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Gang Stalking – Happy New Year to everyone. Welcome 2013.

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)


Fireworks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

I bought a new handbag about three weeks ago. The perps destroyed my old one. Put holes in it, tore off the straps, took off the threading.  You know, the nice things they do to our things.  If you read my blog yesterday, you know I typed my blog from the library. When I sat down at the computer yesterday, I put my handbag right on top of the computer table, right next to me.  I figured what can they do to my bag when it’s right in front of me? My question should have been, what will they do to destroy my new bag?  When I left the library, I noticed that someone made a slit in the side of my new handbag.  These perps are beyond evil. What have we ever done to deserve the treatment we get?

Anyway, I was planning to stay away from the library. I really can’t stand the sight  of any of the creeps. They make me sick to my stomach just being around them. They’re the scum of the earth. Piles of human waste!

But the New Year is right around the corner, and I had to wish all you readers a Happy New Year.

Just think, targets, you made it through another miserable year.  In spite of every miserable thing done to you, you overcame. You were strong.  You hung in there in the worse of times.  You all deserve a medal. You really, really do. You are tough to be able to survive what we have to deal with every day of our life.  In my opinion, you’re all heroes of mine. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re weak, because you’re not. If anyone is weak, it’s the perp. They’re all shitheads.  Not even worth writing about.

Now that we’re entering a new year, perhaps something will happen to free all of us from this hell.

So, targets, you have my admiration for surviving another year. Stay strong and believe in yourselves.  You’re good people.

Even though we don’t know we each, I feel a lot of affection for all of you.

So a good 2013 for all of us.  May you all have  the best year of your life.

Don’t ever give in; don’t let them win!

You are survivors of the first order.


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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Live free or die!

English: US Postage stamp, Credo issue of 1961...
Boulevard Las Vegas

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English: US Postage stamp, Patrick Henry, 1955...
Fireworks #1

Image by Camera Slayer via Flickr

I said I would write 500 blogs before the end of the year.  I didn’t accomplish my goal.  The hackers stopped me in my tracks, but I’m going to continue until I get to 500 blogs. I’m just extending the date to January 6, 2012. I know it won’t count toward the year 2011, but it doesn’t matter, I just want to accomplish my goal of writing 500 blogs.

So hope you all had a fabulous New Year‘s day.  For the last 3-4 years, I haven’t stayed up for the new year, but his year I decided I was going to meet it head-on.  The other years, I decided I wasn’t up to welcoming in a new year.   I stayed up and watched fireworks from my apartment window.  I can see the Cosmopolitan Hotel from where I live, and I watched as the fireworks went off.  The Cosmopolitan is  a new hotel on the Strip.  It’s very expensive and classy.  According to what I’ve read, it has the best restaurants and music.  Some day, I have to get to the Strip and visit the Cosmopolitan.  The fireworks lasted about nine minutes, and I didn’t have to fight the crowd on Las Vegas Boulevard to see the fireworks.  I live in the perfect place to see fireworks.

This year I’m going to get out more.  I’ve been sort of hiding from the world, even though I go out everyday. I just hate to deal with all the garbage that’s done to me by the gang stalkers.  I’m going to start living life again.  No one is going to stop me from living my life anymore. Not the gang stalkers, not government, no one!  If I can’t live life on my terms, I think I’d prefer death.  As Patrick Henry said: Give me liberty, or give me death!  I totally agree with what he said. And I’m going to live free or die!

Countdown: 39 blogs to write.

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