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GangStalking – Targets be careful, monsters are walking around free.

As I wrote the other day, targets should always expect the unexpected. Was I ever right! As I walked home yesterday, dragging my  ever-present suitcase behind me, I felt a thump on the back of my left shoulder. I fell down. I landed with left elbow touching the sidewalk. I sat there disoriented for a second. A white man came behind me and purposely pushed me down. I had my suitcase behind me. The suitcase would have broken the fall if he’d accidentally hit my back.  But this was deliberately done to me. The man had to sidestep my suitcase to get at me.  As I sat on the ground, the man, with a smirk on his face, said, “Can I help you up?” I replied, “No, don’t you dare touch me. You purposely knocked me down.”  He didn’t dispute it. When I wouldn’t take his hand, he walked away, not at all bothered that he’d thrown me on the ground. A second after the man left, another man, came over and said, “May I help you up?” The man was wearing the perp color of the day, red. I said, “No, I don’t want your help. Get away from me!”  I sat in the middle of the sidewalk for about a minute to make sure I was all right.  When I tried to get up, my left elbow had  a bruise. The skin had come off my elbow.

I got up, brushed myself off and began to walk again. Ahead of me, I saw the two perps talking to each other, probably laughing at what happened to me.

I can truly say that these people are all evil. There isn’t any one of them worth saving. These people were born evil and will die evil beings.

So, as I wrote the other day, watch your back . Don’t think that you’re ever safe with these monsters walking around free.

But their day will come. As I repeated over and over, nothing lasts forever and what’s happening to us will end. And when it ends, all the criminals will end up in prison. I so look forward to that day. I’m living for that day.

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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden video from SXSW Meeting.

Well, those of you who hate when I post anything about Edward, probably perps, will hate this one.  It is video of Edward Snowden speaking from Russia at the SXW meeting.   It’s a meeting where computer experts get together to speak about the future of the internet.

Go to http://www.digittrends.com/web/edward-snowden-sxsw-2014-speech-

I’m glad he’s not afraid to speak out. After all, the government can find out where he is, but I guess he figures he has nothing to lose. And really, he doesn’t.  They’ve already told him he’s been charged with  espionage.  I hope he continues to speak out so we Americans don’t forget what the U.S. government is doing to us. The government should definitely have charges brought against it, for lying to Americans and spying on them.  And what the government is doing to us targets is torture. Pure and simple. It should be brought up on charges of torturing its citizen.  Other countries who torture  their  citizens, as the U.S. is doing to us, would usually have to answer  to the United Nations for its crimes, but not the U.S.!  Torture doesn’t happen  in  the U.S. of A.  No sireee. It doesn’t happen in the U.S. We targets are all crazy and delusional.   We’re suffering from mental illness, all of us.

So, I hope Edward Snowden keeps speaking out.  That he doesn’t shut up  any time soon.  And  I will continue to write about him. Let’s not the U.S. get away with what it’s doing to its citizens!  Let the world really know what the U.S. is really like.  It is not free, and it spies on every one of its citizens.  And if you, out there, think the U.S. is not spying on you, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you!

Wake up, America!!!!!

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Gang stalking – Hang in there no matter what!!!

When I walk anywhere in Las Vegas, I usually have to pass the Flamingo Wash. For those of you who don’t know what a wash is, it’s the place where all the water from bathrooms, faucets, sinks, etc. go.  This water goes to Lake Mead,  gets cleaned for people to re-use again.  Anyway, every time I pass by the Wash, I stop and watch the ducks  in the Wash.  I don’t know what type of ducks they are, but the male is better-looking than the female.  The male has a very bright, iridescent  green top. The female’s color is a very plain-looking brown.  I envy the ducks their freedom.  I see how they swim around happily, chase each around, quarrel with each other, steal food from each other, the male duck chasing a female who wants nothing to do with him, the male ducks chasing after a pretty female.  Just  the normal routine of life.  And if the ducks come across something they don’t like, they fly away. I so envy the ducks their freedom! If I could trade places with them, I would. No bills to pay, find food where they can, don’t have to put up with sub–humans. How much better can life get?

The above has nothing to do with anything, I just thought I’d write about the ducks.

Yesterday, I managed to keep my mouth  shut  while I was using the computer.   A few times, I almost lost it. I wanted to get up from  the computer  and scream at the top of my lungs at the lowlifes in the library. I knew the consequences were not going to be pretty. I either would be thrown out of the library, or taken away in a police van. These options didn’t look very good to me.  I managed to stay calm.  It took a lot of  quietly talking to myself and telling myself  to stay calm and not lose it. If you were in place, or  if  you ever used a computer in a library, you know how I felt.  I’ve come to the library for about 8 months straight.  The things I have to put every minute while I’m at the library would probably drive most people insane. But I’ve managed to keep quiet and keep it all in, otherwise, I’d have no computer.

And at home, it’s been the same way. I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut for four months without saying anything in my apartment. There’s only one time, I shouted something out loud that  could be recorded.  Otherwise, I’ve zipped up my mouth shut.  So they figured they’d get me at the library. That’s why I take long walks. The long walks relax me and get rid of a lot of anger I’ve built up.  Without my long walks, I’d probably be a basket case.

So here I am at the library again.  Listening to all the hooligans making their monkey sounds, but I’m handling it better today. And I’ll keep on trucking. They don’t keep me down for too long. And never, never, never give up! Hang in there no matter what happens!

Some day we’ll be free!!!!!

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Gang Stalking – If Communism ever arrives in U.S., I don’t want to hear any bullshit.

Yesterday, this is the sign that was practically shoved in my face:

“Because of your  (who is “your”?)   ignorance and apathy, our children are going to grow up under Communists. Our  children will be enslaved and slaughered by Communists.”

They surely can’t mean “your ” to be me. I’ve tried and tried to get the American people to pay attention to what’s happening in The U.S. and no one will listen.  Only a certain group realizes what’s going on and is willing to stand up to the government. The rests are under the illusion that America is a free country. Turn on any t.v., radio, phone, etc., always about how free America is.  They should live the lives of the targets, and then they can tell me how free they truly are. Eventually, it will happen  to  them, too. Only thing is, they don’t know, and don’t care because they think they’re free.

I guess now they’re calling me a “communist”.

No , our children will not grow up  under Communists  because of   someone’s ignorance.  They will grow up under Communism because of the apathy of Americans who care not to stand up for our freedom. They will grow up under Communists because  Americans do not question their government. They just do what the government tells them to do.  This will lead to communism. The no questioning of anything the government tells us, this will enslave our children.  Not only our children, but grown-ups, too. And when that day arrives, I don’t want to hear any of their bullshit! They didn’t want to listen when  we tried to  warn them of the danger ahead.

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Gang Stalking – Party time for the roaches.

English: The main room of a studio apartment i...

English: The main room of a studio apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. A small alcove is partially visible to the left near the computer; not shown are the small bathroom, kitchen, and entry way. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, isn’t life just wonderful in Perplandia? Every day,  some new thing pops up.

I tried to move my refrigerator to clean underneath it. I discovered that they’ve put something on the back of the refrigerator to keep me from moving it. It’s a long metal piece attached to the back of it. They know that I know that they make holes in the back of the refrigerator and then put crumbs underneath the refrigerator to attract roaches. They’re making sure that I don’t get a look at the back. I wouldn’t be surprised if the wall is full of holes. That’s what they always do, add a lot of holes. And I can just imagine how many roaches I’m going to get. I can see the roaches coming out and partying “hey, its party time!” They’re going to be happy little roaches. I’m beginning to appreciate my cold apartment. Roaches hate the cold, so maybe they’ll all stay away.

I wrote about how big my closet is. What I didn’t tell you, because the perps deleted my blog, that I can fit a small bed in the closet.   The hackers didn’t like that part, so they erased the blog. And when I re-wrote it, I forget  that I can fit a bed in it. I was even thinking of sleeping in the closed. I thought it would be safer for me than being out in the open, as I am now.

I forget to tell you about the furniture I acquired in my new apartment. When I rented the apartment,  the manager asked me if I wanted to pay an extra $25.00 a month for furniture. She told me I’d get a bed,  side tables, a kitchen table with two chairs and lamps.  I never got the lamps. Anyway, I’ve gone to the office several times to find out when I’m going to pay the $25.00.  The manager keeps telling me not to worry about it. It’s been taken care of. What exactly does that mean?  I don’t know what’s going with me getting free furniture. It makes me suspicious. Are they going to hand me a bill when I leave this apartment that’s enormous?  Or  making the apartment I’m in now, a target apartment? I think something’s up, but what, I don’t know. You, out there in Perplandia, do you have any ideas of what it might be? Should I trust the manager?  Or do you think something’s up? Thanks.

The library is full house again. I’m keeping  the economy going with all the people they hire to perp me. Imagine if I weren’t in the library, they’d all be unemployed.

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Gang Stalking – Martin Luther King, Jr. would still be disappointed with America today.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X meet bef...

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X meet before a press conference. Both men had come to hear the Senate debate on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This was the only time the two men ever met; their meeting lasted only one minute. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

America the Beautiful Country

America the Beautiful Country (Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna)

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Somehow, I can’t get excited about the day.  Dr. King fought for civil liberties for all.  Whatever he fought for, has been lost in the  years he has been gone.

I hear people from other countries talk about America being a place where everyone has freedom.  Where someone can become whatever he/she wants.  America is a place that is not totalitarian.  Well, stop living in fantasy land.

If this is true about America, then  tell me where I am living?  This place I live called America is none of these things.

This America where I live is not free for me and thousands of others.

This America where I live, I am a target of its government.

This America where I live, tortures me .

This America where I live, you would not want to live in.

This America is not any of the things you out there who live elsewhere think it is.

This America would depress you.

It depresses me.

This America I live in has a lot of dark secrets.  The biggest secret is how it treats its citizens.

This America tortures us as much as those people who live in Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.

This America is a disappointment.

This America is not FREE!

So all of you out there who want to make America home, forget about it.

America is just a fantasy.  True freedom does not exist here. And I don’t think it ever did.

If Dr. King were to come back to America, he would be disappointed with it as he was when he was alive.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What are some possible New Year’s resolutions for you?

English: Assortment of Hershey's Miniatures ch...

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English: This is, in fact, why I quit my yoga ...

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A yoga class.
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About two days ago, I wrote that I was not going to make any resolutions for the new year, but I’ve changed my mind.  I  thought about the things I’ve wanted to do, but didn’t do.

One thing I kept telling myself to do was take a yoga class.  The health plan I have includes free yoga classes,  and I’d be stupid not to take advantage of it. A lot of people pay to take yoga classes, and here I am, not taking advantage of free classes.

Yoga classes will hopefully help me relax.  I have too much tension in my life, due to the constant harassment of gang stalkers.  I’m constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure they’re not going to harm me.  And when I’m home, I’m surrounded by 4-5 apartments, the gang stalkers spray pesticide on me and do everything in their power to make my life miserable, especially the “b” above me.  Maybe by practicing yoga, I’ll be a lot more relaxed.

I’ve relaxed by eating candy when I’m stressed, a lot of it.  I haven’t gained weight, but if I keep eating candy, eventually it will turn into fat. Fat is not in my vocabulary.

Countdown:  50 blogs to write.  Only 10 days left to accomplish my goal of writing 500 blogs for the year. Will I do it?

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Gang Stalking – If the heroes of the Revolutionary War had kept quiet…

I get all sorts of comments from people who tell me to keep quiet and not rant in my blog.  Well, if the heroes of the Revolutionary War had kept quiet, we Americans would be British subjects today supporting the Queen of England and  her offspring.  If Nathan Hale, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin,  George Washington,  John Paul Jones, Alexander Hamilton and others had not opened their mouths and spoken up against British rule,  we’d be a totally different country. By speaking up and contributing their time and money, they made America free.

The people above are my heroes. This is not a pretty blog, nor genteel.  Sometimes I have to  take my gloves off and call the government not such pretty names.  They send after me the “most obnoxious of the obnoxious” people.  I  suppose I could sit back and let others take the hit and not say anything.  But if I  just sat back and said nothing, I would feel like a coward.  So, I speak up because I feel as the patriots did.  People have to speak up about the evils of government.  How else will the gang stalking stop?  How else will people find out what the government is doing to its citizen??  Only by speaking up will the public find out about the government’s lies.  I’ll take the hits just as the patriots did and others who have the courage and are writing blogs about their gang stalking experiences.  Maybe some day people will begin to believe what the government is doing to us? And who knows?  Maybe there’s a hero out there in  “governmentland.”  But I doubt it. Sad to say, there are no heroes left.

 So, I will not go  quietly into the night.  I will go kicking and screaming.

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