ’em.   A book you’re reading is absolutely awful, you fold ’em.

The place you’re living in is a really nice place, and the thought of moving makes you unhappy, hold ’em.   If it’s a place that you absolutely hate, as I do this place I live in, fold ’em.

So I guess I just learned  a new way of using the expression “when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em”.  I’ve always liked this expression, and maybe I can use it in other blogs I write.  The expression has many useful meanings.  It can describe the yin and yang of life.  Who would have thought…?

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