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Gang Stalking – Any family member who gang stalks another is lower than slime.

Every time I read an article on gang stalking that states that our family’s not involved in our gang stalking, I  think of  how  my family’s involved in my stalking. One of my sisters, even recruits people to harass me.  When I decided that I’d had enough of Las Vegas, I decided to go back to Florida and find an apartment. My sister seemed very helpful. She drove me around to different apartment complexes. They were all, of course, apartments full of gang stalkers. At the time, I did not know this.  But I did notice that everywhere we went, the managers of the complexes totally ignored me. All the attention was on her.  So I paid attention to what was going on. I noticed that everywhere we went, she was signing people up to stalk me.  All the people signed the form she had.  They didn’t even read the waiver she asked them to sign.  She mentioned money and after that they could not care less what they had to do. I always wonder when these people found out what they had to do,  did any them question what they were  going  to be doing to other people.  They were going  after fellow Americans who’d done nothing. Fellow American who  done nothing and  painted as criminals, terrorists, crazies, etc. Did any of them question what they were about to do? Did they say they didn’t want to get involved in such a thing? I bet not one of them thinks what they are doing is wrong.

How can anyone in his/her right mind think that what they’re doing is right?

They torture people, try to drive them insane, mess with the person’s mind, stalk them, hit them with chemicals, damage their property, etc. How can any sane human being think  this is the right thing to do to another human being?

I guess when it comes to money, for these people, it an okay thing to do for money. Hurting another person does not count. These people, in my opinion, are all very sick individuals.

And my sister, I no longer speak to her. Any sister who gets someone to sign a waiver so she can get money for doing it, is no sister of mine. How would she like it if I did it to her? She would think I’m the lowest of the low for doing something like this to a family member.  And that’s what I think of her, she’s lower than slime. And I told her so.

And anyone who tries to convince you family members are not  gang stalking you, is either a fool or a perp. Either way, they’re not on your side.

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Gang Stalking – Am I victim because of an affair?

For a long time I’ve suspected a certain someone of  starting this war against me. But I always made an excuse for this person.

Now, I know I’m right. There was also another person I suspected, because she also had things going against her, but now I know who the perpetrator is.

All the signs were there.  She once told me the person she married was a mafia guy. I dismissed her comment, because she always liked to make up stories.  And she also told me that this man was a community organizer. And on top of al this proof, he ran a business lending money to people, usually at a high percentage. I don’t know how I ignored all this proof all these years. And she was always rude to me and made cutting remarks, but I ignored them. How stupid was I?

The only reason I can think of her doing this to me is because her husband used to come visit me.  He and I never had anything going on. I was not at all attracted to the husband. Maybe she thought he and I were having an affair. I never in any way, form or shaped ever encouraged her husband. If someone rings your door, you ask who it is and if it’s someone you know, you let him/her in. That’s what I did.  I never, ever encouraged him in any way.  This was the woman’s first husband. He was having an affair, but not with me. Someone he worked with. Maybe he came to visit me to make it seem he was having an affair with me. This woman used to be close to me. I won’t say if she’s a friend or a sister, or any other kind of relation.  And if it’s the reason she began this war against me, why didn’t she go after the woman who really was having  an affair with her husband?

So I think she got her second husband, who is with the mafia, to make my life miserable to get even with me. I’m sure she told her second husband a lot of lies about me. I know she did. She lies a lot about everything.  Any story I ever told her, she made it into her.

I’m pretty sure, I’m 99-3/4 % right on this. But, of course, there’s that one-forth of doubt, because I can never be sure about something like this.

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Gang Stalking – The answer to what’s happening to you now lies in the past.

Well, all the usual suspects are at the library again. Always trying to prevent me from writing my blog. You see, I’ve been at this game longer than they have, so usually no matter what they do, I find a way of getting around them.

I would like you targets to think about your past. The answer to what’s happening to you lies in your past, not the now.

Think about an incident you had with someone you know in the past.

Were you rude to someone? Did you say something to someone and it  taken the wrong way by them? Did you cheat on someone?  Did you do something to someone out of meanness? Did you have  a  fight with someone? Do you owe someone money and never pay it back?

Think back to your childhood, is there anything you might have done to someone?

Were these people wealthy? Did they know someone wealthy or powerful? Is anyone you know involved with the mafia?

Because the one you hurt might have powerful friends who helped him with what’s happening to you

You might not have anything at all, but maybe someone took something you said the wrong way. Sometimes we all say things that we don’t think are hurtful, but thinking back are.

Can you think of a friend, ex-friend, job, family member who always seems to be out to get you?  Is there someone who makes nasty remarks about you in front of others?  Is there someone who treats you as if you have leprosy?

Maybe they have something to do with  what’s happening to you.

Some people are very sensitive and  anything someone says can make them feel inferior.

But it doesn’t matter what we said or did to someone, what they’re doing to us is worse than anything we’ve might have done or said. No one deserves what’s happening to us.  I’m sure all of us had mean things said to us and done horrible things to us, but we didn’t go out and act like big babies and hire someone to go after them.

By the way,  I hope all of you have a Happy Easter. Enjoy all the Easter goodies!


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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What do you miss?

More than anything I miss my freedom. The freedom to do what I want without some gang stalker following me around in my apartment, or while I walk around. None of you can know what it’s like to lose your freedom. Once you don’t have it, you really begin to know what freedom is. Before the gang stalking began,  I took freedom for granted. I never gave it a second thought. Now, that’s all I think about. About being free and doing what I want. It would be nice to take a walk, or go to a restaurant, or sit watching television, or go to a movie, or be in a relationship with someone without having some gang stalker watch me 24/7.   Things I no longer take for granted, because now I know what freedom really means.

I also miss celebrating holidays with my family.  I spent almost every holiday with my family, now every holiday I spend alone.

I miss having a good friend.  Now I can’t trust anyone to be my friend.

I miss trusting people.  At one time, I believed what someone told me.  Now, I no longer believe what anyone tells me.  Most of the people who want to befriend me are gang stalkers.  Their only interest in me is to get information so it can be dispersed to other gang stalkers.

I miss all the above things, but freedom is what I miss most.

Today is Veterans Day, 11/11/11.  To all the veterans, thanks for your service to a country that doesn’t deserve it.  You fought so that people like me can be prisoners of the United States government.  Love to every one of you.  I appreciate you all.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – How do you know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em?

I’ve always thought this expression applied only to gambling, specifically poker.  But I guess if I think about it, it can apply to anything that happens in life.

Let’s say you have a good friend and you trust him or her, you hold ’em. If a good friend becomes an annoyance, then you fold ’em.

If you have stocks that are earning you money, you hold ’em. Not earning you any dividends, fold ’em.

You have a job that you really like and you’re happy with it, hold ’em. Hate your job and wish you’d get fired, so you can get  unemployment while looking for a job, fold ’em.

You’re reading a book you can’t put down, hold ’em.   A book you’re reading is absolutely awful, you fold ’em.

The place you’re living in is a really nice place, and the thought of moving makes you unhappy, hold ’em.   If it’s a place that you absolutely hate, as I do this place I live in, fold ’em.

So I guess I just learned  a new way of using the expression “when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em”.  I’ve always liked this expression, and maybe I can use it in other blogs I write.  The expression has many useful meanings.  It can describe the yin and yang of life.  Who would have thought…?

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