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Gang Stalking -The U.S. government is a floozy.

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Your landlord is not your friend.  He, along with all the other professions, is a government flunky.  The landlord does what the government tells him to do.

He will set-up the apartment, or house, the way the government tells him to.  If the government tells him to disconnect your water, make holes in the walls, mess with your electrical system, disconnect your hot or cold water,  mess with your refrigerator, your oven, your floor, ceiling, door knob, windows, blinds, cabinets, bathroom, lights, fan, he will do it.

I can’t understand why someone who owns an apartment complex, or houses, would destroy his own property.  These people who own property do it for the money, of course.  And that’s the only reason I can see why someone would destroy his property.  The government must pay these people a stipend.  A payoff to get them to destroy someone’s life. And what a good job they do.

They get all their tenants to make your life miserable.  Every tenant who’s not a target’s asked to join the government’s program when they rent an apartment or house.  When the tenant signs the lease, he’s told about the program and asked if he/she would be interested in becoming part of the team.   What a team!  He/she’s required to sign a waiver stating that they will not divulge anything about the program. ( I once saw a tenant sign his lease and then asked to sign government document.  When the office clerk saw me, she hid the document on her lap.) Then they get five days of  training on how to drive the target crazy, or drive him/her to do something violent.  These tenants go to a class once a week for more re-training.  They’re asked to report anything the target does, where he/she goes, anything that the target does gets reported to the government handler.  And the tenant is also given more information on the target.  What the target dislikes, what clothes he/she bought, where the target ate, walked, etc.  The target’s discussed in disparaging terms.  There is nothing good about the target.  The target’s every foible’s discussed and made fun of.  The tenant on the other hand, is told how important he/she is to the program.  These tenants come out of meetings with blazing egos, and lots of  tenant friends.

It doesn’t matter how many times a target moves, he/she will have the same thing happen to him/her over and over.  The target can move to the ends of the world, and he will suffer the same fate.  A target cannot get away these people.  It might be a different place, a different city, a different country, and it won’t matter.  There will be people who will make your life miserable because of the landlord and the government.

So, if you think that smiling landlord is your friend, forget about it.  There’s no such thing as an honest landlord.  Not even if your landlord happens to be part of your family.  And there’s really nothing you can do about it.  We all need a place to live, so we have to put with whatever is thrown at us, otherwise, it’s the street.

Again, it’s all about the money. Money controls everything. The  U.S. government‘s a floozy.  It’s in bed with everybody.

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Gang Stalking – Woman upstairs threatens to break my neck.

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I was on my way to my apartment after doing some shopping, and the floozy who lives upstairs  came rushing down the stairs.  I quickly went into my bag to find my video camera.  When she saw I was taking photos, she flew into a rage.  She came over to me and said, “I told you not to take pictures of me, lady.”  I responded,”Well, at least I’m a lady.”  She came closer to me, “I told you not to talk back to me. I’ve been in prison and I’ve broken people’s neck.  And I’ll break your neck.”  She made the gesture of a neck breaking.  I replied, ” I can tell you been in prison.  You don’t have to tell me.  You put one finger on me and I’ll have you arrested.” She replied, “How are you gonna prove it?”  I replied , “I’ll have proof.”   She said, “How you gonna prove it, lady.”  I said,”I’m certainly not going to tell you.”  She came closer to me again and stuck her finger in my face, “I told you not to talk back to me. I’m gonna break your neck.”  She was walking away and I said, “Why don’t you come closer to this window and say you’re gonna break my neck. I want everyone to hear it.”   She wouldn’t come closer, because she knew where I was standing people would hear her voice.  She stood by the wall with her finger in the air looking really crazy.  She went away in a huff.

I’m writing this as proof if  she ever does anything to me.  If I ever end up dead with a broken neck, I want police to know where to look for my killer.  She lives in apartment 240; black woman; 42 years old; mannish looking; long braids that attach to her scalp; has gold teeth on the bottom, right and left side; about 5′ 7″ – 5′ ll”. She used to be heavy, but she’s lost a lot of weight.  And the property manager knows who she is. The property manager gives her carte  blanche.

She wanted to know what I was going to do.  This is it.  I’m writing about it for everyone to see.  So if  anything should happen to me, I hope someone will speak up in my name.  If I stop writing this blog, it means someone has done something to me.  If I ever stop writing, I will let all of you know.

Every time the woman upstairs drinks, she gets crazy.  It took me a while today before I realized she’s probably been drinking.  She has a Jekyll and Hyde personality.  A few times she’s been nice to me, but then she turns around and becomes a crazy person.  So I know it’s alcohol, mixed in with some drugs. These are the kind of people the government hires to harass us.

By the way, this is not the first time she’s threatened me.  The last time, she pushed me onto the gravel and told me that if I said anything to her, she was going to beat me up. I’ve already been beaten up by another gang stalker (I wrote about it).  So if she beats me up, it’ll be the second time a gang stalker has beaten me.

The U.S. government should be ashamed of itself for giving free rein to  people like the floozy upstairs.  How many other people has the government killed?

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Gang Stalking – Surrounded by clowns.


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It seems there are more gang stalkers after me now than ever before.  A  lot of  new people moved into my complex.   About three or four of them are not the typical gang stalking types.  They seem educated, have better cars, and come from out-of-town.  One woman comes from Florida.  The rest, I don’t know. I don’t what kind of car they own.  But my gang stalking is getting progressively worse.  I’ve heard that as time goes by, gang stalking lessens. It might be true for other targets, but that’s not been my experience. I have more gang stalkers surrounding me now than before.

There’s the clown next door.  He came wearing a leather jacket and clean-looking, now he looks like a perp.  His appearance has changed.  Then there’s the clown upstairs.  He’s been here since December, or November.  He’s the one who used to live with the floozy.  Now she’s gone and he’s taken over her place. There’s another clown behind me.  I hear him, and I’ve seen him a few times, but he very seldom shows himself.  He likes to slam the door a lot, but I’ve learned to ignore the door slamming.  Then there’s another clown diagonally above me, next to the clown above.  I rarely see him, but he’s a black man.  He’s a little strange.  Then diagonally on the first floor, there’s another clown.   I rarely see him .I’ve seen him a few times, but I can’t really describe him.  He has one of those ordinary man looks, hard to describe.  Then diagonally above me is another clown.  I’ve never seen him, but I know he exists from the noise I hear. There’s another clown who lives in apartment 111, who has total control of my computer.  On top of all the bozos, there are people parked in the parking lot who often target me.  I can hear them trying to hit me.  There are ” bings” bouncing off the window all day.  I’ve learned to protect myself, so they don’t really do any damage to me.   And I would say that 95% of the tenants harass me. So they’re bringing in people who they think will do a job on me, and finally succeed in getting me to “lose it.”  I’m surrounded by clowns.

Well, I have this to say to them:  You’re not going to succeed.  I will outlast every one of the criminals you send my way. I’ve lasted almost 4 years and you have not succeeded in taking me down.  And you will not succeed no matter who you send after me.  I will, will outlast anyone who you send to make my life a living hell. I have to believe that eventually this ordeal I’m going through will end.  I have to believe that there must be some good people out there, and that  they will do something to help all the targets.  I must have hope.  Without hope, what is there?

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Gang Stalking – Just play it cool.

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Well, the floozy is back.   I told you about her before.  She lived upstairs and she left in January.  I went out to throw away my garbage and  two men were walking in front of me.  One of the men turned around, and it was her.  She’s very mannish looking. I really thought it was a man!  She was, of course, with another  man.  Must be like about the 8th or 9th man she’s been with this year.  I don’t know if she’s living upstairs, or living in another apartment.  But this time, we’ll see who gets the better of whom. This time if she throws me on the ground, I’ll be ready with my camera.  I’ll get her and put her in jail where she belongs.

I wrote yesterday about everything that happens to targets is just third world nonsense.  And it is.  I don’t like to write blogs that are too long because no one will read them.  I know if someone writes a blog that goes on for 5 or 6 paragraphs, I lose interest. So I try to get my ideas across in a blog that’s as concise as I can make it.

As I was writing, everything that’s done to you is third word nonsense.  No satellites or Directed Energy Weapons follow you around.  That job falls to the gang stalkers.  If you live in a house or apartment, the gang stalkers surround your area.  A lot of times, your gang stalker will be someone sitting in a car(s) right near your house.  If you live in an apartment, all the apartments surrounding you become places where gang stalkers hang out.  You’ll never hear them, but they can hear everything you say. (Not only can they hear everything you say, but everything you say is recorded. Just think of all the movies you’ve seen where the FBI is hanging out next door.  The same thing happens to you.) They’re told not to put their t.v. on, talk, take a shower, cook, etc.  Their main purpose is to harass you non-stop and listen to everything you say.  Also, they’re told to watch everything you do and report back to the government jerks. If you leave to go anywhere, they will report that you’ve left your apartment.  And from the minute you leave your apartment till you get home, you will have someone follow and watch everything you do.  A report is kept on everything you do.  If you yell at someone, it’ll be on the report, probably add some nonsense about you being violent.  So when you go out anywhere, play it COOL!  Don’t let the jerks get to you.  It gives them all great pleasure that they’ve annoyed you.  If they discover that something really annoys you, it will continue ad nauseam. Everywhere you go it will happen over and over.

And be careful when you go out, they’ll try to run you over, make you angry, get in line in front of you in the store, restaurants will keep you waiting, give you the wrong food, overcharge you, serve you cold food when it supposed to be hot.  Also when you go into a store, restaurant, etc. the music volume will increase, people will talk very loudly, children will scream, the restaurant help will drop utensils, pots, pans, anything that makes noise to annoy you.  So when you go anywhere, always have your radio on and put on ear plugs. Anything they can do to make your existence a horrible experience, they will do.  When you go out, be ready for anything. Just play it COOL!  Cool.

Until manana (tomorrow).