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Gang Stalking – Another day in Perplandia.


Abuse (Photo credit: Ex-InTransit)

English: Portrait of a girl from Portugal

Paw prints

Paw prints (Photo credit: Dvortygirl)

English: Fingerprint

English: Fingerprint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smiley, request for politeness, white background

I noticed when I was cleaning my glass table today that there were fingerprints all over it.  I put my fingers next to the old fingerprints to see if they were mine. No match whatsoever. My fingerprints are round, and the prints on my table were long.  Not only were there prints, but dog paw prints. They had a dog on the table in my apartment.

Welcome to another day in Perplandia.  Perplandia, a land where abuse is as common as a cup of coffee.  Where abuse is the normal order of  a target’s day.  A place where someone can’t even be polite.

I accidently ran into a little girl.  I said, “Oh, I’m sorry.”  She put her hands on her hip and replied, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, excuse me, excuse me. What’s up with that?”  Her mother stood by and laughed.

This little girl was about six-years-old.  She sounded like a twenty-year old.  I could almost hear her mother’s voice. I’m sure she’s heard her mother say the things she said to me a hundred times or more.

I couldn’t believe the little girl’s demeanor.  It was so unsettling to me that someone this young was such a bitch at her age.

It doesn’t matter how nice we are to the people in Perplandia.  The people in Perplandia don’t understand someone who is polite.  This little girl  made fun of my politeness to her.     This is not a rare occurrence where someone made fun of my politeness to them. It’s done all the time.  No matter what we targets do, it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

Don’t you know the perps are perfect humans?  Perps don’t sneeze, touch their hair, pick their nose, touch their ear, cough, laugh, fart, poop, burp, smell.  No, no, they just make fun of us targets doing these things.

The truth is, I’ve never seen such a bunch of  misfits.  Most of them are dirty-looking, heavy, smelly, not stylist, uneducated miscreants.

But it doesn’t matter how they look or smell, they feel superior to us targets.  They feel superior to us because they’ve been given the right to abuse us.  They can abuse us and get away with it.  No one is going to stop them.  The government has given them the power to dump on us.  And it makes them feel powerful.  Probably the first time in their lives, they’ve been given  any kind of power.  And power corrupts.

That’s why gang stalking works.  It works because of people like these. It gives them a purpose in life.  And they’re made to feel important for the first time in their lives.     They’re made to feel very important, and getting that pat on the back is addictive.  Why would anyone want to give that up?

Isn’t living in Perplandia such fun?

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Gang Stalking – Happy St. Paddy’s Day, everyone.

Four leaf clover

Four leaf clover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

St Patrick’s Day Parade, NYC, 2012

St Patrick’s Day Parade, NYC, 2012 (Photo credit: specialoperations)

English: this color is orange

English: this color is orange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Wikipedia Saint Patrick's Day

English: Wikipedia Saint Patrick’s Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s  St. Patrick’s Day already.  How time flies when we’re having fun, fun, fun.

But I remember St. Patrick’s Day being a fun day.  I used to attend Catholic school and we always had the day off.  We would make a point of  ticking off the public school kids because they had to go to school.  The public school kids had a lot more days off then we did, and they would shove it in our faces when we had to go to school on their holidays.  It was all in fun, though.

I also remember at work, everyone wore green, no matter what race, religion, color, we all became Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. (The only color that got someone in trouble on St. Patrick’s Day was wearing orange.  It has something to do with the British. If you’re ever in New York on St. Patrick’s Day, don’t wear orange. It’s not a good thing.)

And I loved seeing  the green line painted down Fifth Avenue for the parade.  And the food was green, green bagels, green beer, green everything, and eating corned beef and cabbage (the best) was the food of the day.

The restaurants were “Standing Room Only.”  It was hard to find a restaurant to eat in. Every restaurant had people standing in line waiting to get in.

I have fond memories of St. Patrick’s Day in New York.    Since I left New York, I haven’t found too many cities that celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as they do in New York.

Memories of the past…

Anyway, happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone.  Eat some corned beef and cabbage, and wear the “green.”  No orange, please.  And carry a four-leaf clover for luck.

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Gang Stalking – Live my life for a week!

Shopping mall

Shopping mall (Photo credit: pix.plz)

English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.

Imagine There's No Hunger    -  Strawberry Fie...

Imagine There’s No Hunger – Strawberry Fields – Central Park, NYC (Photo credit: asterix611)

hearts aplenty in February

hearts aplenty in February (Photo credit: Esther17)

Vons Grocery Hollywood

Vons Grocery Hollywood (Photo credit: DonnaGrayson)

I can’t believe that it’s already February.  I guess time flies by when we’re having so much fun. Fun?  What fun?

It happens everywhere I go.  I walk into McDonald’s, Vons, Albertsons, 7-11, shopping mall, bus, and the atmosphere suddenly changes. All these places become loud, bright lights go on, loud chattering, a lot of loud laughter, public address system always goes on, everybody becomes aware that I’ve entered.  It’s like something evil has entered the place. The evil is, of course, me.  And the all the people have to get rid of the evil. And this is done by being noisy.  The noisier the better.  The noisier, the quicker the evil spirit will leave.

This is what I have to deal with every single time I go somewhere.

This is what’s done to people who are not wanted.

You people, who don’t live my live, can’t even begin to know what it is like to live my life.  From reading my blog, you can’t even really feel what I feel.  You might think you do, but you can never know.  Just as I don’t know what life you live, you can’t know mine.

You people are lucky that you’re not  victims of government harassment.  The only people who know what my life is really like are other targets. They know how miserable this life is.

So, while I appreciate someone telling me to be positive about life, I also resent it.  If you can tell me to stop whining, then I know you have absolutely no idea of what my life is really like, because if you did, you wouldn’t say that to me.

This is an absolutely miserable time in my life.  I didn’t know what misery was until the government harassment began.

These people are evil and without a soul.  I know none of them have a soul if they can do to me what they do.

Imagine having someone attached to you 24/7. Imagine never a moment to yourself.  Imagine not even being able to take a shower without that person right next to you. Imagine this happening to you every day of the year without let-up.  That’s my life and the life of every target.

We are living in hell. All of us targets. And someone telling us to suck it up and be positive doesn’t help.  It makes us feel worse. All the positivity only make us realize you out there don’t really understand what’s happening to us.

If only you could live our lives for one week, you would truly understand the hell we live, and  I wonder how long you would last!

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Gang Stalking – Back at the library with the perps.

Rathmines Library

Well, I’m back at the library again. My computer is absolutely full of viruses.  There isn’t a virus on anything in my computer.  If computer viruses were money, I’d be rich.

So since I now have to type my blog from a library computer, I probably won’t be able to answer your comments immediately.  I’ll try to get to your comments as soon as I’m able to and respond.

And, of course, as always, it is as much  fun as ever being in the library.  The library is full of perps.  I don’t think there is anyone here who isn’t a perp.

But before I get off the computer,  I want you to read my blog dated November 1, 2012. I typed it on the 13th of November, but the hackers re-dated it and moved it to November 1 (Look at the phony I  in November. It looks like an “I.” The title is Corporate, Mom and Pop,  etc.)   So  I want to make  sure you read it since they don’t like it. There must be something I typed that they don’t want you to see.

I’ll try to get my computer fixed, but it’s going to be hard to find someone who will really  fix it . I’ll  probably have to resort to going back to that useless place Best Buy.

Another day in the life of a target. Don’t we just have a life full of fun?!!

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Write a rant about the pointlessness of rants.

Are you at WordPress telling us you don’t want us to rant in our blogs?  Why?  Ranting is fun.  We let out our demons. But saying that, ranting could be annoying.  Rant and rant and readers will stay away in droves.  Not only will readers stay away, the writer can get mighty sick of ranting herself.  She wishes someone would put  a sock in her brain.  Stop me! Stop me! Don’t let me rant again!  I don’t want to turn off readers.  I need my readers.  What is the point of ranting if no one wants to read the blog?  A reader can say “I don’t want to read her blog, I’m in no mood to read her rantings.”   A turned off reader. So too much ranting is not a good thing.  I appreciate all the  people who take time out of their busy lives to read my blog  (Thank you).  But in my defense I have to say, ranting keeps me sane.  Can you imagine if I had to keep all I’m going through inside all to myself?  I have to get things off my chest and let the public know what the government is doing to its citizens.  It makes me feel better.  So all ranting blogs aren’t pointless.  They serve a purpose.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What rare talent do I have that most people don’t know about?

I think I wrote about this before. I’m not too sure, but I remember writing something about the fact that people didn’t know I was an artist. I mentioned it was such a part of me  I never thought of mentioning it to anyone.  Even people who have known me all my life don’t know I paint. 

Or  do you  want to know about some weird talent I have?  Because, really, if I think about it, being an artist is not so rare.  There are many, many artists around.  Let me think.  What rare talent do I have?  Oh, I thought of something.  I have this talent of going into any place and rearranging the furniture.  I can go into someone’s house and immediately began to move furniture around.  I actually don’t rearrange the furniture, I picture it in my mind.  Not that there’s anything wrong with someone’s arrangement, I just like to do it for fun.  It’s sort of  a  mental exercise.  It keeps my brain  sharp.  Some people like to do puzzles, others rearranging furniture.  Try it sometime.  It will relax you and you’ll feel smarter.

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