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Gang Stalking – Go Ron Paul! Ron Paul for President of the U.S. States!

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I guess the man next door is here to stay.  I was on my way out and didn’t see his  car parked in front of his apartment.  I saw his car parked by the front entrance of the parking lot.    A woman was in the car. It must be his wife.  I guess she brings him food  and clean clothes.  She’s a Burnett, thin, with a pony tail turned into a bun thing.  I thought he wasn’t home, but fate has been on my side lately. Every time I step out of my apartment, just because I feel the need to go outside, instincts, I guess, there’s been something rotten going on.  Someone is standing outside my apartment and trying to hit me with his phone; or I catch them throwing something in front of my door; or someone is in his car trying to shoot pesticide into my apartment.  I don’t go around being paranoid, I let my body do the speaking.  It works.  I always catch the miscreants.  And they often try to act very nonchalant; to act as if they’re just looking at their phone, or doing something else, but I know what they’re up to.  I can tell by their body language.  I’m very much into body language.  I became a fan of body language when I was 16 years old.  I found a book in the library on body language and ever since then I’ve read over hundreds of books on the subject.  And believe me, it’s come in handy.  Sometimes the body speaks volumes.  Sometimes more than speech.  Put the two together, and you’re in like flint.  You can read anyone.

I must admit this  week, I’ve not taken care of myself.  I guess I’m just tired.  I usually take a shower every day, but this week, I didn’t have the energy.  I could barely crawl out of bed.  So  instead of a shower a day, it’s been three showers.  I feel as if I haven’t bathe in weeks.  But I go through periods like this and eventually I get back to my normal routine.  It’s been harder this week because now I have a lot more people surrounding me and being more vicious than ever.  I just have to find what’s going to work best for this period in my life and change whatever I have to change. It’s been an experimental week.  I haven’t found what’s going to work with the added man next door.  But I will.

I’ve been in this apartment less than two years.  In that time, I’ve bought three fans.  They broke the last one this week.  It still works, but it doesn’t stand up straight.  If I don’t set it up against a wall or prod(?) it against something, it comes tumbling down. More money wasted.

The other day I stated that I will vote for Ron Paul.  Ron Paul probably won’t get on the ballot, but I’m voting for him anyway.  I intend to write his name in.  If you believe in the Constitution, you may want to vote for Ron Paul.  He may come across as some crazy, old man, but believe me, there’s nothing crazy about him.  He believes in following what the Constitution stands for.  And so do I.

Ron Paul believes  that if we follow what the Constitution stands for, the United States will remain a free country.  If we mess with the Constitution, we’re all going to lose our freedoms.  I know what it feels like to lose my freedom, so what he says makes a lot of sense to me.  Ron Paul has stated that if he’s elected President, he will do away with the Patriot Act, and a lot of other acts which have made a lot of us less free.  He believes in not getting us into another war, nor being the country that’s always going  to some country’s aid every time there’s an uprising somewhere. Nothing in the Constitution says the United States has to be the world’s watch dog.  Nothing. He also doesn’t believe in getting involved in religious issues.  He believes what it says in the Constitution —  everyone practice his/her religion as they see fit (1st amendment right –  freedom of religion).  And this is the way he thinks about most things.  Stick with the Constitution, don’t mess around with it.  So learn what Ron Paul is about.  You will appreciate what he stands for.

Go Ron Paul!  Go Ron Paul!  Vote for Ron Paul for President.

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Gang Stalking – You think you can’t lose your freedom? Think again!

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As I previously told you, I have a man living next to me listening to everything I say and do.  How would you like my life?  Would you like someone next door spying on you every minute, every hour, 24/7?  I’m sure you would not.  I’m sure you’d be pissed off.  You would do everything in your power to get rid of the creep!  Because the man next door is a creep.  I don’t care if he’s part of the government, or not!  He’s just one of many people who watch everything I do and say.

This is a country where we have first amendment rights (supposedly!).  The first amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and the right to assemble. So far, my right to free speech is gone.  I can no longer say what I want without everything I say judged a threat to U.S. security.  I really cannot write what I want without someone erasing what I write.  So I’ve lost the right to freedom of the press.  My right to assemble is gone.  I cannot no longer go anywhere without someone following me wherever I go.  The freedom of religion is also gone.  I cannot go into a church without someone following me into a church. So that right is gone.  So I can state that my first amendment rights don’t exist.

The 6th amendment applies to me and every citizen.  The 6th amendment gives me the right to trial by jury. I’ve never been charged with a crime, and I’ve never had a trial. I been found guilty of something without a trial by jury. The 6th amendment states that someone cannot be punished without a trial.  The last few years I’ve had no life.  I’ve lived the life of someone who is a prisoner without any let-up.  So the 6th amendment has been taken away from me.

My 4th amendment rights have also been taken away from me.  The 4th amendment states my right to feel secure in my person, house, papers.   No one can search my apartment or seize anything without getting a warrant. And if someone enters my apartment, he has to get a warrant.  And the ones who enter my apartment have to have a good reason why they’re entering my home.  The warrant also has to state what the warrant is for; for my house, me,  car, etc. That’s why police have to ask permission to enter your apartment or house. They cannot enter if you say no.  The 4th amendment has been broken every day in the last four years that I’ve been gang stalked.  My apartment is broken into every single day.  And I mean every single day!  There is not a day someone has not broken into my apartment.  Usually it is done by the maintenance man.  I’m sure there are others who break into my apartment, but I have no proof.  Any camera I’ve ever had has been stolen, so keeping evidence is hard.  So my 4th amendment right has been taken away from me.

So you can see how easily you can lose your rights as a citizen.  Believe me, it can happen faster than you think. One day you’re walking around free, and then you’re a prisoner of the United States government!  And don’t think it can’t happen to you. Because it can!