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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – When is it a good time to quit?

When is it a good time to quit? There’s a common sentiment that you should always tough things out and that it’s weak to quit. When is this not true? How do you know you should quit something?

It’s time to quit something when you feel sucked of energy. The thing that you’re doing  takes all your energy, and it makes you tired. The thought of doing whatever it is you’re doing just makes you not want to wake up to face the day.  It could be a bad relationship, which is no longer full of love, or fun.  You just want to run away from the relationship.  Then it’s time to quit the relationship.   Or you have a job that you hate.  Your boss is domineering and wears you out.  The thought of going to work with the boss makes you sick.  Perhaps the place you live is a place that doesn’t feel like home.  As a matter of fact, you don’t even want to return home.  You’d rather be somewhere else. Then it’s time to look for a new place to live.  It’s time to quit the place.  Or maybe a friendship you have no longer works for you no matter how you try to keep up the friendship.  It’s time to quit the relationship.

It is time to quit something when it no longer feels good, or is causing you to feel bad about yourself.  You should do something because you enjoy it, not because you have to endure it.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Do a Post about your favorite posts from last month.

Go take a look at everything you published in May. Pick the top 5 posts you liked the most, and put them together into a post for today, with commentary on what about you learned about those topics since then.

These are my 5 favorite posts from May:  

 1)  Would I consider running for President?  I wrote that I would definitely consider running for President.  The more I’ve thought of running for President, the more the  idea  of being president appeals to me.   I look at President Obama and all the power he has and I want some of that power.   I have such little power now being a targeted person that I envy  Obama’s  power.

2)  Do I think global warming is real?  I still think global warming is real.  And since I wrote this blog, I’ve read a lot more on the subject  and find no reason to change my mind on global warming.

3)  Who annoys you more Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?  I find Lady Gaga more annoying than when I wrote this blog.  She recently sold 1 million copies of her album , which is a very high number.  But what I find really annoying is that she sold her “Born This Way” album for .99 cents.  And she had her albums in almost any place you can think of.  If all the other artists sold their albums for .99 cents, I’m sure all of their albums would have sold in the millions, too.  She sold her album at such a low price so that her numbers would increase in sales.  It’s sort of like cheating.  How many albums would she have sold at the regular price?  I’m sure not anywhere near a million.

4)   What occupation did you want as a child?  In my blog I wrote I was interested in becoming an artist as a child and I did.   Since writing this blog, I purchased an art book about John Singer Sargent, an American artist.   After looking at his art work, I can honestly say, I don’t ever think my artistic ability will ever match his.  His art work is beyond human.  The portraits of the people  he painted seem to be alive.  He had an uncanny ability to see through people and catch their essence.  Absolutely stunning!  I’m a little jealous of his artistic ability.

5.  How do you decide who to be friends with?  After writing this blog,  I felt a need to have a friend.  Ever since then, I kind of have had my eye out looking for someone to be friends with.  The exact opposite of what I wrote in my blog.  I wrote that friendship happened slowly and developed into friendship without either party realizing they were becoming friends.  And now, here I am, hunting for a friend…

So, on some things my opinions have changed, but, mostly,  I still feel the same about the things I wrote in May 2011.

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